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Sharbot Lake Criminal Court

Written by  |  Wednesday, 18 April 2018 11:28  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
Long wet drive, for a short, dry session Court workers, including the court clerk and reporter, in addition to crown lawyers, probation officers, two members of the OPP, along with Judge Geoff Griffin, all trudged in from Kingston and Napanee through the ice and rain for the 10 am session of the monthly Sharbot Lake Criminal Court, which starts up at 10 am on the third Monday of the month. By 10:30 they were all back in their cars headed home for the day. Mostly it was a case of deferral after defferal as cases were not ready for resolution. The only exception was the case of Brian Gray, who pleaded guilty to a charge of driving with blood alcohol over 80 mg/100 ml of…

Fatal Fire near Sharbot Lake

Written by  |  Thursday, 12 April 2018 12:00  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
Last night Central Frontenac Fire & Rescue responded to a reported house fire on Townline Road with a person and pets still inside. On arrival Firefighters found the house involved in fire. Firefighters quickly entered the burning house to perform search & rescue, they found and removed a victim and began resuscitation. The victim succumbed to injuries as a result of the fire. The Fire Department and the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office will be investigating the cause of the fire today. No Firefighters were injured. The fire was quickly brought under control. There were no other occupants in the house at the time of the fire. Pets also died as a result of the fire.

Hundreds on hand for Conboys’ annual Maple Syrup Weekend

Written by  |  Wednesday, 11 April 2018 11:31  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
For the last three years, the first Saturday in April has meant a trip out to Conboys’ Maple Syrup operation to see how it’s done. And last weekend, a steady stream of visitors did just that. This year’s strange freeze-thaw cycle has played havoc with production schedules but in the end, things should be like most years. “It should be an average production this year but it’s taking a long time,” said Ryan Conboy. “It was a warm February, a cold March and it’s starting out as a cold April. “The sugar content is a bit lower but the quality is on a par with most years.” For the Conboys, an average year means about 6,000 litres. Most people hope to do about a litre…

Busy meeting for Central Frontenac Public Works Department

Written by  |  Wednesday, 11 April 2018 11:31  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
Public Works Manager Brad Thake had a fairly extensive written agenda at Tuesday’s regular Central Frontenac Council meeting but he also had quite a number of verbal reports as well. He received approval from council to spend $379,672 on a new, variable horsepower grader, plow and wing (it is in the budget) to replace a 27-year-old model that is well past it’s useful life. Thake then presented his policy on nuisance beaver and beaver dams. Beavers and their dams are only a concern for the township in cases where beaver activity has an impact on township assets (roads, bridges, culverts) and the township uses tubular culvert protectors and other “beaver baffler” techniques, but when those are not effective the policy is to remove beavers first,…

Sharbot Lake Legion awards 50-year pin at annual ceremony/banquet

Written by  |  Wednesday, 11 April 2018 11:31  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
They gathered at the Legion Branch 425 in Sharbot Lake Saturday to honour their own. After honours and awards chair Patty Middleton introduced Zone Commander Ty Seeley, Dep. Zone Commander Jean Compeau and President Alden McLellan, guest speaker Tom Miller spoke on the importance of volunteering. “A volunteer is someone willing to provide a service to another, not expecting to be paid for it,” said Miller, who was in the RCAF from 1953 to 1958. A resident of Amherst Island, Miller was a member of that branch until it surrendered its charter and now he’s a member of 623, Bath and Area. “I can’t imagine a Legion Branch operating anywhere without volunteers,” he said. “For one thing, you need somebody to lock the door at…

Villages Beautiful Update

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Remember Christmas, and the Festival of Trees put on by the Villages Beautiful Committee? Well, winter is probably mostly over now, and the committee would like again to say thank you to all who submitted entries, volunteered , and came and bought tickets and donated to Villages Beautiful and to the Food Bank. It was a very successful event this past year, as we celebrated Canada and the Christmas season. If you are already thinking about next winter, the dates will the December 6 , 7, and 8 and the theme is Christmas Stories Right now, however, we want to give you a preview of what we will be doing this summer. The proceeds from the Festival of Trees are divided between the villages that…

Arden Passion Walk has long tradition

Written by  |  Wednesday, 04 April 2018 11:31  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
For the past 20 years or so, there’s been some ceremony or outdoor observance of Good Friday in Arden and the Matson Family has been front and centre of most of them. This year, on Good Friday, the Passion Walk began at the Matsons Farm and proceeded through the hamlet to the United church, a distance of about 3 kilometres. “When you get older, the distance gets further,” said patriarch Glen Matson. “They had services in the ’50s but nothing to this extent. “I guess it’s been the last 18-20 years we’ve done something like this (and) I think it started when Barb Mahood was the pastor.” One year they erected three crosses and held a service while three residents occupied them. Jeff Matson was…

De-boning workshop

Written by  |  Wednesday, 04 April 2018 11:30  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
On Thursday, March 29, 2018 at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church a crowd of 18 seniors gathered to watch a de-boning workshop put on by retired butcher, Norma Riddell of Sharbot Lake. Two draws were held when the demonstration was completed for the turkey and the bones. Linda Bush was the winner of the turkey and Dorothy Fraser was the winner of the bones which would make a delicious broth and soup; We talked about further uses of the Senior Centre and the new sign which will be ready for an official opening in May. This is part of the ongoing activities made possible by the grant Rural Frontenac Community Services applied for as a result of the senior survey last year. Also as a result…

Spring is coming, time to buy new seed and get planting

Written by  |  Wednesday, 28 March 2018 11:52  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
Gardeners know that when the days grow longer, the gardening season can’t be far behind, even if the air is still chilled and the ground is persistently frozen. The garden will remain a no-go zone when the ground thaws until it dries up enough that the soil crumbles in the hand like chocolate cake. But it is already high time to plant seeds indoors, and it is also time to purchase new seed. Buying seed from plants grown in the same region where the seeds will be planted has always been a good strategy for gardeners, and we are lucky in this region that we have three seed companies, Mountain Grove Seed Company in Central Frontenac, Bear Roots in downtown Verona, and Kitchen Table Seed…
Twenty eight years ago, when we moved to the area, if anyone had told me that I’d be sitting in the old Catholic Church in Sharbot Lake, eating croissants and sipping cappuccino while enjoying a concert of Baroque, Irish, Bulgarian and Argentinian music played on violin and guitar, I would not have believed them. And yet that is exactly what happened last Tuesday evening, March 20, when violinist, Edwin Huizinga and guitarist, William Coulter played to an appreciative audience at the Cardinal Cafe in Sharbot Lake. The house had been sold out for some time as many of us had had the opportunity of hearing Edwin Huizinga two years ago when he played a concert of Baroque music, in the same venue, with harpsichordist, Phillip…

Crossing Pub moves to Newfoundland for the evening

Written by  |  Wednesday, 28 March 2018 11:51  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
Last Saturday, Max and Elaine Squires just happened to be driving by the Sharbot Lake Country Inn and saw the sign advertising a Newfoundland Kitchen Party. Now the Squires live in Gananoque these days but they’re originally from Portugal Cove-St. Philips, which is not too far from St. John’s. “We just got in the car for a drive and we came across this,” said Max, after Turpin’s Trail had just finished its first set. “Now that’s a good down-east band right there. “This is the kind of music that brings you back home. “Best time we’ve had in awhile.” Elaine nodded in agreement. Now, in part, The Crossing Pub is named for Stephenville Crossing in Newfoundland (the other part is a reference to Sharbot Lake’s…

Sharbot Lake Legion taking stock and looking to future

Written by  |  Wednesday, 28 March 2018 11:50  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
The Sharbot Lake Legion is having a good long look at the organization and that’s a good thing, says Bill Bowick, one of the members participating in a workshop last week. Facilitated by Ken Fisher, the workshop looked back at the history of the Legion and will be followed April 18 (public invited) with a look ahead. “It was a planning exercise with a ‘journey wall’ and about 20 people attended,” Bowick said. “It was quite fun even if a lot of the early stuff nobody remembered. “There were a lot of good times, some of which we don’t have as many of any more.” To that end, they looked at motivation, capacity and infrastructure. “We’ll be doing a lot of brainstorming because I don’t…
So, with the opening weekend of Provincial championships completed at the Frontenac Community Arena, the action shifts out of town on March 24 and 25. If needed, the teams will be back in Piccadilly March 30 in the first-team-to-six points series. (and out of town March 31 if any series goes the full six games). Teams get two points for a win, one for getting to overtime. In tied games, there is one overtime period except for the sixth game which will continue until there’s a winner. There are no shootouts. So, here’s how they stand going into next weekend. The Atoms are up 4 points to zero over the Walkerton Capitals with wins of 5-4 and 5-4 heading back to Walkerton. The PeeWees are…

How to protect a species that may not exist

Written by  |  Wednesday, 14 March 2018 10:33  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
Hannah Barron is a researcher with EarthRoots, which is a “grassroots conservation organization dedicated to the protection of Ontario's wilderness, wildlife and watersheds, through research, education and action.” according to the description on its web site She runs an Earthroots project called Wolves Ontario, which is dedicated to raising public awareness of the status of the current status of the wolf population in Ontario, advocating for better policies that govern wolves, and achieving meaningful protection for wolves and wolf habitat. The focus of her efforts recently has been in identifying the range and population density of the Eastern Wolf, which has recently been re-named the Algonquin Wolf. According to Barron, and her view is supported by researchers affiliated with Trent University, there are about 500…

Craft/Bake sale draws a crowd to Oso Hall on a grey Saturday in March

Written by  |  Wednesday, 14 March 2018 10:33  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
Laura Stewart didn’t know what to expect when she decided to organize a craft/bake sale. She’d never done this before. “I did it because we haven’t had one in awhile,” she said. “Maybe it’s something Sharbot Lake needed. “At least it would get some of the artists and creative people out and in the winter it’s nice to get out of the house.” Stewart and hubby Kirk Chabot moved here just over a year ago. Chabot has ingratiated himself into the Lions Club and the Legion. Stewart works at Mike Dean’s. “I love the community,” she said. “I love how it comes together. “The Farmers Market is great in the summer but there isn’t as much going on in the winter.” She noticed that “people…
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