Re – “It is time to leave the monarchy behind”

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I am so disappointed to see you falling for the uninformed, populist notion that the monarchy is irrelevant to modern democracy in Canada (“Time to leave the monarchy behind”, Oct. 5.) Dismissing the Governor General’s role as merely ceremonial is an all too common view, but it is a serious mistake: it actually puts our constitutional democracy at risk. This risk was demonstrated with frightening clarity in December of 2008, when then Governor General Michaelle Jean let herself be hoodwinked into suspending the recently-elected Parliament, preventing it from performing what my father, the late constitutional expert Eugene Forsey, affirmed as the House of Commons’ “most essential function” – deciding who forms the government. Ms. Jean failed to understand and carry out her constitutional duty to…

Re - septic systems

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In the early 80’s, the Township of Oso applied to the Ministry of Health (MOH) for a thorough inspection of all the wells and septic systems within the hamlet of Sharbot Lake. The survey confirmed that many systems were contaminating neighbouring wells and sometimes their own. Consequently, in ’84 and ‘85, with the help of a generous grant from the Ministry (75%, total over $900,000) almost every household made improvements to their well and/or septic system. According to MOH people at the time, we probably averted a serious problem. However, that was nearly 35 years ago!! Somebody needs to make sure that these systems are properly maintained. Since this is essentially a health concern, I suggest that this problem be addressed by the Ministry of…

Re – Planning and Ardoch Lake

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I respectfully disagree with reporter Jeff Green's editorial assertion that "the role of local township officials is to work with developers in order to make sure that any proposal that makes it to the stage where it will face public scrutiny it is in a state where a path forward for approving it is there." This is not a transparent or ethical role for any public official. While public officials should cooperate with all parties, including developers and affected taxpayers, at all--and particularly early--stages of planning, the encouragement--or worse--requirement for, government officials in comfy planning collusions with developers to ensure a plan toward plan approval even before the plan is made public should sound alarm bells in every home, court, legislature or other body where…

Re: Septic failure in Central Frontenac

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I would just like to add to Craig Bakay's article 'Just how big of a problem is septic system failure in Central Frontenac?' Some of the more hysterical views of the proponents of mandatory septic inspection, would have us believe that we are one faulty septic system away from massive poisoning of our aquifers. I addressed this concern with Jeremy Neven, the Township's former Chief Building Officer, and he was unable to point to a single instance where this had happened in the Township. The best he could come up with was a contamination many years ago in the village of Sydenham. Sydenham has a couple of feet of soil, barely covering permeable limestone. We have swamps and lakes sitting on granite. My point being…

Re - Denbigh ambulance

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My family has had a cottage on Skootamatta Lake in Addington Highlands since 1922. The Provincial Government set up an ambulance station at Denbigh originally, with responsibility now downloaded to L&A Council. AH is the most northern/remote, least populated, most economically challenged, with the longest current ambulance wait times- albeit the most beautiful part, of L&A. Many of the seasonal population have converted to permanent status. This is a positive continuing trend to normalized year round revenue to the community service providers, and the tax base of the Township (permit and enhanced building value revenue). Redundancy in ambulance service is critical to the well being of all permanent residents of AH and other area Townships. Closure of the Denbigh Station would be a major blow…

Re - Wintergreen

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In his article on Wintergreen’s seminar concerning electricity options, Craig Bakay quotes Angela Bischoff as saying natural gas is a better option than nuclear. Having discussed this with Angela, I wish to clarify her position. Craig drew this conclusion, not from her interview, but from a slide in her presentation that claims natural gas generation would be better (i.e. cheaper, safer) than extending Pickering nuclear station for another decade. By no means is this preferable to phasing out both nuclear and natural gas generation with renewables and demand-side management. Over the next decade, methane emissions contribute more to global warming than CO2 and Ontario’s natural gas comes with upstream methane emissions which, according to analysis of satellite data, may contribute half the rise in global…

Re K&P request

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Your article, "K&P request rejected by County" 14/09/17 requires clarification. I would ask CEO Kelly Pender if their refusal to look after the fence requiring attention is at all in reference to the responsibility of the "trail" that requires them to look after such. I want to know if his take on this comes from legal documents, a court decision, or provisions that I see have been adopted for the "trail" in the agreement, to look after fences and gates for property owners whose land abuts the trail. I think it nonsense that he dispenses unfounded opinions without legal backing, that the fences are the responsibility of the landowner, when my memory recalls that the opposite was true. If there is a legal precedent here,…

Re - Editorial on Sir John A. Macdonald

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In regards to your editorial in your September 7, 2017 edition on Sir John A. MacDonald:First of all, a minor correction – the organization that called for the removal of Sir John A’s name is the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) not the Elementary School Teachers Association of Ontario as you stated. This Federation represents over 70,000 Elementary Teachers and Early Childhood Educators across Ontario, mostly in the public school system. As a member of this organization, I am sorry to say that this motion, passed at our Annual Meeting, feels more like a symbolic gesture than a proactive policy to improve the lives of our First Nations, Metis and Inuit (FNMI) peoples in this country. The resources that it will take to make…

Letter re 150 women, 150 stories, 150 words

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Kudos to Dianne Lake and her cohorts for their imagination, ingenuity, time, effort and their “stick-to-it-iveness” in producing 150 Women – Their Stories as a Canada 150 project. It is a most interesting read, bringing back lots of memories and connections, definitely a Coffee Table book. Jean and Carl Pritchard

re Ardoch Lake

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I suppose it is a key indicator of failing to grow old with grace and resignation that one greets with relief the news that "5 Years in Ardoch Lake Development Still Needs Work". Hopefully, the planning and evaluation will take forever, unless the proposed project is downsized to a more sustainable density consistent with the community and environmental needs. Of course, profits may be affected. While the community understandably seeks growth and development, one hopes that the historic rural, wild aura of the area so many have worked so hard and sacrificed so much to preserve over the decades will not be too adversely impacted by the proposed development. Still, it is hard to imagine that a 30-cottage behemoth development-- complete with cleared lots, a…

Parkinson SuperWalk

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Here we are, just days away from an event that I have been working to make a success since January, the first Parkinson SuperWalk to take place in Lanark North Leeds. This walk is only one of over 80 walks taking place across Canada on the weekend after Labour Day. It is Parkinson Canada’s largest fundraising event to support research, services and advocacy efforts for people with Parkinson’s Disease. I have a very personal interest as I was diagnosed with PD in 2006. I am also a retired social worker.  For a first effort, from a fundraising perspective, we appear to be doing well.  As the months have gone by, however, I have realized my idea of “success” has changed. Yes, it still takes money.…

Gooderham History

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My name is Bill Gooderham and I have been seeking an artifact (Verona Honour Roll) featuring names of Verona men who served in WWs I and II, which I am told once hung in the Legion in Verona where my grandfather Robert Gooderham was custodian and lived in an apartment above. The Legion closed in 1980. The plaque/scroll is featured on page 205, in the book "Portland My Home" by William Patterson which is available for sale at the South Frontenac Museum in Hartington. The scroll contains the names of my father and his 4 brothers thus my interest. have searched for this item since I became aware of it around 5 or 6 yrs ago. I recently received info that it was hanging in…

Stolen Flags

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I hope whomever stole the two large flags from the fence on the new Robinson Road in Harrowsmith fly them high and proud! I purchased them and installed them out of respect for Bill Robinson. He was a War Veteran and our former Councillor and much loved in our village. The tiny flag from the flower container was also stolen, but I replaced it. Please think of others who actually were very happy to see the flags on the fence and commented on what a tribute it was to Bill. It takes a special person to steal our nation's symbol from a public space. Friday night activities included theft in Harrowsmith. Brenda Crawford

Re emergency services in Central Frontenac

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My name is Mike Clobridge and I own property on the north shore of Eagle Lake at the Tichborne end. Our property is not accessible by road. In the early morning of July 20 my wife had the misfortune of falling and breaking her hip. We called 911 and within 15 minutes the rescue boat with firefighters and paramedics were at our dock. They were professional and quickly transported her to a waiting ambulance. I am thrilled to know that we have such an efficient group of responders in Central Rrontenac that provide a service that is second to none. I especially want to thank firefighters Brad Quinn and Mark Howes for their kind and gentle approach to the rescue and boat trip to the…

Re - Ubuntu

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I would like to applaud Craig Bakay (author), and Ron Higgins (Mayor) for the article to promote the idea of Ubuntu contributionism. I have been following with great interest, Michael Tellinger, and his Ubuntu movement, and am excited to hear of any news of a town considering to accept the "One Small Town" challenge to implement the Ubuntu philosophy. Those that are quick to dismiss the idea should evaluate the current systems for shelter, warmth & food. Think of tomorrow and more sustainable ways of living. Think about todays problems projected to your greatgreat- grandchildren. Think about the way things are now, and then consider how long things can stay the same. We must consider the: cost of living, national debt, water and air quality,…
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