Letters: August 8/13

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Central Frontenac Widens Road On July 30, the Central Frontenac township grader spent over an hour on the road that passes through our property. This road ends in a locked gate. The township also put 6 dump truck loads of gravel on this road, then they spent another 1/2 hour grading it again. In the end, they spent over 3 hours working on a road that goes nowhere that the public can go. In the process, they knocked down one of our fence posts and widened this road that has no road allowance, therefore confiscating more of our property. It's funny how inconsiderate people are allowed to drive over our lawn, cut down our trees and widen a road on our property, a road that is included in our deed and that we have paid property…

Letters: August 1/13

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To North Frontenac taxpayers It is with great frustration that I write this letter to the editor. A meeting was held this past Monday night and a motion was passed to go ahead with a green energy program that will invest your property tax money into solar panels. At our July 2 meeting this motion was voted down and the green energy program was put to rest. Then out of nowhere, I find this matter back on an agenda for a special unplanned meeting on Monday, July 29. Yes, it is important to find an alternative energy to help conserve, but to have it come out of the taxpayers’ pocket is where my objections begin. To suggest that a community, where the majority of the taxpayers are senior citizens, should invest in a program…

Letters: July 25/13

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Absence equals defeat When you protest an activity such as a council meeting by not attending, the words you would have said are not heard. The lessons you would have given are not learned. Protesting with your absence gives everyone who attends permission to do whatever they want to do and utterly defeats whatever point you had wished to make. David Bate

Letters: July 18/13

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Litter can be deadly to wildlife A few weeks ago my wife saw a water snake with a plastic ring around it. Yesterday we captured it and cut the ring off. It was a ring from a child's cap gun and the snake probably would have died. Teach your children not to litter please. John St. Aubin and Cindy Benoit Re: cottage rentals on Big Clear Lake (Central Frontenac Council report, July 11) After reading Theresa Smith's comments during last week’s council meeting, and a reply from one council member, Tom Dewey. I live here; I see weekend to weekend, week to week, day to day. Throughout the entire year. Sometimes the renters coming in are as nice as anyone you could meet. Sometimes, it's lock…

Letters: July 11/13

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Taxes and Tory Politicians As reported in the Frontenac News (North Frontenac Council, July 4, 2013), at the last North Frontenac Council meeting, Councillors Gerry Martin, Lonnie Watkins, and Deputy Mayor Fred Perry decided that Progressive Conservative politics were more important than giving north Frontenac ratepayers a break on their taxes. In voting down a solar panel project which would have given the municipality a return of 7% on its investment, these politicians followed the Tory party line which says that solar and wind power has been and will be responsible for hydro rate increases. However, just because it's in the Tory Party Platform does not mean that it is true. In fact, according to the Ontario Energy Board, nuclear power has been responsible for 45%…

Letters: July 4/13

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Kudos to Prince Charles Prince Charles Public School in Verona is where my children attend school. I took my eldest child for a tour prior to his school year starting three years ago and I was greeted with a big smile and positive energy from all of the staff. At the time of my short visit and a kindergarten open house I felt a warm welcome from all. I only know a handful of teachers personally, but I wanted to let all the staff know how much their hard efforts are valued. We have come in contact with some of the most passionate, caring, enthusiastic and devoted teachers I have ever crossed paths with. For example, our kindergarten teacher is the most gentle, caring teacher…

Letters: June 27/13

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Re: NF residents reject Council: No – I did not misread the title in the Frontenac News report (NF residents reject Council proposals at public meeting). The fact is that at that meeting NF residents just rejected the Council. Imagine a township that invites us all to a public meeting to discuss three critical township issues and only sixty people bother to show up. Better still, imagine the mayor being unable to whip up enough interest in his own council to get all of them to bother to waste their time and show up. The mayor proved he could not sell free ice cream cones to a kindergarten class when he stood before us and extolled the virtues of his three losing propositions. Why? It…

Letters: June 20/13

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Winter snow plowing on Road 38 Really? Mr Richardson it cost $14,000 in labour and $16,000 the year before. Seems you would not lie. I'm sure you just forgot to add the cost of fuel, the cost of break downs, the cost of the parts, mechanic to repair the truck and the regular maintenance costs. Not to mention the cost for the half ton truck that we all saw follow the plow truck up and down the road all winter. So Mr. Richardson when you just ballpark all of those costs together it's quite clear the true cost would have easily been double. As for the service on the roads, with Rd. 38  included it was nothing to be proud of or even comparable to years before. I'm also…

Letters: June 6/13

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Re: Ambulance Service Cuts! I'm writing this letter after experiencing another frustrating day at work. I've worked as a paramedic for Frontenac County for the past eight years. I was born and raised, and continue to live in Central Frontenac. Having this personal connection to the area poses some challenges in my field of work; I often treat friends, neighbours, and family members in times of illness and injury. But it's this connection that makes me very passionate about my job and our ambulance service. As a resident and a tax payer, I am very concerned about the layoffs of four paramedics and the loss of an ambulance in the City of Kingston. Despite what our county warden says, this will have a very negative…

Letters: June 13/13

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Time for Stephen Harper to walk the walk "At worst, he [Jean Chretien] personally ordered it done and chose the people who executed the plan. At the very least, he fostered an attitude within the party..., chose the managers of the people who committed these crimes and completely and utterly failed to exercise any oversight, supervision or leadership. In the end, it doesn’t really matter where [his] actions or lack of them fall on that scale. He is the leader and a leader is responsible for the actions of the people he leads. If he had a right or honourable bone in his body, he’d admit that and resign immediately." - Stephen Harper, during the Gomery investigation. Senators Wallin, Duffy and Brazeau were personally selected…

Letters: May 30/13

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Re: Councilor Accuses Warden of Influence Peddling After reading the Frontenac News last week, I was wondering when the county became a dictatorship, and if I missed something, or is it just the warden doing whatever she wants to suit her own agenda? I mean – come on – wanting to take action against those who do not support you or vote against you? I thought we lived in a democratic society where votes counted and mattered and people were free to vote without the fear of being punished. This latest episode by our warden only strengthens my opinion that the warden is a disgrace to the Office of Warden and Mayor of Central Frontenac and should resign from both offices while she has some…

Letters: May 23/13

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Re: Scott Reid asks, "What do YOU think?" It appears from the above question that Mr. Reid believes that his constituents can think. He then goes on to ask for a response to the following questions: Yes! Dangerous offenders should stay locked up. No! Dangerous offenders should be reformed and released quickly. These questions are clearly designed for people who do not think at all. The available evidence, therefore, indicates that, in fact, Mr. Reid does not believe that his constituents can think. Worse yet, the questions have dropped all reference to the fact that the "dangerous offenders" that Mr. Reid is referring to are people who have the extreme misfortune to be mentally ill. How sad and depressing it is to see that Mr.…

Letters: May 16/13

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Ambulance Cuts When I first heard that they were cutting an ambulance and paramedics in Kingston, I was amazed that given the increases in calls from an aging population they would cut frontline services. What I didn't realize was how, here in Central Frontenac, it would affect us directly. I think a lot of people here still don't. When Kingston's ambulances are all busy, first Sydenham's ambulance , then our Parham ambulance must go to Kingston - not necessarily to answer a call in Kingston, but to wait on standby in case an ambulance is required within the city. As a result of this standby coverage for the city, we here go without an ambulance available, often for hours. Already, before the cuts have taken…

Letters: May 9/13

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Ambulance Cuts I have recently returned to the area after wintering in Peterborough with my mother. We made the difficult decision to winter away due to some health concerns she had, and she was taken by ambulance to hospital twice while we were there. After a couple of close calls due to a medication reaction, she was rebuilding her strength and looking forward to enjoying her semi-retirement at her beloved O’Reilly Lake this summer. Anyone who knew Marg understands that full retirement was not in the cards for her! Sadly, she only survived two days into her return home. She experienced an episode of respiratory distress, and while she has managed in the past to make it through these events and come back stronger with…

Letters: May 2/13

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Ambulance Cuts Frontenac County Council owes an apology to our Paramedics. A video of their presentation to council against the proposal to cut an ambulance is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyBvVvFMfwU Janet Gutowski interrupts the paramedic making the presentation to remind her of the 15-minute time limit even though the video very clearly shows that she had been speaking for just over nine minutes. She was interrupted a second time even though she spoke for 12.5 minutes total. Seeing the flat expressions all around the table and knowing glances being passed between some councillors, would lead anyone to believe that they had their minds made up going in and were merely humouring the paramedics’ union - and doing a very poor job of it. The fact that they…

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