Re emergency services in Central Frontenac

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My name is Mike Clobridge and I own property on the north shore of Eagle Lake at the Tichborne end. Our property is not accessible by road. In the early morning of July 20 my wife had the misfortune of falling and breaking her hip. We called 911 and within 15 minutes the rescue boat with firefighters and paramedics were at our dock. They were professional and quickly transported her to a waiting ambulance. I am thrilled to know that we have such an efficient group of responders in Central Rrontenac that provide a service that is second to none. I especially want to thank firefighters Brad Quinn and Mark Howes for their kind and gentle approach to the rescue and boat trip to the…

Re - Ubuntu

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I would like to applaud Craig Bakay (author), and Ron Higgins (Mayor) for the article to promote the idea of Ubuntu contributionism. I have been following with great interest, Michael Tellinger, and his Ubuntu movement, and am excited to hear of any news of a town considering to accept the "One Small Town" challenge to implement the Ubuntu philosophy. Those that are quick to dismiss the idea should evaluate the current systems for shelter, warmth & food. Think of tomorrow and more sustainable ways of living. Think about todays problems projected to your greatgreat- grandchildren. Think about the way things are now, and then consider how long things can stay the same. We must consider the: cost of living, national debt, water and air quality,…

Memories of Verona

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In the Frontenac News on July 13th, there was a picture of Verona School. It was not always there. At one time it was on the rocky knoll across from the Verona Medical Clinic where a house has recently been built. One Sunday, Mr. Mckeever and Mr. Veley moved that building up the railway track to its new home.  The south end of Verona was called Richardson for a man who had mills there. There was a store in Verona owned by a man named Geraldi. He was Italian and he had a son named William. One day a piano salesman came along to try to sell him a piano. William was just a toddler and had wet himself sitting in front of the store. Mr…

Re- Pizza

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Rumours are flying around the village of Harrowsmith that there is a new pizza restaurant opening in a vacant building. While I welcome new businesses to our village, I do no support someone who will be competing with a very longtime family run pizza place. The Pizza Place is a part of our family in the village. They have been successful because they are totally vested in service to the community. If this new restaurant would provide good breakfasts, and good chicken luncheons and dinners, etc., I will be a customer. If they do not rethink what they will have on their menu, I will not. I am not alone in these feelings. Support our local family Pizza Place if in fact these rumours are…

Re - Chip trucks

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Mr. O'Connell has suggested that council take Adam Smith's "level playing field" into account while they ponder where a chip truck should go. I agree that you'd want to put a chip truck somewhere level, so that the grease didn't spill but I'd like to point out that you couldn't put one on Adam Smith's "level playing field" because it is an imaginary place. Adam Smith was famous for believing in all kinds of imaginary things. He believed that a giant, invisible hand would come down from outer space, steal from the rich and give to the poor. Then again, 200 years ago in Scotland that may have been true. But I doubt it. I certainly hope that council does not take Adam Smith's idea…

Re - futuristic plan

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Craig Bakay’s report in the July 13 News about NF Mayor Ron Higgins being “two months away from futuristic plan”, missed making one point very clear. This does NOT have the backing of North Frontenac Council. The Mayor brought these ideas to our June 30 meeting, where Council agreed that there was no problem with Ron Higgins independently researching a topic, and saying that he was a township Mayor working independently. Any Councillor can do the same. I myself have researched an energy-from-waste technology that I can’t seem to get much local interest in. I was very surprised to see this in the Frontenac News. I don’t wish in any way to criticize our Mayor for looking into innovative ways to help this community prosper,…

Mayor in Dreamland

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While North Frontenac Mayor Ron Higgins wastes his time in dreamland on the Earthship of Ubuntu he should be reminded of two things.  First and most importantly, the mandate we gave him and his Council when we elected them was to manage the township on our behalf.  We needed a cleanup in several areas of our Township Administration and we thought he could do that.    Second, for years volunteers were the back bone of small and tax-poor townships north of Highway 7.  Our communities were busy and thriving.  Hamlets had two or three gas stations, grocery stores, places to eat, hotels and motels, and small tourist cabins.  Swarms of summer people came every year and most had U.S. license plates.  Then with amalgamation Township…

Hartington’s Health

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At last Tuesday’s (July 11th) meeting, SF Council voted to defer consideration of water quality testing for hydrocarbons (BTEX compounds (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylene)) in the wells of residents of the hamlet of Hartington. This despite expert recommendation to do so as a precaution to ensure that the domestic wells within 300 metres of the old gas station spill site  (now owned by the township) were tested for cancer-causing benzene. Amazingly, not all councillors seemed to be aware that SF Township had already tested several wells in the immediate vicinity of the contaminated ground. At a cost of only $300 per well it should have been a ‘no brainer’ to complete the job, and show concern for the residents’ health, especially as it is not…

Re - NF Mayor

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The article in FN July 13th , NF Mayor “two months” away from futuristic plan for community development. When I first read that heading , the thing that immediately came to mind, here we go with the “Sustainable Development” to help save the Earth, with its usual double speak  we get from trained  persons or such to push this Agenda 21,or as its been renamed since 2015, the UN  Agenda 2030. What restrictions are they pushing now I wondered, the notion to get people to NOT want to bring up children here in the countryside as has been started by the ‘Think Tanks’ of “Sustainable Development”. Or lets bump up the property taxes to residential level for people with small farms to get them off…

Re - Chip Wagons and planning in Central Frontenac

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Central Frontenac Council would be foolish to accept the proposition that the township has no business concerning itself about chip wagons which seek to establish themselves close to the junction of Highway 7 and Road 38 at Sharbot Lake. Assertions that it is not up to the council to decide where businesses choose to locate, and that "the market takes care of that" should be rejected and the concerns raised by Coun. Cindy Kelsey and owners of existing restaurants taken seriously. As the Scottish philosopher, Adam Smith pointed out more than two centuries ago, in order for markets to function properly, businesses need to operate on a level playing field, a point reiterated by the owner of the Sharbot Lake Inn. Many Ontario towns and…

Kids These days ...

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How many times have you rolled your eyes whenever someone talks about teenagers.  How many times have teens been the assumed culprit in some circumstance?  My son is 21 now.  That means many years of playgroups, play dates and birthday parties.  Then he turned into a teenager and there were hordes of boys coming and going.  I've seen or overheard more than I would ever want to know. A couple of weeks ago I was lamenting to a friend about all of the yard work that I needed to get done.  Being disabled means I need help with that stuff now and then.  Within a few days the youth group from St. Paul's in Sydenham appeared at my door and made short work of the…

Re-share the Road

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I was interested to read last week's piece on the OPP initiative to  "Share the Road" and the chilling statistics that 94 pedestrians were killed and 3,523 were injured in Ontario in 2014. I'm a senior, and I walk my dog along the local road twice a day, usually trying to deal with the constant stream of roadside litter.  (Sadly I can't walk in my back woods anymore because the ticks have now become so bad.) There are a few of us who enjoy walking the local roads, alone or with our dogs or young children.  That's a good thing, because rates of obesity are much higher in rural areas, and walking is a cheap and effective way to keep fit and to reduce medical…

Juicy, not squishy

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Hi there folk of the Frontenac News, That’s a great article about the Family Yoga class I was teaching at the Bellrock Hall. Thank you so much. But I do need to clarify that I said that yoga keeps our joints juicy not squishy. We need to keep our joints juicy, otherwise they get dry, stiff and painful. Activities that we do in every yoga class look after our joints, it’s rather like delivering a shot of WD40 to a squeaky hinge. And you know how satisfying it is to have a door work smoothly with no dried out squeaky hinges. Keep up the great work, and thanks again,Jackie Adams

re Desert Lake Resort

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I would like to provide some comments on matters brought up by Mr. John Sherbino, as he questions the Mayor's memory. I was the founder of Desert Lake Family Resort, which was operated by my family for 40 years (1973-2013). During our ownership, there were no shortcomings regarding the responsible operation of the resort. There was never an expansion of the camping sites, rather it was a text amendment of the zoning by-law to permit the improvement of already existing non-serviced campsites to serviced sites. While John Sherbino appealed the Township's approval to the OMB, he later met with my daughter at her kitchen table and his concerns were addressed. He then withdrew his objection to the Board. I am proud to have been a…

Statement from CAO Orr of South Frontenac

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Further to the recent letter to the Editor that appeared in the Frontenac News on [noise complaints related to Desert Lake Resort, I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify that the Township and our contracted By-law Enforcement Services have just one recorded noise complaint (dated Monday August 15, 2016) with regards to the campground going back to 2006. Complaints made directly to the OPP, if any, are not recorded in our files. Wayne Orr - Chief Administrative Officer, Township of South Frontenac

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