Leaders share their vision for the future of Storrington

Written by  |  Wednesday, 05 September 2018 11:30  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
Two men in South Frontenac are standing up and fighting for change. Ron Sleeth and Norm Roberts, two Storrington District Councillors who were recently acclaimed to a second term with South Frontenac Township Council, are ready to push hard for improvements and upgrades in their community.  “We like to think people are happy and satisfied with the representation we gave them,” says Sleeth, 74, a lifelong resident of Battersea. “We’d like to thank the residents of Storrington District for their confidence in us these past four years and for the next four years. We intend to work hard.” Speaking in late August 2018, Sleeth and Roberts say they have enjoyed working with the mayor and the rest of council over the past four years. They…

Sydenham woman among those fighting Ontario wildfires for MNR-F

Written by  |  Wednesday, 29 August 2018 10:04  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
Miranda Given picked the right summer to seek a job as a forest firefighter if she wanted to be out in the bush a lot, and also have to do a lot of heavy lifting and carrying, which fortunately suits her really well She talked to the News over the phone this week from Sydenham while on a two day break after 8 days fighting fires. A couple of times this summer she has worked 19 days in a row as the season literally heated up. The Sydenham resident spent the winter in Guatemala and Mexico after doing a degree in Biology, with a minor in Global development, and is headed to California for a 31/2 year program in Chiropractic medicine. She said that a…

At Mapleridge Farms – It’s all about everything

Written by  |  Wednesday, 29 August 2018 10:03  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
Becky Williams and Mark McCrady enjoy their summers. Becky no longer goes out to work in the corporate world and Mark is a grade 8 teacher at Loughborough Public School, so they both get to spend time at home with nothing much to do except tend to their animals, grow some flowers, and make some improvements to the 90 acre farm property that they purchased 8 years ago. The thing is, however, the approach they have taken to farming is labour intensive, and requires constant innovation and adjustment, so there isn’t a lot, or any, time to lounge around. They raise purebred Berkshire pigs for meat, which is not that uncommon among the artisanal farm community, but the breed of cattle they raise, Dexter, is.…

Frontenac Cyclone Bantam Select softball team brings home silver

Written by  |  Wednesday, 29 August 2018 10:02  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
At the Ontario Select Softball Tournament Association tournament in Brantford the Frontenac bantam girls went 5-1-1 over the weekend of Aug 18-19. In their own group pool, they beat teams from Barrie and Innerkip, and tied Waterloo. They then went on to beat Sudbury 12-6 on Sunday morning to advance to quarter finals, where they scored 6 runs in their last at bat to beat Whitby 12-7. In the semi final game they once again came from behind scoring 5 runs in the top Of the 7 inning to beat Topham park 11-10. Unfortunately they were unable to keep the momentum going in their 4th straight game, losing to Brampton 11-6 in the gold medal game. The team consists of 15-16 year old girls from…

Food Less Traveled joins with Open Farms InFrontenac

Written by  |  Wednesday, 22 August 2018 12:32  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
Only a store like Food Less Traveled/Local Family Farms, the store that Kim Perry runs in Verona, would fit in as one of the stops on a tour of farms in South Frontenac. The store is not only an outlet for many growers in Frontenac and the surrounding region, it is also tightly connected to the Perry-Anjou Farm in the Harrowsmith-Yarker area. The Perry family farm supplies the store with most of its grass fed beef, pork, chickens and turkeys, and Kim and Dave Perry’s kids work in the store and on the farm interchangeably. The ten year old store was one of the host sites at the Canada 150 South Frontenac Tour last year, and at the Open Farms InFrontenac event, set for September…

Kyle Ainslie golden in U-23 Fastball worlds

Written by  |  Wednesday, 22 August 2018 12:32  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
Inverary’s Kyle Ainslie is a key member of the Cobourg Bulls Softball team’s pitching staff, and helped the team amass a remarkable record in play this season. They won the Ontario Provincial championship without taking a loss in the entire tournament. Kyle and fellow pitcher Clayton Robinson, are core members of the team. They each had very high strikeout to hit ratios, and yielded few runs all year. The team played in July and August with heavy hearts. In early July, shortly before the Ontario championships, where the top three teams would qualify for the national championships, team coach Chris Bell, died suddenly. “We dedicated the rest of the season to Chris Bell,” said Kyle. The team played flawlessly at the provincial championships in Grafton,…

Election issues in South Frontenac not cut and dried yet

Written by  |  Wednesday, 22 August 2018 12:32  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
The 2018 Ontario Municipal elections are still two months away (Oct. 22), and while some residents face no election at all because of acclamation (almost all of North Frontenac, public school supporters in Central Frontenac’s Oso District), there are still some races of note shaping up in Frontenac County. The most important of these is the mayoralty race in South Frontenac, where incumbent Ron Vandewal is being challenged by Coun. Mark Schjerning and former federal Liberal candidate Phil Archambault for top seat in the County’s most populous Township. The Frontenac News asked the candidates what they see as the issues this time around and what they intend to do about them. Ron Vandewal said he doesn’t see any huge “issues” at all, other than the…

Verona Car Show founder 'still part of it'

Written by  |  Wednesday, 15 August 2018 10:32  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
Back in 1995, the economic picture in Verona wasn’t quite what many thought it could be. “We’d lost the GM dealership and some stores,” said Ed Asselstine. That’s when he and fellow antique car enthusiast Larry Teal got an idea. “We thought we should be doing something to promote the area,” Asselstine said. “That’s when I said to Larry ‘I think we could do a car show.’” And so, they did. Asselstine said they had 54 cars on display that year and it was held at the public school for its first 10 years. In subsequent years, it began to outgrow the schoolyard and moved to McMullen Park (5-6 years). It outgrew that venue too, with about 180 vehicles on display. Now, in its 23rd…

Verona celebrates summer with free afternoon lunch and music

Written by  |  Wednesday, 08 August 2018 10:31  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
It seems the Verona Community Association just can’t not let summer pass without some sort of get-together. This year, it was Verona Celebrates Summer in the Village, last Sunday at the Lions Hall complex. The food was free (hot dogs, ice cream and vegetarian pizza donated by Gino’s in Harrowsmith), as was the music (The KingsTown Tenors). “Last year, we had the ecumenical service,” said co-organizer Linda Bates. “This is the first year we’ve done this. “We like to do something.” Bates said they used to do Music in the Park at McMullen Beach, but felt they needed a bigger space. “We needed more room for the barbecue, the train and crafts,” she said. “By having the barbecue out here, all the mess stays outside…

Art in the Sawmill returns to Verona for sixth year

Written by  |  Wednesday, 08 August 2018 10:31  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
Since 2013, Verona’s Art in the Sawmill has hosted an eclectic summer show of quilters, crafters, image-makers and artists, and this year was no exception. From the jewelry of Carolyn Boyle and Bill Anderson to the animal depictions of Lisa Ferguson and Katie Ohlke (loved the bear), there was a wide range of visual interpretations on display last Saturday and Sunday in the old converted mill house. One of the more intriguing entries this year is newcomer Elaine Farragher, whose acrylic landscapes often feature scenes of the K & P Trail, many featuring water. But as interesting as her above-water scenes are, perhaps her most fascinating works are those that take place below the water’s surface, featuring what’s going on with the area’s fish population.…

Works manager confident major projects will be done by Labour Day

Written by  |  Wednesday, 08 August 2018 10:30  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
Public Works Manager Mark Segsworth said he’s confident the Township’s three major projects for this summer will be completed by Labour Day. Segsworth was responding to a question from Coun. Mark Schjerning at South Frontenac Council’s regular meeting Tuesday night (the only Council meeting scheduled for August). Segsworth said asphalt is scheduled for this week and next on the Harrowsmith intersection, Harrowsmith-Rutledge Road and Bedford Road projects. “Weather permitting we should have everything completed, including the line painting, by Labour Day,” Segsworth said. “This has been a stifling hot summer and I can’t say enough about how well our staff has done in it. “There’s not much chance you can go full out in this heat but we’ve got everything done, including a few of…

Ken Garret Park needs your bottles

Written by  |  Wednesday, 08 August 2018 10:29  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
The Inverary Youth Activities Group, which runs Ken Garrett Park in Inverary, has run into an unexpected financial snag this year, and is hoping to cover a shortfall through a fundraising drive. Registration fees, earnings from the canteen, and sponsorship revenue usually cover the annual maintenance costs to run the park. But there are a number of one time capital costs that have come up this year, including the need for a new fridge, fencing costs, repair of field nets and new foul ball nets. But the largest costs was for a replacement mowing machine. “With ten acres to maintain, and a mower that could no longer be counted on, we had to look for a new one. We got a good deal on one,…

Fantasy in the Forest once again in a class by itself as art shows go

Written by  |  Wednesday, 25 July 2018 13:28  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
When the Fantasy in the Forest Art Show and Sale began, there were six artists. This year, the show’s 24th season, that’s grown to 63 exhibitors in 57 booths. They’ve even grown to the point where they can provide space to some charities such as Sheba’s Haven, a lady raising money for school children in Nepal and school construction in Haiti. It’s a two-day show on Draper Road west of Perth Road Village and on Sunday morning, founder, king and fellow exhibitor Jamie Brick almost welcomed the dark clouds off in the distance. “Yesterday (Saturday) was so overwhelming with people, parking and traffic,” Brick said. “When it’s all over, I’ll be happy again and ready to do it all over next year.” He wasn’t sure…

Garden tour shows off what can grow in South Frontenac

Written by  |  Wednesday, 25 July 2018 13:27  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
There are quite a number of amazing gardens in South Frontenac so when Southern Frontenac Community Services decided to host a tour of said gardens as a fundraiser for its seniors programs, it should come as no surprise that they decided to split the Township into four distinct regions to increase the number of gardens they could feature. “This is the first time we’ve done this and we decided to make it a four-year program,” said Nona Mariotte, past board chair. “This year we’re featuring the Southeast Quadrant, which includes a couple of locations that are technically in the City of Kingston but that’s OK because we service them too. “Everything north of the 401.” The tour is not a competition but it’s hard to…

Community rallies for summer festival in Sydenham

Written by  |  Wednesday, 18 July 2018 13:06  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
John Neven knows movement is medicine. Standing with his bike at the second annual Lakes and Trails Festival in Sydenham last week, the 70-year-old smiles after cycling 21kms. “The ride was excellent,” says the Sharbot Lake man after eating his third ice cream cone post-race. “The scenery was fantastic. I didn’t realize the lake was so big.” Neven, along with dozens of other cyclists, biked around Sydenham Lake as part of a grassroots event to highlight the area’s remarkable lakes, trails and history. The bike tour (four distances in total) was held in conjunction with a paddle, walking tour, concert and lunch; all free at Point Park in the morning and Mill Street in the afternoon. Lead organizer Ross Sutherland, Sydenham District Councillor with South…

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