Letters: May 2/13

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Ambulance Cuts Frontenac County Council owes an apology to our Paramedics. A video of their presentation to council against the proposal to cut an ambulance is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyBvVvFMfwU Janet Gutowski interrupts the paramedic making the presentation to remind her of the 15-minute time limit even though the video very clearly shows that she had been speaking for just over nine minutes. She was interrupted a second time even though she spoke for 12.5 minutes total. Seeing the flat expressions all around the table and knowing glances being passed between some councillors, would lead anyone to believe that they had their minds made up going in and were merely humouring the paramedics’ union - and doing a very poor job of it. The fact that they…

Letters: Apr 25/13

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Conservative Ad welcomes Mr. Trudeau I think the ad that is running welcoming Mr. Trudeau is an outrage. Last week, Mr. Harper was saying that we need to put an end to bullying. He might want to stop engaging in insulting, irrelevant and bullying behaviour himself. Shame on Mr. Harper and his party for lowering the political conversation in this country to new levels. They are making Canada a far worse place when they should be making use of the opportunities offered to them to make it better. We expect everyone in our communities, whether young or old, to be respectful of those they work with, play with and otherwise interact with. We expect at least that much from those who are our representatives in…

Letters: Apr 18/13

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  More Don Quixote than Crusader: (Re: John McEwen: Basement Crusader, March 14, 2013) South Frontenac’s Chief Building Official Brian Gass’s comment that "in accordance with 9.13.2 a Building Official is to look in the excavation for evidence of a high water table or hydrostatic conditions; if none are observed then dampproofing of basement foundation walls is permitted" is utter and complete nonsense. There is no mention of ''water tables" or any mention of having to "observe" them in the statute. It appears that even the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing’s manager, Mr. Gryffyn (long in denial), has finally accepted this fact. There is only: '' (I) Required Waterproofing: Where hydrostatic conditions occur, floors on ground and exterior surfaces of walls below ground level shall…

Letters: Apr 11/13

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Letter to Central Frontenac Township Re: outside door at the community centre at Arden. Unable to come closed tightly properly. Mr. Dewey – You told me the night of March 19 at the card game that the door would be fixed by March 26, 2013 which there is proof of your saying. To date this has never been done. Sorry Tom Dewey. You have forced me to take action on this matter, whether it will do any good. This door has been this way for approximately two years. To me, this is the responsibility of the Township of Central Frontenac and not our caretaker. If the outside door of your house did not work properly, would you not have it fixed? Also – County Road…

Letters: Apr 4/13

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Re: "Frontenac County Council on the brink" Normally, I find myself agreeing with your assessment of County of Frontenac proceedings, but your reflection in the "Frontenac County Council on the brink" editorial on March 28 is not my perception of the County's budget-setting process. The budget process is a time that the County's Procedural Policy directs Council to fulfill its role "to ensure the accountability and transparency of the operations of the County, including the activities of the senior management of the County". It is also one of the times that we "develop and evaluate the policies and programs of the County". The County budget, totaling over 40 million dollars and a staff of 400, includes the operation of Fairmount Home and the Paramedics Services for the…

Letters: Mar 28/13

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A Matter of Neighbors Next door to me live an exceptional couple I have known for over two decades who have received no thanks or recognition. There once lived an elderly man down the road and a elderly woman across from me, guess who cut their lawns and assisted their living needs? She did. Guess who looked after their mechanical /automotive needs? He did. We came on the scene and had four children. One day we had to postpone the grocery shopping because of a minor matter until next day. My children told them there was no food. That was an exaggeration but guess who a few hours later bought and left a pile of groceries on the porch? She did. There have been times…

Letters: November 19

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Artden Should Be First in Line for 2010 Budget, Patrick Maloney Re: KFL&A Public Health Unit & Septic Inspections, Gary Evans Memory Lane, Sydenham, Joannne Ankers Arden Should Be First in Line for 210 Budget The quote from Mayor Gutowski at the end of your article about the Arden refurbishment delegation (Central Frontenac Council, Nov.12/09) pretty much sums up the absurd disconnect that we are battling. Arden is dying the death of a thousand cuts. First the railway, then the school, then the seat of local government, then the roads department, then the last store and the ongoing neglect by the new amalgamated township as upgrades go first to Sharbot Lake then dribble out everywhere else, but not to Arden and Kennebec. “A new road…

Letters: November 12, 2009

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Re: Bear Shock, Diane Cuddy Re: Bear Shock, Sarah Sproule Memory Lane, Sydenham, Joannne Ankers Re: Bear Shock, Marcie Webster Re: Bear Shock, Margaret Fewer First Alarm: Ticks, Mel Good Re: “Bear Shock”, Frontenac News, Nov. 5/09 I agree that the blatant display of large hanging dead animals is quite repulsive and unnecessary. I have no issues with hunters taking a few animals for subsistence but to kill them for a supposed good time is disgusting. In this day and age when wildlife has so many difficulties facing it (habitat loss and fragmentation, a burgeoning human population, climate change and so on), it really makes little sense to go out and shoot animals for a “hobby”. Hunting has significantly changed from the pioneer days when…

Letters: November 5, 2009

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NIHI (No Internet Highspeed Insight), Ed Nowicki Lions Vision Screening, Bill Robinson Bear Shock, Andrea Dickinson Re:  Letter “Patriot Missiles”, Chantell Nixon NIHI (No Internet Highspeed Insight) I can understand why North Frontenac wants out. South Frontenac keeps getting all the improvements in most all situations. High speed internet has been dangled in front of us internet users for years now and we are still being left out.  If the latest promise from Barrett Xplore and Actionable Intelligence is to placate Arden and Kennebec Lake users with cheap satellite service (Highly Discounted), why not have satellite everywhere? The reason for going wireless was that satellite service was inferior and unstable as quoted in many public meetings, articles and township promises. The service will be as predictable…
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