Garden tour starting small, but has broader ambitions

Written by  |  Wednesday, 11 July 2018 12:33  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
A tour of some of the most distinctive gardens in the southeast region of South Frontenac is taking place on Sunday, July 22, from 10:30am to 2:30pm. Nona Marriotti, a garden lover and former chair of the board of Southern Frontenac Community Services (SFCS), came up with the idea for the tour because she loves gardens and knows that many of her neighbours in the Perth Road/Inverary vicinity are avid gardeners as well. She also wanted to plan an event that would benefit SFCS. She reached out to the local gardening community and as a result has come up with a seven-garden tour that includes locations in the Spooner Road area of North Kingston, as well as Inverary, Sunbury, Perth Road and a location in…

Sydenham Siblings Team Up for Success

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Sydenham Lake Canoe Club participated in their first regatta of the season at the Gananoque Canoe Club on Saturday, July 7. Sisters Kiera, age 9, and Charlotte Wilson, age 6, achieved podium success early in the season, competing in the U13 kayaking category. Kiera Wilson received Gold in her K2, Silver in C15 and K1; Charlotte Wilson received Gold in K2, Silver in C15 and a 5th in K1; Twins Mathieu and Nicholas Symons received Gold in K2; Nicholas received Silver in K1; Clare Swinton received Silver in K1 and Jessica Moscrop received a 6th in K1. SLCC is proud of all of these paddlers and look forward to seeing further success at the upcoming Carleton Place regatta.

Grief is the price we pay for love

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It’s a fine line that separates pain and happiness. Michael Trautrimas knows it intimately from walking it every day. “Sometimes time feels like it has flown-by. Other times, it feels like it has stood still,” says the 45-year-old man sadly, one-month before the second anniversary of a tragic car accident that claimed the life of his wife and six-year-old son, Owen. For many, the accident is a wound that has yet to heal. Rounding a corner on Battersea Road near Sunbury on July 27, 2016, Michael’s wife, Brenda, 38, and two sons, collided with a truck. His eldest son, Ayden, was the lone survivor in the family van. Michael’s eyes water talking about the accident that changed his life. To cope, he’s never asked for…

Harrowsmith Intersection $400,000 over budget

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Public Works Manager Mark Segsworth came to council requesting a reallocation of $400,000 to fund project overruns for the Harrowsmith Intersection. He recommended moving $300,000 from the Green Bay Culvert Project and $100,000 from the Sydenham Dam Project to accomplish this. The Harrowsmith project was designed by AECOM Engineering and awarded to Morven Construction in June 2017. The approved project budget was $1,700,000. Current total project costs (expenditures and commitments) are $2,100,000. Segsworth attributes most of the project overrun to poor design work by AECOM as well as additional costs outside the design contract related to removal of the house at the corner of Ottawa Street and Wilton Road, and unanticipated clean-up of contaminated soil from that site. The design flaws included inaccurate grading, poor…

Level 1 fire ban in South Frontenac

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Please be advised that effective July 3, 2018 there is a Level 1 burning ban in effect in all four districts of South Frontenac. A level “1” fire ban prohibits all open air burning except for camp fires and cooking fires. Residents are reminded to follow burning restrictions set out in By-law 2012-68. For further details on the current burning provisions, please consult our By-law on our website at or South Frontenac Fire and Rescue at 613-376-3027, Ext. 2234. Any infraction of this by-law will result in significant financial penalties. Your cooperation in protecting our citizens and property is sincerely appreciated. Darcy Knott, Fire Chief South Frontenac Fire and Rescue

Lakes and Trails Festival 2018: Event Schedule Released

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The list of events for the 2018 Lakes and Trails Festival, held in Sydenham, South Frontenac, on July 14, has been released. The Festival this year will run from 9:30a.m. to 4p.m. Additions to the Festival include more events for children, and live music in the Point Park and on Mill Street, Sydenham. The “Around the Lake” bike (21k, 32k and 44k loops), the historic walk of Sydenham, numerous paddling opportunities on the Lake, and a free community lunch will continue as part of the festival. The Lakes and Trails Festival is a community event to celebrate the area’s natural beauty, active lifestyle, and history. Everyone, from everywhere, is welcome to join us. Around 400 people attended last year’s activities. More information on the festival…

Volunteer Drivers needed in South Frontenac

Written by  |  Wednesday, 04 July 2018 12:22  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
The demand keeps growing! Southern Frontenac Community Services Corporation (SFCSC) in Sydenham is in need of additional volunteer drivers to take seniors to medical appointments, programs at the Grace Centre, and more. Volunteers can choose to drive as frequently as they like and are paid a per-kilometre reimbursement. “The population in South Frontenac is growing,” says SFCSC Executive Director David Townsend, “especially in the number of seniors. As fewer of them are able to drive, and have an increasing number of medical appointments, the demand for transportation is growing rapidly. It’s hard to keep up.” Heather Rogers is the Volunteer Coordinator at SFCSC. She says that the pool of volunteer drivers currently on her roster is not enough to fill the demand. Rogers adds, “In…

Softball and waterslides at LPS

Written by  |  Wednesday, 27 June 2018 12:12  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
Remember public school in that awful endless last week of June? Steaming hot classrooms, courses and exams finished, teachers and children counting the days, longing for the freedom of summer? Long ago, the Sydenham Public School principal not only taught grades 6,7 and 8, but he was also the local softball umpire. Umpiring was his real job, the one he loved, the one that defined his role in the community. So for the last three years of public school, we mostly played ball that final week. Which was fine if you were good at softball, but not all of us were. Occasionally a few perennial outfielders would slide into the bushes that surrounded the schoolyard, scramble over the fence, and run down through the cow…

Yoga adds years to life and life to years

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Yoga teaches you how to listen to your body. That was the message at a yoga retreat in Sydenham last weekend hosted by Liz Huntly and her husband Roland Jensch, owners of yoga studio 330 in Kingston. Speaking from her family’s historic 13-acre farmhouse on Stage Coach Road as dozens of guests enjoyed yoga in the barn and yard, Liz says, “It’s a good way to stay fit.” Named the Groove Yoga Gathering, the retreat has attracted 100-200 people annually since its inception in 2015. It is described as a small, intimate festival with a range of classes from beginner to advanced. Visitors travel from as far as Toronto and Ottawa for the classes, many of which offer live music and locally & internationally recognized…

SF Museum opening — stone houses, knitted socks and a pair of old skates

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The South Frontenac Museum in Hartington officially opened its doors for the season Saturday as part of the Doors Open Ontario program. New to the museum this year is a presentation of 62 old stone houses in the area by David Jeffries, which is a project of the newly-formed South Frontenac Heritage Committee. And Doug Lovegrove’s little military history corner is also undergoing some changes. “We’re moving out some of the Second World War stuff in favour of the 146th Overseas Battalion (the First World War unit formed in this area,” he said. “We’ve also got some stuff about life in the trenches such as the knitting program whereby people on the home front would knit socks for the soldiers. “Sometimes, they could go through…

South Frontenac Council

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Neighbourhood Speeding Concerns: No Easy AnswerChris Wilcox, Jevon Austin and Philippe Archambault, all of Silverwood Drive in Storrington District, made what has become an annual trip to Council to express concerns for the safety of their children which they feel is threatened by the fast driving of local residents along their road. (Silverwood leads from Round Lake Road to Loughborough Lake.) None of them professed to have an answer to the problem: in the past, a temporary speed hump seemed to help, but their road does not meet the criteria set by Council for combined volume and speed of traffic. Other possibilities discussed included lowering the speed limit or having a sign giving a read-out of current speeds, which flashes when the limit is exceeded.…

South Frontenac volunteers of the year

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Mary-Jo DowkerMary-Jo Dowker is well-known in Verona, especially in the softball community, having been involved for 11 years, most as convenor. This is a time-consuming role that begins long before the softball season, usually in January or February, and continues until Fall. As convenor, Mary-Jo liaises with and represents Verona at the Frontenac County Minor Softball Association. She takes care of all the registration, recruiting of coaches, equipment and uniform maintenance, purchasing and organization. She also does all the scheduling for Verona/Hartington Softball and coordinates with the Frontenac County Minor Softball Association and the InterCommunity Softball Association to avoid conflicts.   Mary-Jo organizes umpires through the Limestone Umpire Association, acts as the treasurer and fundraises too! Field maintenance, washrooms and clubhouse are all taken care…

Verona Lions ATV Poker Run and Show

Written by  |  Wednesday, 20 June 2018 13:47  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
Verona Lions would like you to save the date Saturday, July 7th as they are hosting their first ATV Poker Run and Show at the Verona Lions Centre, 4504 Verona Sand Road. The show and run will open at 10:30am to the general public with a vendor’s midway showcasing the latest offerings from your favourite ATV manufacturers as well as other outdoor products. The Lions Canteen will be open for duration of the show serving their famous Lions burgers, fries and more. Whether you come to see the latest ATV’s in the vendor’s midway or to have some lunch or even ride the poker run, they’ll be looking forward to seeing you there. The poker run registration will take place from 10:30am to 12:30pm and…

New Leaf Link marks it 10th anniversary

Written by  |  Wednesday, 13 June 2018 12:45  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
New Leaf Link (NeLL) was set up to serve a growing number of developmentally disabled young adults in South Frontenac. After graduating from Sydenham High School, where there was and still is an excellent school to community program, there was nothing in the township for the graduates. At the time, Dr. Karin Steiner, New Leaf Link’s Executive Director, was looking to continue her work as an autism educator and to find a program to benefit her son Nicolas, who has autism. In its initial press release, New Leaf Link set out some principles, which make interesting reading after ten years. “We aim to steward the occupational, cultural, and social contributions of disabled participants by a) creating a model educational centre; b) linking the strengths and…

Kings Town Tenors back in Bellrock for return engagement

Written by  |  Wednesday, 13 June 2018 12:44  |  Published in SOUTH FRONTENAC
“We had so much fun last year, we just had to come back,” said Jack Francis, aka The Happy Chef, who along with Tim Torgersen and Danny Young fronts the Kings Town Tenors. The singing threesome was backed by Tony Negus on keyboards and acoustic guitar, Chris Petersen on bass, Brandon Amey on guitar and newcomer Gary Barratt on drums. After a lengthy discussion on which colour fedoras to wear (they went with the tan, same as last year), the Tenors took the stage for a 36-song, two-hour set. Included were covers of five Beatles tunes, three Creedence Clearwater Revivals, three Leonard Cohens, a couple of Bee Gees, two James Taylor and a top 10 list of 60s/70s pop-rock tunes including Never Been to Spain,…

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