SF Council hears about food production; hires new fire chief

Written by  Wednesday, 04 April 2018 11:30
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Mayor Vandewal introduced the meeting with a minute’s silence in remembrance of former Mayor Gary Davison.

Hockey success celebrated

The hall was packed with supporters of two area hockey teams who were congratulated by Mayor and Council for their successful seasons: the Girls’ Fury team and the Boys’ Atom Team (which appeared to include at least three girls…)

Fire chief appointed

South Frontenac’s new Fire Chief was appointed: Darcy Knott will officially begin his duties May 1st.

CFDC report on food production

Anne Prichard, Executive Director of Frontenac CFDC reported on a study she had completed on behalf of South Frontenac Township and Frontenac County to determine how best to support food producers and processors in the Township. Her very thorough report addressed commercial kitchen space, food processors, and food producers (farmers). One major facility need the producers identified was an abattoir, as well as conveniently located freezer and refrigerator space. Both processors and producers identified a lack of time as one of their greatest barriers to growing their businesses.

Prichard identified a number of ways in which her agency was addressing some of the identified concerns, including providing information, connections, and start-up funding. The County and CFDC both are working to increase marketing support. She suggested the township might work towards facilitating the planning and building processes, through clear communication of development requirements, timelines and costs. Prichard emphasized that most applicants have minimal experience with the development process, and may not be familiar with the technical terms.

Council agreed that an accommodation review and strategy for growth report recommending priority actions and activities (due in early May) could be done by the Development Services Committee, rather than setting up a new committee.

Training committee members

A motion to support a training day for members of the Committee of Adjustment was unanimous. Planner Mills will arrange a date for this.

MNR unresponsive thus far

Councillor McDougall expressed disappointment that the MNR had not responded yet to concerns about Johnson Point’s wildlife: CAO Orr said he was in the process of coordinating dates for a meeting with the MNR.

Main Street revitalization

The Province has allocated South Frontenac $54,000 for ‘Main Street Revitalization’, to be spent by 2020. Staff have been looking at ways to leverage these funds in terms of economic development resources. The money is to be used for ‘strategic municipal infrastructure’ such as; signage, streetscaping and landscape improvements, business attraction and promotion events. It’s not a lot of money, considering there are several villages in the Township, but it is worth keeping in mind, especially in Battersea, Inverary, Sydenham, Harrowsmith and Verona.

New County build

Councillor Sleeth said that any new Frontenac County Building being built should be located within the County itself. (The current building, Fairmount, is on property owned by the County, but it was located in Kingston Township and since amalgamation is in the City of Kingston.)

Storrington Centre upgrade

Sleeth also said work was underway on the Storrington Centre upgrade, and praised Facilities Supervisor Jamie Brash for his work in facilitating the project.


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