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Written by  Kip Van Kempen Wednesday, 19 April 2017 14:40
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I wanted to personally thank you and your reporter Craig for the excellent job covering my presentation before North Frontenac Council .

It is a shame that regular communication between our elected officials and residents is almost non-existent. The Mayor’s last message is only found on their website dated June 2016.

The township in its entirety is so small in terms of numbers there is no excuse when you consider: Only 5,000 registered voters. Only 940 actual year round homes. Only 2381 Cottages.

In the last election just over 300 votes in a single ward was sufficient to win the seat for one of the councillors.

My personal survey garnered 85 responses which was a terrific return on the few emailed surveys I sent using my personal listing of emails. The responses to the individual survey questions was overwhelming. It begs the question where does Council feel there was public support for these expenditures ? Who did they seek input from ?

To suggest there will be no impact on the tax payers from the project at the township office is simply not true as the Township will continue to have mortgage and interest payments for many years to come. Just where does this money come from ? It is misleading to suggest taxpayers are not impacted now and into the future.

North Frontenac has built an infrastructure, complete with its new digs and staffing that could easily accommodate and handle a township or group of townships many times larger than the very small numbers within North Frontenac.

I am certainly going to promote to fellow cottagers to view your publication on line as it is the only reliable communication we receive.

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