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Written by  Glenn Mcinnes Wednesday, 14 February 2018 11:06
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I commend you for your initiative in reaching out to your ardent readers.

My wife is a HUGE supporter of yours and is giving the equivalent of the cost of a subscription.

I hope you can also make your seasonal readers aware of your initiative in the spring. We come to our second home most weekends through the winter, and are not seasonal residents, so we get to read The Frontenac News all year round.

I trust Canada Post doesn’t consider your newspaper a flyer because we’re about to ask them not to put flyers in our postal box because they stop putting your newspaper in the box if it gets full after a couple of weeks.Which leads me to the thought that by becoming a Patron we receive email notification of each issue’s publication, which is not unlike the online subscription model I have with the Guardian, NYT and New Yorker. Perhaps your next Reader supported news editorial could feature this benefit to seasonal residents?

When I arrive at our home on Sand Lake, the very first thing I do is sit down and read The Frontenac News we’ve just picked up from our mailbox in Plevna.

Glenn Mcinnes

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