Re-share the Road

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I was interested to read last week's piece on the OPP initiative to  "Share the Road" and the chilling statistics that 94 pedestrians were killed and 3,523 were injured in Ontario in 2014. I'm a senior, and I walk my dog along the local road twice a day, usually trying to deal with the constant stream of roadside litter.  (Sadly I can't walk in my back woods anymore because the ticks have now become so bad.) There are a few of us who enjoy walking the local roads, alone or with our dogs or young children.  That's a good thing, because rates of obesity are much higher in rural areas, and walking is a cheap and effective way to keep fit and to reduce medical…

Juicy, not squishy

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Hi there folk of the Frontenac News, That’s a great article about the Family Yoga class I was teaching at the Bellrock Hall. Thank you so much. But I do need to clarify that I said that yoga keeps our joints juicy not squishy. We need to keep our joints juicy, otherwise they get dry, stiff and painful. Activities that we do in every yoga class look after our joints, it’s rather like delivering a shot of WD40 to a squeaky hinge. And you know how satisfying it is to have a door work smoothly with no dried out squeaky hinges. Keep up the great work, and thanks again,Jackie Adams

re Desert Lake Resort

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I would like to provide some comments on matters brought up by Mr. John Sherbino, as he questions the Mayor's memory. I was the founder of Desert Lake Family Resort, which was operated by my family for 40 years (1973-2013). During our ownership, there were no shortcomings regarding the responsible operation of the resort. There was never an expansion of the camping sites, rather it was a text amendment of the zoning by-law to permit the improvement of already existing non-serviced campsites to serviced sites. While John Sherbino appealed the Township's approval to the OMB, he later met with my daughter at her kitchen table and his concerns were addressed. He then withdrew his objection to the Board. I am proud to have been a…

Statement from CAO Orr of South Frontenac

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Further to the recent letter to the Editor that appeared in the Frontenac News on [noise complaints related to Desert Lake Resort, I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify that the Township and our contracted By-law Enforcement Services have just one recorded noise complaint (dated Monday August 15, 2016) with regards to the campground going back to 2006. Complaints made directly to the OPP, if any, are not recorded in our files. Wayne Orr - Chief Administrative Officer, Township of South Frontenac

Frontenac Litter Festival

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From what I keep reading in the papers, Frontenac County is keen to market itself to visitors from outside our borders.  The separate townships are coming up with tourism hooks based on geographic features that define them, like cat-tails, dark skies or limestone outcroppings.   However,  what everyone has so far overlooked is the ubiquity of ditch litter.  I'd like to propose a Frontenac Litter Festival, where we can market the area based on the colourful accumulation of roadside waste products.  We can invite visitors to come in early spring to enjoy the colours before the grass covers it up for another year.  The reds of the Tim Hortons cups are really vibrant now, as are the yellows of McDonalds.  There are also the variety…

Re – smoking

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I suffer from chronic sinusitis caused by environmental pollution including the chief villain, second hand smoke. I have never smoked myself. When I am in contact with second hand smoke, my condition is exacerbated and I am smothered, nauseated, and if the concentration is heavy, I have severe headaches. Smokers affect my physical health, yet if I react in any way to them, I am considered the rude one. This past weekend, I was part of the NFLT production at GREC. You would think this would be a safe haven as there are large signs prohibiting smoking anywhere on school property. Prior to the play and during intermission we were in the second floor music room with the windows open for some air. Due to…

Re – Desert Lake Family Resort

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I'm worried about our Mayor. At the last Council meeting the Desert Lake Family Resort was given permission to extend a number of its musical presentations beyond the normal bylaw hours. Desert Lake residents - and I am one, are not happy about that. However, my worry about the Mayor has to do with his memory. He stated that he was unaware of any problems regarding the resort over the years. He's no spring chicken and neither am I. So I write things down to help me remember. The Mayor, happily, has a bureaucracy to write things down for him in the form of agenda minutes from both Council and Committee meetings. Over the past ten years or so the Mayor and Council (and the…

Re electoral reform

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I appreciate your continuing coverage of the electoral reform issue, including your February outline of MP Scott Reid’s sensible comments, and last week’s story about the idea of “weighting” votes in Parliament rather than incorporating proportionality into the actual electoral system. On the surface, the notion of “weighted” votes might seem attractive, but once the MPs were elected, it would be a nightmare in Parliament itself. Not only would it be a perpetual fountain of confusion and discord, with some MPs having many times the voting clout of others, but it would undermine the whole basis of parliamentary democracy. As my father, the late Senator Eugene Forsey regularly pointed out, “Parliament is not just a voting place, it is also, pre-eminently, essentially, a talking place…

Re – NF survey

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I wanted to personally thank you and your reporter Craig for the excellent job covering my presentation before North Frontenac Council . It is a shame that regular communication between our elected officials and residents is almost non-existent. The Mayor’s last message is only found on their website dated June 2016. The township in its entirety is so small in terms of numbers there is no excuse when you consider: Only 5,000 registered voters. Only 940 actual year round homes. Only 2381 Cottages. In the last election just over 300 votes in a single ward was sufficient to win the seat for one of the councillors. My personal survey garnered 85 responses which was a terrific return on the few emailed surveys I sent using…

Re – Editorial

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Let me start by saying that I am one of those types of Canadians who will tell you that smoking marajuana is not good for you. It is especially harmful to younger people with developing brains and perceptions. Regardless, let me also say that comparing the usefulness of pot to common garden variety vegetables and herbs is absolutely rediculous and grossly irresponsible. There is no comparison. One is a psychotropic, mind altering drug, the other is food. Give your head a shake my friend. To add to the discussion of the underlying issue, I would like to point out that the real criminals of this world will continue to find alternative illegal methods of earning a profit should marajuana become legal. I am of the…

Re – Editorial

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I agree with you 100%! Four plant limit is totally impractical since marijuana plants that grow the buds that have THC and can be used for smoking or baking, have to be female! If you grow the plants from normal seeds, you are likely to get 50% male and 50% female plants, so half of your plants will need to be discarded. You don't want the male plants since they will pollinate the female plants, and you will get lots of unwanted seeds. As soon as you can identify the males, they need to be evicted from your garden. When you grow only female plants, you will still get some seeds, which you can plant the following year. One other way to get only female…

Re - Septic Debate

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Jeff Green stated "A mandatory inspection system has to treat  everyone in the same way." This mantra has slowed action on septic re-inspection but its basis is questionable. Focusing the debate on waterfront properties alone could enable more effective action. Equality of treatment can be applied to any definable group not just all taxpayers. MPAC as just one example has defined waterfront properties as a treatable group. Waterfront properties would provide the greatest benefit toward the primary objective of guarding against nutrient flow into lakes and rivers and the owners of those properties are likely to support such action.

The Lab Rats of Lanark County

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Imagine a giant chemical experiment taking place in our county.  Where we are the subjects -- and the scientific method is non-existent.  "Wow!"  you say.  "Will we get any mind-altering experiences from this?"  No.  But you will get lots of dead roadside vegetation.  And the future effects are unclear, but worrisome."Impossible!"  you exclaim.  Well, let's review the evidence, using the scientific method we learned in school to outline how Lanark County have conducted their own "experiment". First, the question:  Why is wild parsnip a problem, and how should we respond?  Wild parsnip can cause a nasty rash if its sap gets on your skin.  The remedy? Avoid sunlight on your skin until you wash off the sap. Once you can identify this metre-tall plant with…

SLPOA proposal re septics

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I am a former president of the Sharbot Lake Property Owners’ Association (SLPOA), former Environment Director with that organization, one-time member of a committee set up by Council to consider economic development options for Central Frontenac, and a former member of the Septic Re-Inspection (SRI) Committee. This letter is a call for Council to unanimously reconfirm its support for the SRI recommendations. At the 2012 annual general meeting of the SLPOA when a mandatory septic re-inspection program was endorsed there was one dissenting vote: mine. I was not very popular at that meeting. My reasons included many of those listed by Craig Bakay in his recent editorial. What Mr. Bakay fails to see is that the SRI, by listening to what people were saying and…

re - Addington Highlands Waste management

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In response to the article in the March 23 edition (Heading to New Gate @ Kaladar waste site- Addington Highlands Council) In the article it referred to the attendance of a resident at the council meeting. That person was, and is, me. Yes I did say I would like to buy compostable bags at Walmart; perhaps the word compostable was not clearly heard. Also I could choose a more compatible size, as the large “dump bags” are too large, forcing me to use 2 bags for one bag’s worth of garbage. Not only for the weight, but also for the price. Thirdly the compostable bags compost themselves, adding a lessening of residue in the dump. I do believe this is what the objective is? As…
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