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Perth Festival of the Maples Celebrates 41st Year: April 29th

Written by  |  Wednesday, 19 April 2017 13:32  |  Published in Lanark County
The annual Perth Festival of the Maples has been a welcome rite of spring since 1976. As the festival celebrates its 41st anniversary, maple syrup producers, business vendors, entertainers, visitors and local residents alike recognize the yearly Maple Festival as a giant ‘coming out’ party. Winter is over, and it’s time to head outdoors to meet long-shuttered neighbours and friends at last. What better way to celebrate, than with our region’s most famous agricultural commodity – sweet, savoury maple syrup. What better place to hold the festivities, but in Lanark County – the ‘Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario’.   Mr. Vic Lemieux of Perth spearheaded the original Festival of the Maples back in the early 70’s in an attempt to get people out of their…

Pollinators, People And Pesticides

Written by  |  Thursday, 06 April 2017 10:10  |  Published in Lanark County
The Friends of Lanark County and the National Farmers Union Local Chapter present "Pollinators, People And Pesticides", a speaking event that will interest members of the community who care about the pollinator crisis and human environmental health in general. Speakers will explore the effects and consequences of pesticide use (including roadside spraying) on human and pollinator health. With Margaret (Meg) Sears Ph. D., Chair and lead scientist for Prevent Cancer Now, will speak about the environmental and health impacts of toxins including pesticides in our environment. Vicki Wojcik Ph.D., from the Pollinator Partnership - the largest organization in the world exclusively dedicated to saving pollinators, will speak about new and emerging pollinator issues including the plight of our bees and the monarch butterfly. Thursday April…

Whiteley up for Juno #3 with The Original Jenny Whiteley

Written by  |  Wednesday, 29 March 2017 14:34  |  Published in Lanark County
Every couple of years, Elphin’s Jenny Whiteley seemed to put out a record. They were all different, all expressions of the things she was thinking about, the music she was making at the time. Then, after her fifth solo record, she stopped releasing records. She did not stop making music or even recording some music, but did not release a record for several years. “I never planned to stop putting out records just as I never really planned any part of my musical carreer,” she said this week over the phone as she was preparing to enter a clothing store in an outlet mall in Kanata in search of suitable clothes to wear to the Juno Gala this weekend. After shopping she was headed to…

Bird Auction Cancelled Due to Infectious Disease

Written by  |  Wednesday, 08 March 2017 12:19  |  Published in Lanark County
The McDonalds Cornere Agricultural Society has cancelled its spring poultry auction, which was set for this Saturday, due to an advisory issued through OMAFRA and the Feather Board Command Centre concerning poultry Infectious Laryngotraceitism ILT. ILT is an acute herpes viral respiratory tract infection of chickens and pheasants that may result in severe production losses. Losses occur due to excessive mortality, decreased growth rates and decreased egg production. The Ag Society says it will hold the auction after the advisory is lifted.

"Out of the Woods" February Art Exhibition at MERA

Written by  |  Wednesday, 25 January 2017 14:29  |  Published in Lanark County
Three well-known and beloved local artists have come together and created an exhibition in Dean Hall at MERA for the month of February. Come at meet these delighted people on Sunday. February 5th at 2 PM Here is what these talented artists have to say about themselves and the chosen medium they use for their work (in alphabetical order): Ankaret Dean:"Living in beautiful Lanark Highlands surrounded by trees, I was drawn to their individual shapes and characteristics. Using materials found in the woods and various basketry techniques, these wall pieces represent both realistic and abstract images of trees. This is a new venture for me."  Rosemary Kotze:"I love working with wool, I love the feel of the fleece, and I love seeing it and feeling…

Seed Swap at MERA

Written by  |  Wednesday, 25 January 2017 11:29  |  Published in Lanark County
Free garden seeds! Free garden advice! What a great way to spend a winter Saturday morning! For the sixth year in a row, the McDonald’s Corners Farmers’ Market invites you to bring seeds and friends to our annual Seed Swap – and take home different seeds and new friendships. Come join us on Saturday, February 27th, 10 am to 1 pm, at the MERA Schoolhouse. Here’s what we’ll be doing: Sharing seeds. Bring seeds - the ones you saved from last year's garden or the left-overs (commercial or saved) that you didn't plant. Bring containers (small bottles or envelopes, plus labels and markers) for the new-to-you seeds that you’ll take home. Our focus is vegetable seeds, but we share herb and flower seeds as well.…

Lanark Master Gardeners – Planning for Spring

Written by  |  Wednesday, 25 January 2017 11:21  |  Published in Lanark County
Although gardening season seems to be far into the future, it is not too early to make plans for ‘the best garden ever” Seed catalogues have arrived, with photos of sumptuous vegetables, gorgeous blooms and delicious fruit. Seed catalogues are a wealth of information. Browsing through these can take hours. You may have your favourite varieties that you have grown for years or you may be new to choosing seeds. Stick with kinds of veg that you know your family will eat. Most catalogues will recommend ‘tried and true’ varieties and they will be a safe bet. “Award of merit’ varieties are also reliable. Catalogues offer you dozens of options as to size, shape and colour. For many years, I have also added at least…

Have you misplaced your pig?

Written by  |  Wednesday, 30 November 2016 16:51  |  Published in Lanark County
(Township of Lanark Highlands, ON) – On the afternoon of Friday 25th November 2016, officers from the Lanark County Detachment of The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) were despatched to the 2nd Concession of Dalhousie. Township of Lanark Highlands, after a resident reported a large sow wandering and feeding around his property for three days. The pig appeared friendly and co-operative and voluntarily surrendered into OPP custody. Temporary, safe accommodation was established at a local farm. The officers were immediately sensible to the likelihood of the story “going viral” and initiated checks of all straw, stick and brick houses in the area. No next of kin was established. Investigators are withholding further descriptors of the animal so that ownership claims can be tested and assessed. People…

“An 1816 Christmas” – Tay Valley Choir’s Christmas Concert!

Written by  |  Wednesday, 30 November 2016 15:19  |  Published in Lanark County
The Tay Valley Community Choir is pleased to once again stage a Christmas concert, this year titled An 1816 Christmas to help celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the founding of Tay Valley Township. The Choir has selected a series of songs for everyone to enjoy, ranging from some that the settlers of long ago might have sung to help them through “the bleak mid-winter,” to modern-day arrangements that spread joy around the hearth.  “For this concert our choir will be even larger than last year’s,” says conductor Rebecca Worden. “Get ready for a big holiday sound that will reach out and embrace you! Also come ready to sing along with favourites for this time of year. We're really looking forward to a beautiful evening in…

Willow workshops at MERA

Written by  |  Wednesday, 19 October 2016 21:33  |  Published in Lanark County
From October 15 to 17, Lene Rasmussen, a master basketmaker from Wainfleet, Ont., gave two workshops on weaving with natural, unprocessed willow at the MERA (McDonalds Corners/Elphin Recreation and Arts) schoolhouse in McDonalds Corners. Rasmussen taught a two-day workshop on making a willow purse/handbag on Saturday and Sunday, and a one-day workshop to make garden globes on Monday. She grew all the willow that was used in the workshops and the participants were especially excited by the range of colors that were available for them to incorporate into their baskets. No dyes were used; the colors are all natural and come from the different varieties of willow. For many of the students it was their first ever attempt at making a willow basket and it…

Jim Bryson at McDonalds Corners with Melwood Cutlery

Written by  |  Wednesday, 05 October 2016 22:21  |  Published in Lanark County
Jim Bryson is an acclaimed Canadian singer/songwriter who has toured and recorded with many other top-drawer Canadian artists such as Kathleen Edwards, Oh Susanna, the Weakerthans, and even the now legendary Tragically Hip. He has recorded five albums of his own and has traveled around the country and beyond playing music for years. So, you would think a Festival of Small Halls show at the Agricultural Hall in McDonalds Corners on Sept. 30 would be a minor event on his calendar. That was not the case, however, for a couple of reasons. For one thing, Jim Bryson, like all performers, draws on the energy of the crowd, and the audience last Friday was drawn into the groove he created from the songs on his latest…

Storytelling performance at Fieldwork:

Written by  |  Wednesday, 28 September 2016 23:57  |  Published in Lanark County
The four storytellers that performed at Fieldwork in Mabery last Saturday, thought carefully about which story to bring. Earlier in the year Fieldwork and 2 women productions from Ottawa walked the land and felt the history of both the land and the people. They brought four magnificent stories to enchant their audience with. Storytelling is one of the oldest crafts of humankind, a transmitter of history and wisdom. It can be a friendly reminder of values and morals or a roadmap to overcoming obstacles and reaching one’s goals. The stories we heard spoke of living close to the land when life was simpler yet more difficult, when it took all of a person’s strength and wit to stay alive and magic was accepted, respected and…

MERA presents Miller and MacDonald Oct 30

Written by  |  Wednesday, 28 September 2016 23:50  |  Published in Lanark County
Cape Breton fiddler Anita MacDonald and piper Ben Miller make a musically explosive combination which might just be the next big thing from that storied island. Their four-piece band, which includes Tyson Chen on piano and Zakk Cormier on guitar, will be coming to MERA in McDonalds Corners on Sunday October 30 for an evening concert and afternoon workshops for musicians interested in learning Cape Breton styles. MERA is fortunate to be able to present this up-and-coming group who are bringing Scottish Gaelic musical tradition into the twenty-first century with respect, energy and a delightful stage presence. The Sunday, Oct 30 program at MERA is as follows: 2 - 4 pm: Workshops for interested musicians (cost: $30/person) - Fiddle and pipe tune playing, Cape Breton…

Festival of Small Halls – Breabach in Maberly

Written by  |  Wednesday, 21 September 2016 16:10  |  Published in Lanark County
On September 18, Maberly Hall hosted an afternoon of music as part of the Festival of Small Halls, which started on September 14 and runs until October 2. The festival was inspired by the spirit of small hall festivals in PEI and Australia and is now in its third year. It has grown from three shows in 2014 to 24 venues and over 35 artists this year. Top-rate performers like Breabach, Elliot BROOD, Jim Bryson, Devin Cuddy Band, and Sherman Downy will take a break from the big stages and perform in small towns from Pembroke to Maxville to Gananoque, thus fulfilling the organizers’ vision of bringing Big Music to Little Places. Sunday was no exception and fantastic performances were brought to the audience by…

JDN Center for Children, Perth

Written by  |  Thursday, 15 September 2016 00:39  |  Published in Lanark County
New local service for kids with ADHD and Autism Amanda Neadow, standing with her sons Jason and Dawson, opened the JDN Center for Children in Perth on September 10. The center will provide ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) Therapy and parent coaching support to children diagnosed with ADHD, Autism and Cognitive Deficit Disorders. Neadow is originally from the Sharbot Lake area. When her two sons were diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Neadow did extensive research “to understand what ADHD was, how to treat it and how to ensure that my boys would be successful” She did a lot of it on her own. “We used the sources that the school offered, but the majority of sources and support we used was based on our…
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