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The Sharbot Lake Legion was the scene of what organisers called a “peaceful protest” Sunday. At least four members of Kingston Creep Watchers, a group who protests against organizations they say support convicted sex offenders, were on hand across the street from the Legion Hall carrying signs. Brooks is listed as one of two administrators on the Kingston Creep Watchers Facebook page. At issue was the presence of a Sharbot Lake area man who was convicted in 2006 of sexually molesting a minor and in 2010 of breaching a 161 probation order. The 2006 order, which is in effect for life, prohibits him from public spaces where children may be present. The order was amended, however, in August of 2018, and he is now permitted…

Crokicurl, empty bowls, and a lot more at Heritage Festival this weekend

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The great de-centralised Frontenac Heritage Festival is made up of many stand alone events that are loosely connected. One new event this year is a crokicurl rink, located in the Oliver Scott Memorial Park in Sharbot Lake (across from Granite Ridge Education Centre) which will be available all weekend. Never hear of crokicurl? It is exactly what it sounds like. A crokinole board set up on an ice rink. Instead of flicking wooden disks with fingers, sand filled windshield wiper fluid jugs are slid along the ice from a makeshift curling ‘hack’ at the edge of the ice. Depending on the circumstances, a draw to the button, a bump and run or a takeout may be called for. Any combination up to eight players can…

Central Frontenac Minor Softball needs you!

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Central Frontenac Minor Softball is looking for parents to step up to keep the association running!!! All positions are open for election.  If you are interested in nominating someone or would like to nominate yourself, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating your name, contact information and the position you are running for by Feb. 28th.  The positions open are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Umpire in Chief and Area Reps - Sharbot Lake, Parham, Mountain Grove and Arden.  We will then be holding elections on March 23 at registration which is at Parham Fire Hall from 10am to noon.  Early registration will be open as of March 1st so be sure to get your registration in by the 23rd of March to avoid the…

CBC new story misleading, Gordon Dean says

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CBC News as well as Global  and VTC News are reporting on a recall of Betty Bread and Nancy's Fancy products that sell at Mike Dean's Super Food Store in Sharbot Lake. Gordon Dean, President of Mike Dean's, said that the recall report is misleading because only one Nancy's Fancy product, which has been removed from the shelves at the store, was produced in the plant where the contamination has been foun "To our valued customers: The bakery in Pointe Claire, Quebec that manufactures our Nancy's Fancy PIZZA CRUST products has recalled the three Pizza Crust products we sell in our stores. These have been removed from sale and anyone that has purchased them we ask that you return them for a full refund. All…
When you think about, it’s kind of a mystery as to why we didn’t come up with this earlier. It’s simple, the winter ice melts and anything that doesn’t float will sink to the bottom when it does. That’s the principle behind a walleye spawning bed restoration project which took place on Long Lake last Saturday morning (February 2). The big advantage of placing rocks that will form the (actually add to an existing) spawning bed on the ice is that they can be driven to the spot and placed rather precisely. When the ice melts in the spring, the rocks will sink. On this day, the Long Lake Property Owners Association (LLPOA) members organized an army of snowmobiles, 4-wheelers and side-by-sides, all with sleds…

Legion volunteer numbers down so it does the next best thing

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The Sharbot Lake Legion Branch 425 had a clientele of eight people in its Meals on Wheels program but like most organizations these days, it found it just didn’t have enough volunteers to make the program work. So, they decided to do the next best thing, supporting Rural Frontenac Community Services (RFCS) Meals on Wheels program with a financial donation of $500. “One of the Legion’s lottery mandates is Meals on Wheels,” President June Crawford said during a cheque presentation following the regular Friday Night Dinner. “The proceeds are from our meat draws and 50/50. “There will probably be more.” The venue was appropriate because many of the meals the Legion provided came from the Friday Night Dinners. Catherine Tysick, adult centre manager for RFCS,…

Central looking at capital budget increase of $1.1 million over last year

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The good news is that the Central Frontenac capital budget for last year came in $270,000 less than what was budgeted for. The bad news is that the Township still owes $2,162,569 for various loans. These loans include $301,246 still remaining on the medical centre, $25,502 on solar installations, $396,034 on the 5th Lake Road project, $722,287 for fire equipment and $717,500 for public works equipment. These revelations were presented by Central Frontenac Treasurer Michael McGovern at a special capital budget Council meeting last Thursday at the Fire Hall in Sharbot Lake. If the budget were passed as presented, it would represent $3,071,808. Last year, it was $1,932,114. “The capital budget is up $1.1 million over last year,” McGovern said. That doesn’t include the operating…

The Boy Wonder

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The Spring production for NFLT is a brand-new musical written by our own Jeff Siamon. Jeff has been looking after lighting, sound and our website, since taking over that job from Wendy Parliament. His musical, “The Boy Wonder”, is set in New York City during the 30’s and 40’s. The music is from that era and for some it will be a pleasant walk back in time, while for the younger generation it will be something new. This was a tumultuous time in history and, in many ways, Jeff’s play reflects that. Show business could be cut throat and we certainly become shockingly aware of that aspect in the final act of Jeff’s play. Due to the nasty weather conditions, the first 2 rehearsals were…

Annual Tichborne 4 on 4 hockey tournament raises funds for minor ball

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“It’s the only way other than raising registration fees that we can have the kids play a season of minor ball,” said Central Frontenac Minor Softball Association President Kurtis Jackson said Saturday at the outdoor rink in Tichborne. “Registration just doesn’t cover the costs (and) we try to keep the costs down as much as possible for parents to get as many kids into minor ball as possible.” And so it was last Saturday morning at the mighty Tichborne outdoor arena, where five teams faced off in a round robin 4 on 4 shinny set to see who’d get to brag about it for the coming year. Saturday was a beautiful day for outdoor hockey — not bitterly cold, but cold enough for the rink…

Truck fire

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On January 29, 2019 Central Frontenac Fire & Rescue responded to a truck fire at 0944 hrs located at a residence on Guigue Road. On arrival the truck was fully involved in fire and there were small explosions due to ammunition inside the vehicle. The resident and his handicapped wife were in the vehicle when the truck ignited in fire. The husband was able to remove his wife to safety by dragging her through the snow. There were no injuries. The cause of the fire is under investigation but appears to be mechanical at this time.

Slocan Ramblers return to The Crossing Pub for fourth time

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The Slocan Ramblers play bluegrass. And they kinda rock it. The first time they played The Crossing Pub in Sharbot Lake, they didn’t have any albums out. Last Saturday night, their fourth Crossing gig, they have three albums and the latest, Queen City Jubilee, promises to be the one that takes them to the next level. “It’s also on vinyl, the longest, most circular format that you can listen to music on,” said mandolin player Adrian Gross. “With your first album, it’s pretty much what you have ready,” he said. “With the second, it’s refining and working on things. “But the third, that’s your statement. “We feel we’ve grown as songwriters and we feel we’re in a good place.” Things have been going fairly well…

Two of three delegations to council looking for money

Written by  |  Wednesday, 23 January 2019 11:17  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
It must be getting close to budget time. Central Frontenac Council had three delegations to its regular meeting Tuesday in Sharbot Lake and two of those came asking for money. First up was Anne Prichard of the Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation. However, Pritchard wasn’t looking for money. Her organization is funded by the Federal Government. What she was looking for was Council’s support and for the Township to keep referring fledgling and established businesses to her for counselling/advice, workshops and loans in some cases. “Part of our funding is dependent on the number of consultations we do, so it helps to get the word out,” Pritchard said. “We are a not-for-profit who are governed by a board of directors and our board member from…

Sharbot Lake business group on the move

Written by  |  Wednesday, 16 January 2019 12:31  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
Alison Robinson has remained busy since retiring as the lead realtor at Lake District Realty a few years ago. Aside from extensive family commitments and other activities, she has also kept up her involvement with the local business community, helping out when she has had time. A little over a year ago, with her husband Wayne, and neighbours Rosemary and Bill Bowick and Ken Fisher, she organixed a meet and greet event at the Sharbot Lake Retirement Centre to introduce the owner, Andrew Kovacs, to the local business community. “When we were putting together an invitation list, we found that there are over 120 businesses in the vicinity of Sharbot Lake,” she recalled this week, during her remarks at the third semi-annual Sharbot Lake business…

SIU clears officers in death of Debra Hill

Written by  |  Wednesday, 09 January 2019 12:18  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
This Sunday (January 13th) will mark the one-year anniversary of the tragic death of Debra Hill, outside of her home near Tichborne, after being dropped off by OPP officers. The case generated a Special Investigation Unit (SIU) investigation because of the involvement of the OPP, and it took over 11 months for the SIU to report back. The report, which is dated December 3, was released on December 20th, and concluded that charges are not warranted against the two officers who dropped her off at her home. “I am unable to find that the subject officers showed a wanton or reckless disregard for the life of the Complainant, nor am I able to find that their conduct amounted to a marked departure from the standard…

Remembering Ann Goodfellow

Written by  |  Wednesday, 09 January 2019 12:17  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
Last year when the word came out through the grapevine that Ann Goodfellow was not well, and this was followed by a difficult diagnosis and prognosis, it shook a lot of people in the Parham area and beyond. By the time she died last week (January 5th). It was not a surprise, but it was still difficult news for all of those who knew her. Ann was a force in the community for many years. Many people knew Ann well, and she touched their lives. I knew her as an advertiser in the paper through the funeral home and Goodfellow’s Flowers shop that she used to run, but mostly I knew her in her role as a school board trustee. She became involved with the…
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