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EOWC elects Chair, Vice-Chair and sets priorities for 2018

Written by  |  Wednesday, 17 January 2018 11:11  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
The Eastern Ontario Wardens’ Caucus (EOWC), at its annual inaugural meeting held last week in Kingston, elected Warden Robin Jones as the 2018 Chair and Warden Jennifer Murphy as the 2018 Vice-Chair. Robin Jones is the Warden of the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, and the Mayor of the Village of Westport. Jennifer Murphy is the Warden of the County of Renfrew, and Mayor of the Township of Bonnechere Valley. The role of the Chair and Vice-Chair, elected on an annual basis, is to provide the main point of focus and contact for the Caucus and ensure that the established key priorities move forward. “I am honoured to chair the Eastern Ontario Wardens’ Caucus in 2018, alongside my colleagues, and to advocate for this…

Municipal election watch

Written by  |  Wednesday, 10 January 2018 12:37  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Vandewal, Higgins, and Smith are all running again, Hogg, Doyle, are mulling retirement   Maybe they are gluttons for punishment, or maybe it is the awesome power of the office, or maybe it takes two kicks at the can before fatigue sets in, but all three one term Mayors in Frontenac County have decided, barring anything unforeseen, that they will run again when the municipal election rolls around in October. North Frontenac Mayor Ron Higgins, announced a year ago, half way though his mandate, that he intended to seek a second term, and he confirmed that decision this week. South Frontenac Mayor Ron Vandewal made his decision over Christmas, with a little help from his wife Nancy. “I had been saying I’m 50-50 on it…

KFLA Public Health turns its attention to radon

Written by  |  Wednesday, 13 December 2017 12:12  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Kieran Moore, the Medical Officer of Health For Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington, is concerned about radon gas, seeing it as a major public health risk. Radon is an odourless, colourless gas that that is produced by the decay of uranium found in rocks, soil and water. Buildings that are constructed on substrates with high concentrations of radon can create a draw for the gas, which seeps in, and can concentrate in the ground floor, and especially in basements. It does note readily migrate to the upper floors of houses, and is most prevalent in basements, but can be circulated through houses through heating and air-conditioning systems. It is a major causal factor in the development of lung cancer, having been shown to be responsible…

Parades in high gear on a mild Saturday

Written by  |  Saturday, 02 December 2017 13:49  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
These bucket drummers were representing Rural Frontenac Community Services, youth division at the Santa Claus Parade in Sharbot Lake on Saturday afternoon,. The mild weather meant there was not snow, but no frozen fingers either. There were parades in Northrbook, Harrowsmith on Saturday morning, the Sharbot Lake Parade at 1pm and the Denbigh Parade in the evening (6pm). On Sunday, the Tichborne to Parham parade is set for 1pm as well.

The Frontenac Gazette falls victim to corporate swap, shuts down

Written by  |  Wednesday, 29 November 2017 13:14  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
The Frontenac Gazette (and its sister publication, the Kingston Heritage) ceased publication Monday as corporate media giants Postmedia and Torstar completed a deal to swap newspapers and subsequently close the vast majority of them down.Staff at The Gazette/Heritage were called to a meeting Monday morning and told they had until noon to clean out their desks. Torstar, through its Metroland Media wing, traded both papers along with eight community papers in the Ottawa area, the St. Lawrence News, three in the Belleville area and 10 other publications to Postmedia in exchange for eight community publications, seven dailies and two free dailies. Postmedia will continue to publish one of its acquisitions. Torstar will continue to publish four of the dailies. The Kingston Heritage started publication in…

Country Music by Joey Wright

Written by  |  Thursday, 23 November 2017 08:26  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Country Music by Joey Wright review by Martina Field It was a relatively warm early November evening (Nov. 12) when the Cardinal Cafe started to fill with people in anticipation of Elphin resident Joey Wright’s CD release concert. The ambiance was set by the lovely candle-lit room, which made the atmosphere of the renovated church/cafe even more warm and relaxed. Joey’s new album is called Country Music and on that night, except for a couple of tunes from his earlier albums, and two of Jenny Whiteley’s, he played mostly from it. Wright’s last solo album ‘Hatch’ was a break with tradition from his first two, which were mostly fast paced blue/new grass instrumental records. In Country Music, this departure continues. In fact, the only instrumental…

Council trims 2018 draft county budget, just a hair

Written by  |  Wednesday, 22 November 2017 14:22  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
If 2018 Frontenac County budget were a head of hair, and county council a barber, no one would notice the haircut that was administered last week. The draft budget set the requisition to the Frontenac Townships at $9.775 million and after a snip of $12,400 dollars the final budget trims that figure to $9.763 million. Either way the number rounds off to $9.8 million. In percentage terms the requisition increase now sits at 4.4%, down from 4.5%. Each of the four townships will combine their share of county costs with the amount that they are charged by the Ministry of Education. The County levy in 2017 was $9.35 million. When they met last week, (November 5) some members of Council had greater ambitions for cuts,…
Budget article update - Wednesday 6:00 pm (At their meeting today, Frontenac County Council considered proposals which would have brought their 2018 budget levy down by up to $150,000, but in the end only managed to make the most superficial of cuts to the document. But pity the poor foster kids! A 6,000 expenditure to support a scholarship program for foster children in Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington, was cut from the budget. The impact of the cut was to lower the budget levy by 0.06%. The only other change to the budget that was made by council was to remove another $6,400 from taxation by cutting almost half of the budget for a parking lot restoration project at the county offiuce/Fairmount Home complex. All…

The Tree of Hope

Written by  |  Wednesday, 08 November 2017 17:58  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
The Tree of Hope – one of the oldest holiday appeals in Southeastern Ontario – begins in Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington November 20. The campaign is expected to help 900 kids with toys, food, clothing and other items.The Tree of Hope is the annual Holiday appeal of Family and Children's Services of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington – a 123 year old Children’s Aid Society. The Agency has been running holiday appeals every December for most of its existence. This year, the campaign will feature two “official” permanent Trees of Hope – young evergreen trees planted outside at the Agency’s 817 Division Street office in Kingston and 99 Advance Avenue office in Napanee. Both will be dedicated in special public evening ceremonies – Saturday, November…

A Canadian Sailor Remembers The Cuban Missile Crisis

Written by  |  Wednesday, 08 November 2017 17:46  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
In October of 1962, a U.S. U-2 flight photographed a construction site at San Cristobal in western Cuba. The CIA’s Photographic Interpretation Center identified Soviet made SS-4 intermediate range missiles on the site, the kind of missiles the U.S.S.R. used to deliver nuclear warheads.On Oct. 22, at 7 p.m. EDT, U.S. President John F. Kennedy went on nationwide television announcing the discovery of the missiles, as well as “quarantine” of all offensive military equipment under shipment to Cuba. Since the quarantine was to take place in international waters, Kennedy needed the approval of the Organization of American States and before the speech, Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker was briefed by a U.S. delegation. According to Wikipedia, Diefenbaker was “supportive of the U.S. position.”While no Canadian…

Logan Murray in Tamworth

Written by  |  Wednesday, 08 November 2017 17:44  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
On November 18th Logan Murray returns to the Tamworth Legion Hall to perform a night of original songs with his band The Handsome Liars. Murray took over the Tamworth Legion last fall, throwing a party to celebrate the release of his most recent record 'Ninety Five Acres' and packed the place with folks looking to boogie. It was a great night of music and a real medley of genres as Murray and his bands jumped from song to song touching on the blues, rock and roll, and folk. 'Ninety Five Acres' is a collection of 10 original songs that Murray wrote and recorded at his home studio in Elm Tree. The tunes reflect Murray's unique character and often manifest as humorous and original observations of…
As part of a province-wide speaking tour, individuals representing the Labrador Land Protectors – a group who are trying to stop the threat posed to a number of Indigenous nations by a massive hydro project at Muskrat Falls, Labrador – will speak at a free public presentation on Wednesday, November 22 at St. Paul’s United Church, 25 Gore Street West, at 7 pm. Organized by the Ontario Muskrat Solidarity Committee and supported locally by Lanark Neighbours for Truth and Reconciliation, the evening will discuss the issues surrounding the $12.7 billion project, which is backed by over $9 billion in federal loan guarantees even though it has doubled from its original price, and will likely cost even more if completed. A significant concern is whether the…

Fraud investigation leads to charges for an Ottawa couple

Written by  |  Wednesday, 08 November 2017 17:16  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
(NORTH FRONTENAC TOWNSHIP, ON) - On October 31st, 2017, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Frontenac/ Sharbot Lake charged an Ottawa couple with fraud. The investigation revealed that from August 2013 to March 2016, the couple defrauded victims of nearly $100 000.00 in total. Gipse Julio Ricardo VILLAS, age 67 commonly known as Guilio VILLAS and his wife Jessica Louise VILLAS, age 41both of Ottawa ON, have been charged with 2 counts each of Fraud Over $5 000.00.The couple committed the frauds by utilizing alleged political connections to influence, engage and establish trust with t he victims. The VILLAS' would pose as persons with positions of high authority in order to defraud victims of large amounts of cash.The VILLAS' were released on a Promise to Appear to…

A new program to help sustain lake health in The Land Between!

Written by  |  Wednesday, 08 November 2017 15:52  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
The Land Between charity in partnership with Watersheds Canada (makers of the Love your Lake program) are piloting the new Blue Lake ecolabel program for Cottage Country! It is poised to be the gold standard in lake stewardship. The Land Between has spent 7 years in developing and testing a new interactive database that combines water quality data, with fisheries information, and shoreline development data. This new database can also accommodate Love Your Lake data and other data sets and it is able to receive and instantly process new data entered from lake stewards, landowners, anglers and biologists. The database can already assess trends, highlight issues, and also be used for research. For example, we have been able to test and highlight shifts in lake…

What’s Up in the Night Sky? November 2017

Written by  |  Wednesday, 08 November 2017 15:49  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
I am endlessly fascinated by Black Holes! The idea that the supernova death of a massive star collapsing in on its self can have enough gravity to stop anything, including light, from leaving it is truly astounding. Actually a small amount of radiation, called Hawking radiation escapes. When the Universe reaches a point where no more matter is being sucked into Black Holes, this radiation will cause the dissipation and real disappearance of Black Holes. Of course, this will take an almost infinite length of time and is a subject on its own for a future column. Effectively we cannot see a Black Hole. Matter from the star is compressed into an incredibly tiny space by its own gravity. Einstein describes in his theories that…
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