Re – “Taking Aim”

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Before the last municipal election, I attended an all-candidates meeting at the Storrington Centre.  Two of the candidates commented that now our local MPP, Randy Hillier, was in the elected government, South Frontenac had a better chance of receiving provincial funding for some outstanding projects. When I read in the November 29 edition, “Hillier Taking Aim”, I wondered “Who is Randy Hillier?” First, as a taxpayer, I can write a letter of complaint to the Minister of Environment, Conservation, and Parks.  As an MPP of the party in government, I would have expected that Hillier would have a working relationship with every cabinet minister.  Can’t he arrange to meet with a cabinet minister and have his concerns heard, or does he have to write a…

Re. Hartington Subdivision

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(Editorial note - The letter that was printed in Frontenac News 2018 edition 48, page 3, was missing the final three paragraphs of this letter. This is the original version, as submitted by Terry Grant) Letter Re - Hartington subdivision I am very thankful that this ordeal is finally over and has resulted in a favourable outcome, however, just like our mothers have always told us, ‘it only takes one bad apple to spoil a bunch’ Well I feel like that is what happened in this case. When I was made aware that the decision from the tribunal was in my favour after waiting 18 months, I was very pleased. Countless hours, efforts from so many professionals and business monetary funds were not spent in…

Letter – re parade arrest

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On Nov. 24 a local Sydenham area resident was charged by OPP with impaired driving while participating in the Sydenham Santa Claus Parade.  This information was released by South Frontenac OPP and reported over several days in many media forums. While the charge against the accused cannot be condoned, the reporting and subsequent failure of some media (not Frontenac News) to provide an accurate, unbiased, and balanced description of the incident creates significant concerns.  More importantly, the initial identification of the individual who was arrested was inaccurate and, unfortunately, led to prominent businessman and local citizen, John Trousdale, being identified as the person charged with the offence. To further exacerbate the problem, television broadcasts over 2 consecutive days provided photos of some of John’s businesses,…

Re fire department

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Contrary to Mr. Robert Craigue’s view that the Sharbot Lake Fire Department should be embarrassed by the circumstances attendant to its response to the three fires set by him, it seems instead that it is Mr. Craigue who should be embarrassed, even ashamed, about the event and his own response.  Could it be that some facts are missing?  Craigue says he discovered a fire hotspot the morning after he lit the fires, suggesting that his hotspot smoldered overnight, unattended, possibly as he slept comfortably indoors, obliviously.  Everyone else should relax, too—Craigue offers assurances that he supervised his fire from 100 meters—about a football field away!     Perhaps the concerned citizen who reported the matter to the fire department should be commended, not condemned.  It may be…

Letter re burning

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Relative to your 15/11/18 edition, the comment about a man who had been charged for a team to extinguish a fire that was not a danger, I wish to relay my own concerns about busybody people who use the law as a patsy to harass innocent people. Years ago I started a fire in my back yard at 2pm and by 7pm it was ashed over and not a problem. The combustible area was wet and it had been set after a rain. At 1am, I was awakened by my dog barking and lights flashing and firefighters running all over the property. I pulled my pants on and went out to ask why all the fuss and I was told someone had phoned about a…

Re fire department

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The Sharbot Lake Fire Department embarrasses self by extinguishing 3 small fires in no danger of escape. On October 24 the Sharbot Lake Fire Department responded with the Deputy Fire Chief Jamie Riddell and 3 firefighters and a pumper to 3 small fires on my property on the 509 highway. The day before I took out a permit to burn brush piles as the fire ban was off, the temperature forecast was 3C and no wind. The fires were in the open with no material to burn other than the piles. They burned well and next morning at 7:30am I assessed that 2 were completely out and one had a hot spot. I decided that by replying by hand and using a rake I could…

Re – Transportation in Frontenac County

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Frontenac Transportation Services located in Sharbot Lake are still transporting Frontenac County residents to medical, social appointments and shopping. As per their advertisement in The Frontenac News, South Frontenac Community Services are now responsible for arranging transportation for Seniors and disabled adults that are part of their Community Support Program. All other residents of the County of Frontenac are being serviced by Frontenac Transportation Services. Frontenac Transportation Services use volunteer drivers to take residents from their home to their appointments and then return them home again. To better understand the requirements for transportation in the County we have two surveys available for residence to let us know of their needs. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Rural_Frontenac_Transportation_Survey Our accessible transportation survey is to help us understand the requirements in our County…

Re- Cannabis editorial

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The writer of last weeks cannabis editorial seems to be equating cannabis with candy bars, sugary drinks, gasoline, chips, beer & wine. I actually don't believe in over government in many things. Although I choose to wear a bicycle helmet & always wear my atv helmet,  I don't see why other adults should be forced to if they aren't interested in their own safety. But texting, hand held cell phoning,& hurtling down the highway are examples of things that need to be policed as they hurt & kill others. When people go the the public beach in Sharbot Lake & partake in chips, sugary drinks & the like, they are only hurting themselves. In fact even one beer or glass of wine would hurt no…

This is an open letter to all council candidates and acclaimed council members.

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I was very pleased to read in The Frontenac News that the subject of a re-use centre was brought up at the debate in Mountain Grove. I believe that a re-use centre can be a vital part of the Township's waste reduction strategy. Lanark and Tay Valley counties have vibrant re-use centres which not only save tonnes of re-usable items from the dump but also promote civic responsibility and the reduce, re-use and recycle mindset critical to extending the life of our landfills. Some of you may not be aware that there is a committee of council in place to establish a re-use committee represented on council by Victor Heese. In the Spring of 2015 Victor Heese was approached by a group of residents and…

Re - Doug Ford and Toronto

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Oh goody! It’s so exciting that the Ford Brothers’ multi-ring circus is now Ontario wide and that Doug Ford, continuing the hallowed legacy of his brother, Rob, has extended his big top to cover the whole of the province. This corrects the inequity - namely, that for years, we the people, who happen to live out in the sticks, far from the downtown elites with their enviable access to sporting and cultural events had long been denied this entertainment. Henceforth, we in the boonies will also be able to marvel, as ringmaster, Doug Ford, surrounded by adoring assistants and with whip in confident hand, steps into the spotlight to single-handedly wrestle the monster that is Toronto City Council into submission. Already, this mini-Trump has shown his…

We Must Do Better

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After a long career working nationally and internationally for environmental integrity, human rights, social justice and children's issues, I campaigned in 2014 and won a seat as Councillor in Tay Valley because I wanted to contribute to the local community I love. Initially, our Council functioned well as together with a committed, experienced staff we pursued initiatives to benefit Tay Valley. Recently, though, I have witnessed self-serving deceitful behaviour that I, representing the citizens of Tay Valley, cannot accept. It is this ugliness that leads me to share this letter and has in part led me to not seek re-election. As members of Council, I believe that we have a responsibility to listen to the public’s concerns, respond and accommodate within the law, and play…

Letter – re Tay Valley

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I have been a Councillor in Tay Valley for seventeen years. I have served for three terms from 1998 to 2006 and the for two terms from 2011 until now. This is the first time that I have written a letter to the editor, and I am doing so because I am truly concerned about the level of dialogue in our community.   In the fall of 2017, Council received an allegation of workplace harassment from staff. In accordance with our legal obligations, Council retained an independent investigator who met with all parties, reviewed the evidence and made a finding. He determined that one of our Council members, Judy Farrell, had engaged in harassment. Council then imposed certain requirements on Councillor Farrell that we designed…

Statement from Limestone District School Board Chair Paula Murray

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(Editors note - Last week we ran a column in which LDSB Trustee Mahoney was quoted concerning the attempt he was about to make to take back his seat at a meeting of the Board of Trustees on Wednesday, September 12. As is made clear in the following, he was not permitted to do so. Chair Murray also provides some context as to why the decision to censure Mr. Mahoney was made by the board)   Trustee Mahoney was not permitted to address the Limestone District School Board of Trustees during its regular board meeting on Sept. 12, 2018 due to sanctions barring him from all meetings of the Board until the end of the current term. These sanctions are as a result of multiple…

Re- Limestone School Board

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Thank you for your excellent editorial on Limestone School Board policy for muzzling critics, concealing information from taxpayers and suppressing debate.  It is hard to believe, and equally sad, that some seemingly dictatorial board members are empowered to direct the education of Canadian youth toward leadership roles in a nation with such strong democratic principles.  Board chair Paula Murray’s terse and arrogant response to a citizen inquiry that “majority rule” and the “will of the board” determine the Board’s direction seems more appropriately attributable to an autocratic dictator than to a purported educational leader in Canada.  Government is for all the people, with due regard to the rights of citizens and residents of all communities, large and small.  Murray’s response provides insight into why rural…

re AH Council report

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The September 6, 2018 edition of your newspaper contained a report of a meeting of the Council of the Township of Addington Highlands. Within that report it was noted that "a resident and lake association" were requesting changes to waste site hours of operation. In response to that request from constituents, Deputy-Reeve Yanch said; "There are some people who don't like the word 'no' and haven't liked it since they were five." Disparaging the very people you were elected to represent. How telling. Paul Isaacs
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