Food policy Council on new workplace legislation

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I am writing as Chair of the Food Policy Council for Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington, an independent body consisting of a diverse group of people who live or work in KFL&A area. The Council’s mandate is to work towards the KFL&A's Food Charter's purpose of creating a secure and sustainable food system for our region. We believe that in order to best way to ensure food security for all in KFL&A we must build a system in which everyone has the money they need to be able to access healthy food. To that end, we support the new minimum wage legislation in Ontario, as well as other reforms to workplace legislation. I am attaching the letter we wrote to the provincial Standing Committee on…

Some Silent C&T Opposition

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The Mayor and a group of his friends have banded together to form something called C&T North Frontenac and are pitching the Contribute and Thrive concept to whomever will listen. If we adopt this self-rewarding dogma of Contributing (that is to give a little) in order to Thrive (that is to get a lot) the whole of North Frontenac could be transformed from always being poor to being really really rich.   Twisted volunteerism cannot be preached to long term local residents who built our communities through acts of kindness, giving and sharing. Unlike the new breed, no one expects to thrive, get pay back or get richer from giving. There is no place for selfish motives in volunteering or assisting. The rewards and benefits…

Re - Septic inspection

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To my mind the fundamental block in follow through on the septic re-inspection issue has been the "us vs them" mentality. Either it was one neighbour pointing at another; land-access cottagers vs Island residents; village residents vs lakefront; seasonal vs permanent; or most recently, rich vs poor. The report of the Septic Re-inspection Committee tried to steer the issue away from a pursuit of allegedly delinquent property owners, to a focus upon information-gathering. The Committee members learned that the failure rate in septic systems is typically very low; cooperation in reporting systems is usually very high; and the environmental impact of poorly operating septic systems is negligible in any event when compared to the impact of run-off in extreme weather situations.  Accurate information on septic…

More on Radon

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This was a good discussion of the domestic radon issues but some issues might need some clarification. Radon is all around us, in and outside, resulting in about half of the radiation dose we all receive (medical x-rays excluded). The ambient outside concentration ranges from very little to over 50 becquerels/cubic metre, depending on location and weather. Average is somewhere between 15 and 25. So “no safe level of exposure” may be somewhat misleading; casual exposure to sunlight might be a good analogy. The risk of low level exposure, while very small, is unavoidable. Radon is a radioactive decay product of radium and is the 7th in the element in the 14 uranium decay “chain”. Take away the uranium from soil and rocks, which nature…


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A welcome challenge "outside the box" I came back from Newfoundland in October to find that exciting things have been happening here over the past few months. Thank you for your coverage so far on the "Contribute and Thrive" bundle of projects that North Frontenac Council has been discussing. While I maintain what I trust is common-sense skepticism about some of the ideas, I also applaud the "C&T North Frontenac" group, and Mayor Higgins, for their openness and willingness to think "outside the box." After several decades of experience with various collective attempts to forge different and better ways of living, I realize that many such attempts fail. But some succeed, and there is never success without some failures along the way. Moreover, it's high…

Re - Help after fire

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On October 19 we lost our house to a fire and although it was devastating we were reminded that there are so many good people in this world and how wonderful it is to live in a small community. Some people that we would like to send a HUGE thank-you to are our wonderful fire department and the surrounding fire departments that came to assist. We are so glad to know that the 2 firemen that got injured are o.k. Also to the wonderful strangers who were at the house first. They not only ensured that there was no one in the house but helped with our dogs and held me while I cried. Sorry for the wet shoulders. You know who you are. Angels…

Thank you Meals on Wheels

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We are so fortunate to live in a community where neighbours, friends and even strangers care for the less fortunate among us and help make life a lot easier for the elderly who are not as mobile or energetic as they once were. We are in that Elderly group and we really appreciate the service provided by the Meals on Wheels program. We want to express our sincere thanks ans appreciation to all those who coordinate the program; those who prepare the healthy and bountiful meals, and particularly those friendly volunteers who deliver piping hot meals every Tuesday and Thursday in all kinds of inclement weather. We thank everyone and wish you a merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2018.   Francis Dowdall and…

Re - CF Septic plan

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I am at a loss to understand the thinking of some of our councillors. At the meeting on October 24th regarding the septic inspection issue all of them stated at the time of their introduction to the audience that they were in favour of the proposal. Then they all, except 2 and the mayor, proceeded to speak against the proposal after which they defeated it. Now, according to your newspaper Councillor Dewey had presented a new proposal which seriously weakens the valid principles of the one defeated on the 24th. This one has been accepted as being little better than no proposal at all. In the new plan non RW properties are not obliged to submit evidence of properly operating systems for 10 years. The…

NFLT Canada 150

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NFLT Canada 150 As a tribute to the community ,during 150 celebration, I am collecting and compiling a list of the names of every person that has been involved with our Little Theatre productions from 1979 to present. I have over six hundred names. The names will become part of the archives for the 40th anniversary. They will be also available at our show this weekend. Please send me your names to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have been involved in any capacity with NFLT. Craig Godfrey

Re- Denbigh ambulance

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As a retired registered nurse living in Denbigh, I am writing to tell how important it is to keep the Denbigh ambulance. Working in intensive care as I did. We were instructed by the Doctors the importance of “Door to needle”. That is this -person with Myocardial Infarction (MI) “Heart Attack” was to have an injection of either PPA (“Clotbuster”) or of Streptokinase within minutes of coming through the ER door otherwise, survival, and survival with good life expectancy was severely jeopardized or annihilated. No ambulance in Denbigh? Add up the time for another ambulance to come here and then go to Renfrew Hospital hours but not minutes. Perhaps those councillors as mentioned in the Sept. 21 edition of your paper need to attend a…

Letter re – septics

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While applauding the well intentioned efforts of Terry Kennedy and John Duchene with respect to the septic systems inspection proposal, it would be simplistic and unfair to brand the decision by Central Frontenac Council as a shirking of responsibility.For almost three decades beginning with the downloading of government services under the Mike Harris provincial government, added to cutbacks by the Federal Liberals and Conservatives, municipalities have struggled to foot the bill for things previously funded from provincial and federal sources. This situation was never sustainable. So when a proposal such as mandatory inspection is advocated, Coun. Brent Cameron is right to ask the question, who is going to pay for this? Septic systems are but one of many environmental issues which affect the council. Our…

Building accessibility in Frontenac County

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Access and accessibility are important principles in our world today. A real part of open society, they matter to everyone because we all need to know, to speak, to participate. They also matter very much to families with small children, seniors, and people with disabilities.Large stores and public services have provided effective access for decades because it just makes sense. Around the world many countries and industries work to include populations facing mobility barriers. It’s in this spirit that Canada and its many jurisdictions have recognized and promoted accessibility for more than a decade. This year, once again, Frontenac County’s Accessibility Advisory Committee is recognizing good service to the community with its Celebration of Accessibility Access Awards. Dating from 2013, the awards recognize past or…

Two notes from last week - no High Speed Train and Capsule Comments

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In response to Ken Fisher’s letter in last week’s paper, Via Rail is planning a “designated passenger track” through the Quebec City- Windsor corridor, NOT a high speed train through Sharbot Lake. If you Google “Via Rail designated track” you will find correct information and the reasoning behind this plan. There’s a big difference between these two ideas. Make sure you are opposing (or supporting) the correct one. And I’m pleased to see the return of the pharmacy’s Capsule Comments. Thank you, Matthew, for taking up the torch. And thank you, Jocelyn, for years of helpful advice.

Reid lives in passive abstraction

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Another mailing from MP Scott Reid reveals that he lives in passive abstraction. In September he wrote about electoral reform, a theme he has maintained since his university days. In October, he reports on his constituency referenda – base solely on who responds to him. Great at asking interesting questions, but what does Scott Reid actually do? The really big question of leadership in Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston should address our social and economic future. Many of our municipalities experience a loss of population. A few are wildly expanding. Via Rail has announced the construction of a high-speed rail corridor with stations in Sharbot Lake and Smith Falls. This will happen. When will our riding elect practical leadership that will bring our voices to the decision-making table in…

Water Is Liquid Gold

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I felt a need to respond and share information surrounding the issue of septic system failure and the treatment of our water, or, as I prefer to refer to it as, liquid gold. Droughts that we have been experiencing of late (climate wierding generally) and the near-global trend of having to drill deeper and deeper for water gives reason to initiate different perspectives and strategies for opting out of water-based sanitation systems. Why? The technology pollutes—even from the outset, in newly installed systems. Why are we wasting and abusing our potable, sweet, drinking, water to flush our 'wastes' away? Tell me where this magical place "away" is anyways. Dilution--which is what is occuring with toilets, septic systems and centralised sewage/drinking water systems— is not the…
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