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Trains, like the tide and time, stop for no one

Written by  |  Thursday, 22 June 2017 14:42  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
When Doug Angle looks closely at a steam engine train, the mechanical parts look like a work of art. Doug,  appreciates, like his family before him, the design, construction and operation of a train. “My grandfather was a telegrapher for the Toronto, Hamilton, Buffalo Railway,” confirms the 59-year-old process improvement consultant from Sydenham, who is also the President of the Frontenac Society of Model Engineers (FSME) “My father fired on steam engines in the 1950s.. He shovelled four tons of coal every day.” Familiar with that hot and heavy work, Doug talks about his father’s accomplishments with pride. “On a full-sized locomotive, it takes two people to keep it running,” he explains about the fireman (person who shovels coal) and engineer (person who operates the…

South Frontenac honours its 2017 volunteers of the year

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“This is the 18th year South Frontenac has had volunteers of the year,” said master of ceremonies Mike Howe preceding Tuesday night’s regular Council meeting in Sydenham. “The first time, in June of 1999, it was a way to do something together as a township after amalgamation. “Now there are 65 names on the wall.” Coun. John McDougall introduced Judy Conway as one of four honorees on the evening. “Retired from teaching and an educational assistant, Judy is very keen on the development and interest of students and due to her interaction with kids, they are always willing to help her out,” he said. And through the years, she’s needed that help after joining the Verona Community Association in 2002. She made numerous contributions to…

Sydenham Medical Centre’s Big Move

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“Today’s question is, ‘where will we put the fax machine?’ says Dr Jeanette Dietrich with a smile, “ and this afternoon I have to measure all our current furniture so we can decide what we’re taking with us, and how it will fit into our new space.” Moving’s never easy, and Sydenham Medical Clinic’s move is particularly challenging for it’s essential to keep down-time to a minimum throughout the whole exercise. Sydenham’s clinic is a part of the Rural Kingston Family Health Organization (FHO); an administrative body made up of the physician-led clinics in Sydenham, Verona, Sharbot Lake, Newburgh, Tamworth and Northbrook. Dr Dietrich is the lead physician for the FHO. For many years the medical clinic has operated from a rented building on Campbell…

SF staff satisfied condominium agreement can go ahead

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Even though there are still a couple of outstanding issues with the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority, manager of development services Forbes Symon recommended South Frontenac Council approve a condominium agreement for Cranberry Cove Condominium in Storrington District at its regular meeting meeting Tuesday night in Sydenham. Symon said that because of flood watch conditions, the CRCA hadn’t had the manpower to devote to reviewing the agreement but he was confident all its conditions were being met and the Township could remove its conditions and send it on to County. (Frontenac County is the final approval authority on condominiums.) “The developer has been working with the Health Unit, the CRCA and the Township to satisfy the conditions of draft approval,” he said. “It now appears that…

Ontario150 Community Capital grant used to re-point Grace Centre

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Craig Beattie, of Edgewater Stonemasons in Kingston, loves working on restoration projects involving heritage buildings. He took the Heritage Masonry course, along with his colleagues at Edgewater, at Algonquin College and has worked on projects on government and other heritage buildings over the years. These days, Beattie and his crew are at the Grace Centre in Sydenham, restoring the Grace Centre to the condition it was in when it was first constructed in 1861.  He said he is pleased with the condition of the building. “You can see that the stone work is intact, nothing is really coming apart,” he said, pointing to the building. All we have to do is take out what is there and replace it with something that is as close…

Speeding on Silverwood Drive

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Four delegates spoke to Council about the speed of traffic on Silverwood Drive, a rural road west of Inverary, which runs to Loughborough Lake in one direction and connects out to Perth Road in the other. The first three speakers, Philippe Archambault, Jevon Austin and Chris Wilcock, all fathers of young children, told of the speed of traffic past their homes, particularly in the summer when the cottagers are back.  They spoke of their fears for their small children: “Ten children under ten years old living along one short strip of the road,” said Archambault, “learning to ride bicycles.” Last September, a temporary speed hump had been installed, and the three men agreed that it had been very effective in calming traffic. However, when they…

What were Those Fire Trucks Doing??

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Anyone travelling Rutledge Road between Sydenham and Harrowsmith in the early afternoon last Saturday may well have wondered where the fire was. For an hour or so, several fire trucks raced back and forth between the two villages, sirens howling. The quick answer is that they were helping keep our fire insurance rates down. A relay of tankers filled up at Sydenham creek near the Rutledge Road bridge in Sydenham, raced off to dump the water on the outskirts of Harrowsmith, turned around and screamed flashing back to Sydenham to repeat the performance. Deputy Chief Veldman took time from directing traffic to confirm that the goal was to prove to insurance actuaries their ability to pump and deliver a given amount of water per minute…

Bedford Open Mike turns 10 years old with party on July 9

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The Bedford Open Mike turns 10 years old this year and they’re planning a birthday celebration July 9 at Glendower Hall on Westport Road. Here’s a brief history of the sessions, according to Joan Shepherd, who along with husband Roy got the idea after attending the Florida Old Time Country/Bluegrass/Gospel open mike sessions at the Elfers Care Centre in New Port Richey, Florida. “When we returned home in the spring of 2007, Roy commented on how much he was going to miss the jamming,” Shepherd said. “So we asked ourselves ‘why can’t we start our own open mike’.” So, they got together with musical friends Homer and Wilhelmine Card and on July 1, 2007, 11 performers along with a handful of audience members held the…

SFCS Fundraising Campaign

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Southern Frontenac Community Services is running its 2017 fundraising campaign in the month of June, with the theme of being “Up to the Challenge.” Statistics Canada recently made headlines by saying that for the first time in Canadian history, Canada has more seniors (65+) than kids (0-14), and in fifteen years, seniors are expected to make up 25% of the population. That statistic is reflected in Frontenac County, with an even higher proportion of seniors. With this new reality, come many challenges around sustainable health care, living at home, transportation, food security, and more.   Says Executive Director David Townsend: “This trend is reflected in the day-to-day work that we do: Our Adult Day Program is at its maximum capacity and we have a waiting…

NCC expands holdings on Loughborough Lake

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Nature Conservancy of Canada expands holdings on shore of Loughborough Lake. In recognition of World Environment Day, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)  announced on Monday that it has acquired additional lands in the Frontenac Arch. Among the 6 properties that have been acquired,  4 are located on or near Loughborough Lake in the vicinity of Battersea, and the other two are on Charleston Lake. The new acquisitions, which will preserve the lands in an undeveloped state, expand the stock of protected lands in the Frontenac Arch, the southernmost extension of the Canadian Shield, stretching from the Algonquin Highlands of Ontario to the Adirondack Mountains of New York. The new Loughborough Lake properties are part of a large amount of property, over 4,000 acres, on…

South Frontenac names a new road after Bill Robinson

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South Frontenac Council voted to name a new road after former Councillor Bill Robinson at its regular meeting Tuesday night in Sydenham. The road, which is part of the project to re-configure the intersection of Road 38, Colebrooke Road, Wilton Road and Ottawa Street in the hamlet of Harrowsmith, where Robinson was a long-time resident, is bounded by the K & P Trail and will connect Colebrooke and Wilton Roads west of Road 38. There had been one letter suggesting the new road be named 150th Way but Councillor Brad Barbeau, who replaced Robinson suggested that a little park that will also be created as part of the intersection re-configuration, might be named 150th Park instead. “That way we’d have Centennial Park at one end…

New energy abounds in Ken Garrett Park in Inverary

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Judy Borovskis came alive after the removal of a brain tumour gave her a new perspective on life. “When I woke-up from the surgery, I wanted to be a better person,” says the friendly 68-year-old about her life-saving operation six years ago. “I was sick for three years. I had so much pain in my body, life was almost impossible.” After almost nine hours of surgery, her life returned to normal. “Six days after surgery I was swimming in my pool. My kids were there with me because they thought I was going to drown,” she says with a chuckle. Healthy and happy six years later, the mother of three and grandmother of seven has worked hard at her recovery. “Your brain controls so much…

CRCA releases its first-ever Lake Assessment Report

Written by  |  Wednesday, 31 May 2017 14:23  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
The Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority welcomed the public to its Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area facility last Sunday to present its first ever Lake Assessment Report and perhaps generate some interest in people getting involved. There are 170 named lakes in the CRCA’s jurisdiction of which they now have report sheets on 45. The reports as well as the overview are available on CRCA website and include such information as physical features, bathymetry, phosphorus levels, calcium levels, pH levels, oxygen levels, fisheries data, species at risk, invasive species, visibility and where the lake sits on the oligotrophic-mesotrophic-eutrophic (ie water quality) scale. (Just Google CRCA lake reports.) “Reported lakes within the Cataraqui region are generally healthy with suitable conditions to support aquatic Communities, resist changes in…

Wintergreen Studios expands BioBlitz to five days

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Perhaps the busiest place in Frontenac County was Wintergreen Studios on Canoe Lake Road as the wilderness retreat played host to Land Art BioBlitz 2017, a five-day series of workshops and species count featuring a variety of activities and visiting instructors. Workshops featured Matt Ellerbeck, the Salamander Man, professional naturalist Richard Aaron, composer and Carleton University music professor Jesse Stewart, naturalist Bronwyn Harkness and organic vegetable farmer/environmental activist Marie Bencze. This was Wintergreen’s third BioBlitz, however it was the first to be held over five days. The first two were one-day events. “This year is very different,” said program director Monica Capovilla. “Instead of being a race to identifying as many organisms as possible in a 24-hour period, the idea is to mirror and honour…

60 bike stands to be installed in SF thanks to SHS students

Written by  |  Wednesday, 31 May 2017 14:18  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
The metal shop at Sydenham High School is a pretty busy place throughout the school year, but last week it was more frantic than normal. TV cameras and politicians on hand for a media day mark the final stretch of a project that partners the school, the township, and local business in the production of 60 pairs of bike racks to go up throughout the township. For the shop students, there was more pressing business on their minds than posing for the cameras. They had just received 60 sets of decorative circular metal plates from Martin’s Welding and Fabricating of Inverary to go on the stands and they were busy working out the most efficient way to get them all built in the time remaining…
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