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Written by  Wednesday, 20 June 2018 13:48
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Neighbourhood Speeding Concerns: No Easy Answer
Chris Wilcox, Jevon Austin and Philippe Archambault, all of Silverwood Drive in Storrington District, made what has become an annual trip to Council to express concerns for the safety of their children which they feel is threatened by the fast driving of local residents along their road. (Silverwood leads from Round Lake Road to Loughborough Lake.) None of them professed to have an answer to the problem: in the past, a temporary speed hump seemed to help, but their road does not meet the criteria set by Council for combined volume and speed of traffic. Other possibilities discussed included lowering the speed limit or having a sign giving a read-out of current speeds, which flashes when the limit is exceeded. They offered to raise money as a community to help cover the cost of a flashing sign. Mayor Vandewal said the Township receives many similar requests every year, but has neither the resources nor the enforcement capacity to deal with them all. Segsworth joined the group after their presentation to share statistics collected recently in an assessment of traffic on Silverwood.

Desert Lake Causeway Culverts
Council confirmed that the culverts on the Desert Lake Causeway would be replaced with similar sized culverts subject to Conservation approvals. This closes the discussion of whether the waterway between Desert Lake and Holleford Lake should be made fully navigable by installing a bridge. “The Desert Lake Causeway budget does not contemplate a bridge.”

Building Inspector Appointed
Brent Hewlett, who began with the Building department in March, has now completed his ministry credentials, and is officially appointed as South Frontenac’s Building Inspector.

Bellrock Community Hall
The Bellrock Community Group was appointed a Committee of Council, with Councillor McDougal as their Council representative. This means the hall and its activities will be covered by the Township’s liability insurance.

Cooper Rezoning Application, Bedford
After Councillor Barr and Deputy Mayor Revill viewed the property on Fairhaven Lane/Badour Road, Revill reported that there appeared to be a housing envelope, and recommended the rezoning be approved, but only if the owner can present a septic system design for the low-lying property that the Public Health Unit is willing to accept.

Grace Under Pressure
Councillor Sleeth commended Building Department Admin Assistant Peggy Spafford for her ability to remain calm and polite recently while trying to help a very angry, unpleasant resident.

Planner Mills’ Last Meeting
Mayor Vandewal acknowledged Planner Lindsay Mills’ last official meeting before his retirement at the end of June by presenting Mills with his name plate. When asked about his retirement plans, Mills said he’ll think about that later; for now he’s concentrating on getting his desk work all finished in the next two weeks.

Public Works Update
Public Works Manager Segsworth reported that the Bedford Road and the Harrowsmith Corner projects are both coming along well, but may not meet the July 1st completion deadlines. However, he listed completion of the Perth Road Firehall and the Storrington Center upgrade in what must be the heaviest year of projects in a long time. Still to come: surface treatment of Westport Road and the Sydenham-Harrowsmith stretch.

Grand Opening of Perth Road Fire Hall
Firemen from across the Township are inviting the public to the official opening of the Perth Road Fire Hall this Saturday, June 23, from 9-1. There’ll be games for the children, and a BBQ for all.

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