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Inquest into the death of Bob Srigley

Written by  |  Wednesday, 22 March 2017 14:21  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
Bob Srigley died on July 28, 2013, three days after being shot 6 times by two OPP officers at his property on the Arden Road in Central Frontenac late on a hot summer afternoon. On February 25, 2014, the Director of the Special Investigations Unit of Ontario, Tony Loparco, released a report on the circumstances of Srigley’s death. The concluding paragraph of the his report reads as follows: “having reviewed all the evidence in its totality I am duty bound to ask: ‘Were the subject officers justified in the use of lethal force in these circumstances?’ I am of the view that they were and accordingly, I have no reasonable grounds to believe that any of the officers committed a criminal offense in relation to…

Canada 150 dinners

Written by  |  Wednesday, 22 March 2017 11:27  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
Community dinners are certainly not new to this area. There are the regular Friday night dinners at the Sharbot Lake Legion. There are excellent breakfasts hosted by the Lions club.  There are pot luck dinners hosted by community groups and recreation committees in every village. There are annual church dinners and those wonderful pancake breakfasts hosted by the volunteer fire departments.  You hardly ever need to eat at home! But this year will offer something different. The Canada 150 committee sponsored by the St. Lawrence College Employment centre will provide every hosting organization with place mats promoting Canada 150. Every event using these Canada 150 place mats will be listed as a “Canada 150 Dinner” in the Frontenac News’ Northern Happenings column. They will also…

Male charge with assault with a weapon near Sharbot Lake

Written by  |  Wednesday, 22 March 2017 11:21  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
On March 17, 2017 at approximately 10:15 pm, Sharbot Lake, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officers responded to an altercation between two males at a residence on Clement Road in Central Frontenac Township. Investigation indicated that the two males known to each other were involved in an argument, when one male stabbed the other in the neck with a knife. The victim was transported to hospital by ambulance with non-life threatening injuries. The suspect fled the scene but shortly returned and was located by police near the parking area.   Andrew STONESS (22) of Central Frontenac Township was arrested and is charged with; Assault with a Weapon under the Criminal Code Section 267(a). He was released and is scheduled to appear at the Ontario Court of…

Elm Tree bridge slated for work this year but “no impact on levy”

Written by  |  Wednesday, 15 March 2017 11:58  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
Central Frontenac Council approved work on the Elm Tree Bridge as part of its 2017 budget at its regular meeting Tuesday night in Sharbot Lake. Outgoing (interim) Public Works Manager Mike Richardson made the recommendation to Council, saying that “the Elm Tree Bridge replacement is recommended in the OSIM’s (Ontario Structure Inspection Manual) report for replacement by 2018. “By completing this project, the municipality will be on track to being up to date with our OSIM report recommendations.” The engineer’s estimated cost for the project is about $472,000. Treasurer Mike McGovern told Council that given the $414,000 budget deficit oversight and the $62,000 OCIF grant municipal contribution, the project would have “no impact” on the municipal levy for 2017. However, using that “found money” for…

NFLT Spring Production - “Here on the Flight Path”

Written by  |  Wednesday, 15 March 2017 11:24  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
Rehearsals are underway for our North Frontenac Little Theatre spring production under the direction of John Pariselli. The chosen play is is a comedy, Here On The Flight Path by Canadian playwright Norm Foster. This small cast adult comedy is hilariously funny and will keep you entertained from start to finish. We are pleased to have back  on stage four actors that have acted previously with NFLT.  Marc Veno (previously seen in Beyond Reasonable Doubt) will play John Cummings; Carol Belanger (directed Miracle Worker) will  play Angel Plunkett, an unemployed actress and singer; Barb Matson (acted in The Miracle Worker) plays Gwen, who is recently separated from her husband; Ellie Steele plays Fay Davidson, a  “consultant” of sorts.   There will be three performances Friday…

Spreading the Word at GREC

Written by  |  Wednesday, 08 March 2017 13:36  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
Students from the School to Community class at Granite Ridge Education Centre (GREC) in Sharbot Lake posing in front of a Spread the Word to End the Word poster that was signed by Granite Ridge students and staff. The School to Community students at GREC encouraged their peers to take the pledge to Spread the Word to End the Word on Wednesday, March 1st. Students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 as well as support staff, office staff and classroom teachers participated in the event and promised to refrain from using the R-word from now on. The awareness campaign is supported by the r-word.org website which includes personal stories from people who have been impacted by the use of the R-word, a word that symbolises the…

Dancing the Night Away in Sharbot Lake

Written by  |  Wednesday, 08 March 2017 13:32  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
About a month ago, Roseanna Redmond got the idea that it might be fun to get some couples together for a bit of ballroom dancing. Ken Fisher thought that was a good idea and “I put the wheels under it.” But they kind of needed an instructor. No problem. They recruited Tim White, who many might remember as The Music Man in North Frontenac Little Theatre’s production and/or his choreography in several other productions. White brought along Gillian Hofmann, another NFLT alumnus as his partner and co-instructor. White would seem to be the natural choice to guide this group. His resume as a dancer/choreographer/teacher/actor/etc is a long one which began in St. John’s, Nfld, when he was 19 and includes a stint (1985-1988) at the…

Leah Neumann: Still a Champ

Written by  |  Wednesday, 08 March 2017 13:23  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
As The War Amps 2017 Key Tags are mailed across Ontario, local residents may spot a familiar face in the accompanying brochure. Leah Neumann, 12, of Tichborne, was born a right arm amputee, and is a member of The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program. As a Champ, she is eligible to receive financial assistance for the cost of artificial limbs, counselling and attend regional CHAMP seminars. At the News, we've watched Leah grow up, and along the way new devices, such as new arms as she grew so she could always tool aroud on her bike, and a device she got in 2015 so she can hold a hockey stick and play with the Frontenac Fury. Fund-raising makes all this possible for her. Each…

On Pink Shirt Day, Abby Stewart Rocks GREC Auditorium

Written by  |  Wednesday, 08 March 2017 13:23  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
On Feb. 22, students at the Granite Ridge Education Centre celebrated Pink Shirt Day, a tradition that began in Canada to help combat bullying in all its forms. This year, they had help in the person of Abby Stewart, a Holy Cross student who’s making waves in country/country rock circles. Stewart, whose stage presence and performance savvy goes way beyond her teenage years, seemed right in her element as her 40-minute set just flew by, to the delight of her (mostly younger) audience. From her opening cover of Maddie & Tae’s Fly and the crowd favourite Burning House, Stewart had her audience’s attention, and that was a good thing, because along with top-tier music, she also had a message — put an end to bullying.…

Sharbot Lake Criminal Court

Written by  |  Wednesday, 08 March 2017 12:37  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
Convictions – Nicholas Holmes, 41, pleaded guilty to a charge of driving with blood alcohol over 80 mg per 100 ml of blood. Holmes was injured when a snowmobile he was working on during the summer, took off while he was testing it. The machine ended up hitting a tree, causing severe injuries to him. He was rushed to Smiths Falls hospital and eventually to KGH where he remained for three weeks suffering from 4 broken ribs, a punctured lung and the loss of a kidney. When police arrived at the accident scene paramedics were already working on Holmes. There was an odour of alcohol on his breath. Eventually a breath test yielded a result of 119 mg alcohol per 100 ml of blood. Holmes…

2017 Central Frontenac Heritage Family Day Walk/Run

Written by  |  Wednesday, 01 March 2017 12:47  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
The balmy weather brought out 34 participants and two dogs on Family Day Monday to raise $300 for the OSO recreation committee rink fund.  The finisher cookies were yummy and very colourful this year.   Runners and walkers were from Sharbot Lake and area, Crow Lake, Sydenham, Hartington, Perth, Carleton Place, and Japan.  The St. Lawrence College Employment Centre 10k winners were: 1st. Miyu Shimokawa, 2nd. Cathy Byrnes,  3rd. Anne-Marie McCauslan and 1st. Cory Plant, 2nd. Rudy Hollywood,  and 3rd. Bob Harding.  The Central Frontenac Heritage Committee 5k winners were: 1st. Kris Plant, 2nd. Erin Bridge,  3rd. Lynette Whan and 1st. Kai Plant, and 2nd. Andrew Martin.  The Central Frontenac OSO Rec. Committee 2k winners were 1st. Laura Bridge, 2nd. Alison Bridge,  3rd. Linda Harding-Devries and…

Central Frontenac Approves Septic Inspection Program

Written by  |  Wednesday, 01 March 2017 12:00  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
Central Frontenac Council adopted a “Septic System Maintenance and Assessment Program” at its regular meeting Tuesday night. It further directed staff to prepare a draft licensing bylaw to licence septic system pumpers and haulers for the purpose of reporting pump-out activities including a visual assessment of Class 4 and 5 septic systems.  A committee consisting of Dep. Mayor Brent Cameron, Coun. Philip Smith and Coun. Sherry Whan was set up to look at what type of financial assistance/payment options could be made available for residents found to have systems that need replacing but are unable to pay for it. There was a provision for an “education campaign” but there were no specifics recommended other than the existing “septic sense” box on the Township website. The…

Central Frontenac Mayor Cuts Back on RMFEO Commitments

Written by  |  Wednesday, 01 March 2017 11:21  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
Time commitments have caused Central Frontenac Mayor Frances Smith to pull back from participation in the 14-municipality Rural Mayors Forum of Eastern Ontario (RMFEO). “The Township is still a member but I personally have had to pull out, chiefly because of my work with the Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN),” Smith said. “The meetings tend to overlap and there is a lot of reading involved with both. “So, I’ve said (to RMFEO) that I can’t be as involved.” EORN was created by the Eastern Ontario Wardens Caucus (EOWC) a few years ago to improve Internet service to the area. “I have had too much on my plate,” Smith said (which includes helping out at the Medical Centre in Sharbot Lake while they look for a…
When Rosemarie Bowick took on the task of organizing a quilt show for the Frontenac Heritage Festival this year, she wasn’t sure they’d be able meet the mandate of 150 quilts in honour of Canada’s 150th Anniversary. “I only had to make three phone calls,” she said. “The next thing you know, we had more quilts than we knew what to do with. “We had to limit many to three or four quilts.” While the final count probably won’t ever be official, nobody could claim they didn’t make their goal of 150 quilts. In fact, the more accurate question might be how much they exceeded it by. There were four official venues (the Masons Hall, United and Anglican churches in Sharbot Lake and the United…

Warm Weather Doesn’t Deter Tichborne Ice Stock Fans

Written by  |  Wednesday, 22 February 2017 13:02  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
While the sunny skies were welcome for much of the Frontenac Heritage Festival last weekend, the Tichborne venue might have preferred a slightly cooler temperature as the rink featured a bit of water across its surface. Undaunted however, the Kingston & Area Ice Stock Club along with a few locals still threw a few rocks and got in a game or two. “It’s OK,” said spokesperson Chris Hammer. “This game can be frustrating in the best of conditions but we’re always competitive.” Ice stock is game very similar to curling. Indeed, practitioners throw stones towards a ‘house’ and the closer your stones are to the house (actually a rubber ring so it has similarities with bocce) than your opponents, the more points you score. The…
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