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Hall of Fame coming to Verona

Written by  |  Wednesday, 20 February 2019 12:33  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
The four-year old Land O’Lakes Traditional Music Hall of Fame got its start when Northbrook based entrepreneur Bob Taylor had a conversation with Bill White of White Pine. They wanted to figure our how to celebrate Reg Weber, who was on the mend at the time, and of that conversations led to the idea of a traditional music hall of fame. “There is an Ottawa Valley Hall of Fame, which overlaps with is a bit, but we decided to do something for Frontenac, Lennox and Addington and Hastings, and the Land O’Lakes Hall of Fame came from that,” said Taylor Each year, new inductees enter the hall, which is virtually housed at, in categories such as promoter, songwriter, musician-entertainer, as well as a posthumous…

Discussion of Palmerston Lake ANSI draws a crowd to North Frontenac Council

Written by  |  Wednesday, 13 February 2019 16:15  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
Whether or not the Palmerston Lake Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI) is included on the North Frontenac Township Land Use Schedule (of its Zoning Bylaw) is still up in the air somewhat, but the topic drew a crowd to last Friday’s regular Council meeting in Plevna. And the gallery included one of the larger gatherings of the public at a North Frontenac Council meeting. Megan Rueckwald, manager of community planning, County of Frontenac, told the meeting that planning staff have reached out to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) “for clarification of the Palmerston Lake ANSI (and) once this information is provided, should Council direct, planning staff will prepare an updated report with a recommendation.” “We don’t have the answers today…

GREC drone project taking off in directions never imagined before.

Written by  |  Wednesday, 16 January 2019 12:31  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
When GREC science teacher Wade Leonard talked his principal into offering a course in drones (and drone mapping) a couple of years ago, he did see a lot of potential. But he wasn’t all that sure what that potential would be. “We’re now solving problems we didn’t even know were problems,” he said. “And we’re seeing all sorts of new tendrils of potential.” Leonard’s program, which teaches students how to fly a drone and what to do with it once they get it up in the air, has already blazed new trails. For example, they’ve done studies in Alderville for the Black Oak Savanna and Tall Grass Prairie, tracked last summer’s storm damage for Central Frontenac and the Office of Emergency Preparedness Ontario, done a…

North Frontenac to look at Ward 1 fire/emergency services delivery

Written by  |  Wednesday, 16 January 2019 12:30  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
North Frontenac passed a resolution at its regular meeting Monday morning in Plevna to hire a consultant to conduct interviews with its Ward 1 firefighters. Director of Emergency Services/Fire Chief Eric Korhonen told Council that “our Ward 1residents aren’t getting the same level of service the other two wards are, for one thing, there are a number of different bylaws” and “I do believe there is a cost savings to be had.” The measure wasn’t on the original agenda, which led Coun. John Inglis to ask “it’s a bit of a news item to me — am I alone on that?” North Frontenac has a joint agreement with neighbouring Addington Highlands Township to provide fire and emergency services to the former Barrie Township, North Frontenac’s…

Time to sign up for the 9th annual Polar Bear Plunge

Written by  |  Wednesday, 16 January 2019 12:30  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
“We’re still looking for jumpers,” said Janet Barr, organizer of this year’s Polar Bear Plunge which is now in its ninth season as part of the annual Frontenac Heritage Festival. “We have four people signed up already.” The Plunge has become a highlight of the Sunday festivities of the Festival, which is held on the Family Day long weekend in February. This year’s plunge goes Feb. 17 at noon. Besides being one of the Festival attractions, the Plunge also raises money for local charities. This year’s recipients will be The Treasure Trunk, Northern Connections and the Central Frontenac Fire Department. Pledge forms are available at The Treasure Trunk, Community Living North Frontenac or by calling Barr at 613-279-2113. There are prizes for best costume, most…

Higgins says cheque coming in February for One Small Township backing

Written by  |  Wednesday, 09 January 2019 12:16  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
It was billed as a Special Council meeting to establish North Frontenac’s ‘Goals’ for 2019-2022’s Strategic Plan, but Coun. John Inglis opened up another topic — Mayor Ron Higgins’ interview on Lake 88 (available as a podcast on the radio station’s website) in which Higgins talked about the Township, his role as Frontenac County Warden and then his plans for One Small Township, a multi-faceted plan for economic development that Council has yet to buy into. Inglis said it sounded like Higgins was talking about Township involvement in the project when he used the term ‘we’ in that part of the interview. “You should have mentioned that the Township doesn’t support it,” Inglis said. “We agreed you would no longer imply the Township was behind…

Snowmobile club serves up 212 breakfasts on Saturday morning

Written by  |  Wednesday, 09 January 2019 12:15  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
You go in, pay your $9, tell them how you want your eggs done and then grab a coffee and a date square while you wait for them to bring your eggs on a plate. Then you go up to the warming table to add beans, fries and/or hash browns, bacon and/or sausage. This is breakfast at the Snow Road Snowmobile Club house on select Saturday mornings. “This is our fundraiser because we don’t get any money from trail fees,” said spokesperson Alice Gilchrist last Saturday morning. “We still have to pay for hydro, propane, taxes and toilet paper. “Last year, we managed to make enough to buy a dishwasher and that’s been great. This year, we’re hoping to buy a generator for when the…

North Frontenac backs Hillier on CAs, with some stipulations

Written by  |  Wednesday, 19 December 2018 12:47  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
Back on Nov. 9, Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston MPP Randy Hillier send a letter to Rod Philips, Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks regarding growing concerns with the activities of the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority and the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority. The letter asked that the section “an authority may enter into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with a municipality situated in whole or in part within its area of jurisdiction in respect of programs and services that the authority provides on behalf of the municipality” be deleted. Hillier copied the letter to municipalities in his riding, asking for their support. North Frontenac deferred the request, directing the Mayor to contact Hillier for clarification. That clarification came Friday at a special meeting of North Frontenac Council. In the…

Riverhill Christmas Lights up to the 100,000 light mark

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A few years ago, Greg Ducharme started putting up Christmas lights one his Riverhill Farms house. His spread, at 1311 Struthadam Road, is just a short jaunt down the River Road South of Ompah (or north of the Ardoch Road). “After awhile, we’d be sitting watching TV and noticed cars coming around the driveway to have a look,” he said. That got him thinking. Every year since, the display got a little bigger, people kept coming and six years ago they decided to open it to the public. This year, there are about 100,000 lights all over the property, including singing trees, magical villages and sparkling displays wherever you look. “This has to be the biggest Christmas lights display in the riding,” said Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston MPP…

North Frontenac looking at unique family development on Kashwakamak

Written by  |  Wednesday, 28 November 2018 12:05  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
Despite a rather lengthy agenda that included a public meeting on a unique proposal for a family recreational complex on Kashwakamak Lake, an afternoon information session/open house on the new Zoning Bylaw and recognition of long-serving employees, there wasn’t much actual business done at North Frontenac’s last regular Council meeting before the new Council takes over in December. The proposed development on Kashwakamak prompted county Manager of Community Planning Megan Rueckwald to comment: “this is quite site specific. “The Zoning Bylaw is not going to service every single property in North Frontenac.” Rueckwald said they have received “a number” of letters and emails on the proposal. “I know the Kash Association is against four or five families there because of potential congestion,” said Coun. Gerry…
Musicians finding inspiration from the visual arts is not new. Don McLean’s Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) comes to mind. Hokusai’s The Great Wave is said to be the inspiration for Claude Debussy’s La Mer. But it is rare for a Canadian painter to function as someone’s muse. It’s also rare for the visual art to project as complex as The Algonquin Ensemble. The Algonquin Ensemble is North Frontenac’s own Terry Tufts (guitars) and Kathryn Briggs (piano) along with friends John Geggie (double bass), Lisa Moody (viola), Laura Nerenberg (violin) and Margaret Maria (cello). The visual artist in this case is Tom Thomson. Thomson, the quintessential Canadian artist, while never officially a member of the Group of Seven, was instrumental in their association and arguably responsible…

North Frontenac unravelling history — “one tombstone at a time”

Written by  |  Thursday, 01 November 2018 11:31  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
The Clar-Mill Community Archives’ latest project is cataloguing North Frontenac’s cemeteries and as such coordinator Brenda Martin was at North Frontenac’s regular Council meeting last Friday in Plevna to outline how they plan to go about it. “One of the first mysteries to unravel will be the determination of the oldest cemetery in North Frontenac,” Martin said. “Until a recent find, Playfair Cemetery was recorded as the oldest. “Perhaps it is the oldest ‘registered’ cemetery.” Watkins Cemetery (Lot 20 NER, Clarendon) on private land was recently identified and markers and historical writings would place this as the oldest cemetery in the Township with graves dating to 1862 when Bramwell Watkins had Pierpont dig a grave for his brother, Delany, who drowned in Fawn Lake on…

North Frontenac looking at $350,000 in building repairs

Written by  |  Wednesday, 10 October 2018 13:54  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
In North Frontenac, there are a few (public) buildings that don’t meet code, Brian MacDonald of McIntosh Perry, told Council at its regular meeting last week in Plevna. CAO Cheryl Robson said McIntosh Perry was contracted to do the Township’s first ever facilities assessment after a successful grant application for just this purpose. “I’ve been around eight years and this is the first time I’ve seen anything like this,” said Coun. Gerry Martin. MacDonald said they looked at 20 municipal facilities with an estimated total replacement value of about $10,000,000, including four fire halls and six public works facilities. While the ‘portfolio’ is currently in generally good condition, if no work were to be done on them in the next 10 years, the portfolio would…

Former Ompah Schoolhouse destroyed by fire

Written by  |  Wednesday, 03 October 2018 11:19  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
On Sunday evening (Sept. 30) a fire swept through a residential building that at one time was the schoolhouse for the Village of Ompah. The building had been converted into a single family dwelling in the years following the school’s close in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s. It was occupied by a family of 4 until this week. The family is reportedly living in Perth and a number of local people are attempting to reach out to support them. “The good news was that no one was injured in the fire. I believe the family pets made it out unscathed as well,” said North Frontenac Fire Chief Eric Korhonen. Korhonen said that North Frontenac Firefighters and the Kaladar Barrie department responded to the fire.…

NF rejects boat wash proposal

Written by  |  Monday, 24 September 2018 15:34  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
While Council did approve $1,500 to help the Malcolm and Ardoch Lakes Association get started with its battle against Eurasian milfoil and seems amenable to a further $10,000 to hire a grad student for the project at some time in the future, one of the potential weapons for the battle didn’t get approved. Council decided that boat wash stations represented more potential issues than they might solve, not the least of which is cost. “Didn’t we already decide this (boat wash stations) is too expensive?” said Coun. John Ingles at Friday’s meeting. “To me, it would be too expensive,” said Mayor Ron Higgins. “And how would you police it? “Would we have to have an attendant?” “The concern was that it would become a car…
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