OPP - Youth charged after taking a motor vehicle

Written by  |  Wednesday, 20 February 2019 12:32  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
On February 8, 2019 at 3:00pm, officers from the Frontenac Detachment of Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) attended an address in the Harrowsmith, ON area after receiving a report of a 14-year-old who took a family member's vehicle without consent. As a result of the investigation, a 14-year-old male youth of Harrowsmith has been arrested and charged with taking a motor vehicle without the consent of the owner. The youth was released on a promise to appear in the Ontario Court of Justice in Kingston on March 5, 2019.

OPP - Ice fishing incident

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The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Frontenac Detachment is investigating a collision on Sand Lake, west of Frontenac Provincial Park. Frontenac OPP officers responded at approximately 1:00am. on February 17, 2019. A pick-up truck had been driven onto the ice where it struck two small, individual shelters. One of the males was knocked unconscious in the incident. The second male, who wasn't seriously injured, drove the victim to hospital. Both were treated for minor injuries and were later released. Investigators are looking for a light-coloured pick-up truck which fled the scene. Any person with information regarding the investigation is requested to contact the Frontenac OPP at 1-888-310-1122. Should you wish to remain anonymous, you may call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS), where you may be eligible for…

South Frontenac approves 2019 budget

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South Frontenac Council approved a 2019 budget of $19,741,688 at its regular meeting Tuesday night in Sydenham. This represents a 3.199 per cent increase over 2018’s budget of $19,129,719, however, it falls in line with Council’s direction of a 2.0 per cent impact on the average phased-in property when increased property values are factored in. The $19,741,688 is the same figure presented at the Jan. 26 meeting, however, at that time, Council wanted to add in a New Leaf Link grant of $2,000, a museum grant of $3,00, $20,000 in community grants and $20,000 for additional brushing. In order to maintain the Jan. 26 figure, Treasurer Louise Fragnito reduced the ‘miscellaneous figure by $5,000 and firefighter recruitment financing by $40,000. “Through the budget discussions, Council…

Dep. Chief will be missed and remembered in retirement

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The Golden Links Hall in Harrowsmith was packed with friends, family and well-wishers as Portland Dep. Fire Chief Bill Babcock officially retired Saturday night. “Everybody knows that anyone who volunteers for 54 years — your heart has to be in it,” said Mayor Ron Vandewal. Babcock’s tenure dates back to the Portland Fire Department days. “Those are some pretty big boots to fill,” said Dep. Chief Stan Ritchie, who replaces Babcock. “He was a mentor to myself and every other firefighter,” said firefighter Kyle Reynolds. “We’ll deeply miss him coming through the door.” Firefighter Ellen Steele read a letter from another firefighter who wished to remain anonymous. “He was inspiring and made us feel safe,” the letter said. “And we won’t have him to go…

South Frontenac Seeks Firefighters

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South Frontenac’s Volunteer Fire Department is launching a recruitment drive this month, hoping to attract 25 new recruits from throughout the township. They are looking for physically fit, energetic men and women who are interested in becoming part of a team working to promote safety and who are prepared to protect their community in emergencies. Firefighters are first responders not only to fires, but to a wide range of other emergencies, health crises and rescues from various dangerous situations (confined space, ice, rope, surface water, swift water, trench, vehicle). Some emergencies cannot be reached by road, necessitating boat or overland equipment transport. As well, the Fire Department is responsible for promoting public safety by providing education and fire prevention, investigating causes of fires, and carrying…

Opening night at Jeff's in Battersea

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Thursday, Jan 24th was the official grand opening of Jeff’s – a new local neighborhood lounge in the Holiday Country Manor in Battersea.  Jeff’s boasts good food and a cozy atmosphere, topped off with a wood-burning fireplace that throws a comforting warmth. The grand opening was attended by many, including major Ron Vanderwaal, councillor Ron Sleeth and Mark Segsworth along with many within the community. Highlighted by the music by Doug Reansbury, there was also an abundance of food to showcase items on Jeff’s a-la-carte menu. These included a homemade nacho platter, baked brie, shrimp and pork wontons, the manor burger which features DFC bbq sauce, peking duck, butter chicken bowls, porchetta sliders, and springrolls which went well with the complementary beer and wine offered.…
At its regular meeting Tuesday night in Sydenham, South Frontenac Council approved a noise bylaw exemption for the Inverary Youth Group on June 1 and 2 to hold a Spring Fling Music Festival fundraiser. South Frontenac resident and owner of Little Texas Roadhouse Bar and Grill, Kimberley Allan told Council that the youth group wanted to do some renovations to the washrooms and some electrical upgrading to the canteen at Ken Garrett Memorial Park and as such came up with the idea of a combination music festival with softball games. “It will be mostly classic country and some classic rock,” Allan said. “I have a lot of connections in the music business through Little Texas.” She said the event will run from 8am to 10pm.…

Verona Lions hold first of monthly vendors markets

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The first-ever Verona Lions Vendors Market kicked off last Saturday with 10 vendors and they already have 11 confirmed for the next one in Feb. 23. They have markets planned for March 23 and April 17 as well. The markets run from 8 a.m. til 2:30 p.m. and lunch is available at the Lions canteen. “When the weather warms up, we’ll probably move outside,” said Lions spokesperson Dorren Morey. “The canteen will likely stay indoors though.” With the canteen on the premises, one of the regular features planned is the Desert of the Day. This month it was apple cookie crisp tarts. Next month, it will be funnel cakes with strawberries and ice cream. “Funnel cakes are a big seller,” said Joyce Casement, one of…

South Frontenac budget hits its numbers once again

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There is a new South Frontenac Council, but the instructions to the Treasury department and the various department heads within the township has not changed with turnover. The target for a budget increase for township delivered services remains at a 2% increase for the average ratepayer. Township staff have more leeway with the budget than it appears however, because the township received a 1.2 % increase in revenue as the result of growth, recent construction of both new homes and renovations to existing homes that adds to the assessment base. In terms of raw dollars, the budget that was presented to North Frontenac Council last Saturday morning (January 26) called for a total of $1,974,000 to be raised by taxation, an increase of $525,000 from…

Wake-up breakfast as much a social event as anything

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For about 10 years now, Trinity United Church in Verona has been holding “wake-up” breakfasts on Saturday mornings in January and last Saturday was no exception. “This is our third this year and the last will be Feb. 2,” said Anne McDougall, one of the organizers along with Don Coleman and Andy Adamson. “It’s always in January. “It’s something to get the community together when the weather is crappy.” For the past three years, the Trinity group has got together with the Verona Community Association to serve up the pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs and toast. “A lot of our church people have moved into Kingston for various reasons,” McDougall said. “And the VCA helps bring in other community people we wouldn’t otherwise get,” said Coleman.…

United Way invests in NeLL

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Participants parents and staff of New Leaf Link (NeLL) react happily to the news that their program has just received $20,700 from from the United Way’s Community Investments fund. NeLL began ten years ago when a small group of parents met together to plan some way of providing socialization and ongoing stimulation for their special needs children, now young adults, who had completed high school. They began carefully, putting in countless hours of their time, building community support, holding fundraising campaigns and yard sales. Now, ten years later, they have the use of a fully accessible, kitchen equipped space at the Harrowsmith Free Methodist church, and a two day a week program, Fall to Spring, for 16 participants. The programs are wide ranging, including theatre…

History of Sunbury Open Mic Jam

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(Editors note – Marjery Smith sent in the following, with a view towards clarifying some aspects of the article that appeared in the Frontenac News on January 10 on page 1. Once she got started she ended up writing about the entire history of the jam. Her passion for the jam is evident and we decided to run her submission in full. Here it is.) The Sunbury Open Mic Jam, is on every Friday Night, at the Storrington Centre in Sunbury. There is no admission charged. Thank you very much, South Frontenac, for your generosity to the community for no hall costs. I opened the Sunbury Jam with my own York amplifier, one microphone w/ stand, one music stand and my guitar, five players, four…

Sydenham Legion celebrates 70 years of service

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More than 100 people braved the cold Saturday to help the Bob Richardson Branch # 496, Royal Canadian Legion, Sydenham celebrate its 70th anniversary with a hot lunch and speeches. “We’re doing quite well,” said President George Kish, a Legion member for 40 years, 20 years at the Sydenham branch. “We have 170 members now and 22 years ago, the first time I was president, we only had 118. “We have more and more vets coming in to help.” The Sydenham branch participates in many of the Legion activities and programs including the PTSD program and getting homeless veterans off the street. It is also quite active in the community with its poem, poster and essay contests and the hall is a busy place with…

Reid celebrates Scottish tradition with haggis in Verona

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It’s become something of an annual event. Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston MP likes to celebrate his Scottish ancestry on or around Robbie Burns Day by bringing a haggis to various locations in his riding. Last Sunday, one of those locations was the Lions Hall in Verona. With temperatures dipping below -20 C, the turnout was noticeably down from last year but there were still enough guests to make it a worthwhile outing on a cold winter’s day. Reid acknowledged the weather, saying it “was a challenge for everybody” and noting that piper Steve Brook had the furthest to come. Things started off with pancakes, sausage, bacon and beans and then the guest of honour was piped in with all due pomp and circumstance. For the record, Central Frontenac…

Township vindicated in report by closed meeting investigator, sort of

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Last summer South Frontenac Councillor Ross Sutherland lodged a complaint about Council’s in camera discussions of litigation on Sydenham’s water treatment plant. The essence of Sutherland’s complaint, according to the report that came out as the result of it being lodged, was that “the public should have been better informed, in a general way, about the closed session item.” A report to the township by “closed meeting investigator” Amberley Gavel Ltd, was released this week. Amberley Gavel looked at whether the closed meeting that Council held, on August 7 of last year, concerning litigation in relation to the Sydenham Water System, conforms to rules set out for closed meetings in the Municipal Act of Ontario. Sutherland said this week that his complaint was not centred…
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