Re: Solomon’s Solution... C’mon

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Thanks to Jeff Green for the informative article on the transportation services funding for our community. Whether you live in SF, CF, or NF, we all know people or have families in all these communities and should want to support ALL in need, equally. I cannot believe that council would even be presented with the option (1) of dropping support to such important services to the people who live in our county. As a tax payer, I for one have no issues with placing 1% of the tax money collected to cover these services provided FOR ALL in our community. To see that since its inception in 2003 to 2017, the FTS (Frontenac Transportation Services) has provided these services within their budget, only then (2017)…

Re – County budget

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I want to congratulate Jeff Green for telling it like it is, regarding the County budget.  I was a County Councilor from 2010 until 2018, and first ran into this notion of subtracting the assessment increase from the levy increase, to get a palatable number for the media to report, a couple of years ago. Before that it was an unknown concept. I actually thought I was failing to understand some basic principle of budgeting, asked about it, and got the explanation detailed by Jeff, that I still can't figure out.  County spending in 2019 is going up in real dollars by 5.2%, and that's all the public really needs to know. I really don't understand why senior management at the County of Frontenac feels they…

Re “Protestors target Sharbot Lake Legion”

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In response to the write up and picture taken at the Sharbot Lake Legion on February 10th, I cannot imagine you were picking a person apart who was doing good for your home town. The man was organising an afternoon of fun, socialising and music. I was there. It was fundraising for the Food Bank and raised $450, plus a very big hamper. This man is a talented player, gospel singer, and country musician. He is also an artist. Craig Bakay took pictures of the entertainers all afternoon. I thought how nice this would be for your community newspaper. How wrong I was. It was disgusting digging up garbage from years back. No-one on this earth is lily-white. I sure heard a lot of buzz…

Hate speech incident in Harrowsmith

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This Family day I had the misfortune of seeing a Harrowsmith resident abuse the owner of the Centex gas station In Harrowsmith. At 61 years old I would be first to admit that I at times am not as politically  correct as I should be. Things that were said and done in years past are no longer acceptable. What I saw was neither acceptable in the past and certainly has no business in any society today. A line was crossed. The "customer" was upset because the owner had explained that his dog could not be allowed in the store. When I walked in I heard " why don't you go back where you came from you f----ing towel head. I was appalled! This couldn't be happening…

Re – New Township Office

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In response to the statement made in David Daski’s letter to the Editor in the February 14, 2019 Vol. 19, No. 6 edition, the Sharbot Lake Medical Centre is currently and has been continuously accepting new patients since July 1, 1971, if you live in our catchment area. Please call the clinic at 613-279-2100 for more information.   Dr. Peter W. Bell, M.D., CCFP Lead Physician Sharbot Lake Medical Centre

New Township Office?

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What is going on here? Has our area suddenly become prosperous, full of jobs and business opportunities? Has Amazon decided to locate its newest fulfillment center to Central Frontenac? Is that why our elected officials need to ramp up spending to accommodate all the new job seekers migrating to our area? I’m thinking it must be so. Frontenac County government, as far as I can tell, is only responsible for running an old folks home in Kingston and an ambulance service that could probably run itself. Its draft budget calls for an 11% increase in council salaries? 10.3% increase in Planning and Development? 7.83% for the old folks home plus maybe more for a support worker and a part time recreationist? What? The Township of…

Re - Sharbot Lake Dentistry

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As we watch our community grow and transition as us baby boomers retire and sell our businesses, it is heartwarming to see a young dentist like Dr. Amir Faizi take over the practice here in Sharbot Lake.  He is bright, caring and a very good dentist.  He has been caring for Alison and I since Dr. Dale sold his practice and we could not be more pleased.  I was around when Dr. Weatherhead moved away many years ago leaving us without a dentist for long time. We are just pleased that it did not happen again when Dr. Dale decided to retire.  Good luck to you Dr. Faizi and staff and thanks for choosing Sharbot Lake. Wayne Robinson

Re - North Frontenac looking at unique family development on Kashwakamak

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I am writing on behalf of the Kashwakamak Lake Association (KLA) Board to set the record straight regarding inaccurate statements attributed to the KLA in your recent article, “North Frontenac looking at unique family development on Kashwakamak” written by Craig Bakay and posted on Wednesday November 28th, 2018.  Your article included a quote that provided incorrect information when it reported, “I know the Kash Association is against four or five families there because of potential congestion,” said Coun. Gerry Martin. This is incorrect. The KLA never said it was opposed to this rezoning application. In fact, we only learned of this request for rezoning on November 22nd from one of our members, one day before Council was set to make a decision. And as the article cited,…

Letter – re vote in AH

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Craig Bakay quotes Addington Highlands Reeve Hogg as saying: “There were about 30 people at the meetings and so you don’t know if that’s representative.” Reeve Hogg, having decided that the cannabis issue required direct consultation with constituents, apparently believes that it is acceptable to then dismiss those of his constituents who came out on cold January evenings, in good faith and at his behest, because he doesn't "know if that's representative". I find it disrespectful to dismiss those who took the time to accede to his request and attend his meetings. Especially so since there was no indication from the Reeve prior to the meetings that a certain number of people would be required before he would deem the meetings to be "representative". Paul Isaacs

Re Canada-China tension

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I applaud X.B. Shen’s eloquently written attempt to conflate any criticism of Communist China with “anti-Chinese” behaviour and then link this to his implied concerns that he will somehow be targeted in a wave of “anti-Chinese sentiment.” He connects this to a very selective and vague list of historical grievances that “China” has against “the West” which somehow justify current PRC activities and throws Trump in there for good measure. In other words, this is a clever piece of emotionally manipulative propaganda or “agitprop.” Shen neglects to mention key facts about the nature of the bullying regime that confronts Canada, its values, and its interests.. One example, among many, is the detention and “re-education” of what the BBC and Human Rights Watch estimate to be…

Re - Tailgating

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Driving in the beautiful Frontenac counties, I cannot believe how many people tailgate. I was behind a car and school bus and the driver of the bus was moving left to right in the lane so he could see the car behind him in the mirror. If you cannot see the mirrors on the bus, or truck in front of you, they can’t see you. The sign on the back of the bus asks you to stay far behind. What is wrong with these drivers today? They put our children (and themselves) at risk for what reason? A few minutes off the time it takes to get home. When I was learning to drive, I was told to pick a spot, let’s say a sign,…

Re reader supported news

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Your appeal for "Reader Supported News" was well timed. We remembered seeing this message in a previous edition and discussing that we should pay for our copy of the Frontenac News (The News). But we did not proceed to do so. In a world of diminishing locally owned and operated newspapers, the News has been an invaluable resource for our family for years. Whether it was local entertainment/community events, information on sports/art/music programs, legal/ business/ health/fitness resources, reports from local township councils, political commentaries (including Jeff's op eds), or the many thoughtful and educational articles on issues that affect our populace, there is something for everyone in this paper. We also look for local business ads in the News when we require services, as it…

Re Canada-China tension

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I agree with X.B.Shens article, especially the part about Canada being a pawn in the US wars against other countries. It was fairly obvious that this was planned to stop our growing friendly trade relationship with China. Please pass this on as I have no way of contacting them. Thanks Eric Asselstine

Dear Mayor Vandewal,

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As you are aware, I’ve just completed 4 years as the appointed Loughborough representative on South Frontenac’s Committee of Adjustment. I believe that opportunity to be a vitally important part of the democratic process in our community and once again, I thank the members of the previous council who gave me the opportunity and my peers on the committee for their support. I have decided not to apply for a second term in spite of the fact I would surely have enjoyed the next four years. Particularly so because of the Township’s recent hirings of a new Director of Development Services, Planner and Planning Assistant who are demonstrating a level of professional competence and commitment to their work that is a delight to see. My…

Re – Hartington subdivision

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The Hartington Community Association (HCA) was formed to pursue public concerns about the quantity and quality of groundwater in the Hartington area. Local residents and farmers are dependent on private wells for drinking water and livestock watering purposes. This fact, together with ongoing problems in well wwater yield experienced by area residents, prompted the HCA to participate in the 2017 public hearing held under the Planning Act in relation to the proposed Hartington subdivision. This hearing was triggered by appeals by the subdivision proponent when Frontenac County failed to make timely decisions on the draft plan of subdivision and proposed re-zoning. The Local Planning Appeal Tribunal’s decision dated November 15, 2018 approved the subdivision, but imposed a number of important conditions intended to safeguard water…
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