“It Used to be Called Mud Lake”

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Jeff Peters was one of six members of the Inverary Lake Residents Association who spoke passionately of the need to protect a small shallow lake just south of the Round Lake Road, near Inverary. Their concern is focussed on an application by a Mr Beech, acting on behalf of a numbered company, to divide a 52.8 acre lot which runs from Round Lake Road to Inverary Lake. The severance would create a new 15 acre lot with house fronting on the road, and retain the vacant 37.8 acre parcel, which has 1,424 feet of shoreline, and a private access lane called Sweetfern Lane. Because of the steep nature of the land on the north side of the lake, there is s special requirement that any structure have a minimum 40 metre setback from the shoreline.

The Lake Association members’ concern is that this severance would open the way for any future property owner to apply for three to five shoreline severances. Their argument is that the lake is already heavily loaded with phosphates and is borderline eutrophic (having an excess of nutrients with resultant heavy plant and algal growth leading to oxygen depletion). Or, as Peters put it, “It’s beautiful in the spring, but pea soup by midsummer.” Like the rest of the speakers, Peters referred to the Township’s Official Plan, which speaks of preserving the environmental quality and enhancing the rural nature of the Township.

They listed several studies which address the extreme fragility of Inverary Lake, which is part of the Collins creek watershed area. Later in the meeting, when the question of approving Beech’s application was called, Councillor Revill said that although he could see the residents’ concerns, “Unfortunately we have an obligation to follow through.” (ie, nothing of the current application to sever off the top portion of the property is in any direct way threatening the lake or adding more than the potential for one additional residence.) Councillor Sutherland brought a motion to defer a decision so that the planner could address the residents’ questions and concerns. A recorded vote passed the motion to defer. (Barr, McDougal, Revill and Vandewal were opposed.) Appointment of Deputy Clerk Confirmed Applause followed Council’s appointment of Angela Maddocks to the position of Deputy Clerk. CAO Orr, in recommending the appointment, noted that Maddocks has been with the Township for many years, and is well qualified to expand her role and range of responsibilities.

Lindsay Mills will continue in his existing role as Planner and Deputy Clerk for planning matters, and the job of Executive Assistant will remain vacant during the transition and will be assessed at a later time. Snow Removal Council approved Mark Segsworth’s recommendations for awarding snow removal contracts, except for Burridge and Bradshaw firehalls, which came in at much higher rates. They, along with the cemeteries, which have no budget allocation for 2018, will be cleared by Township staff, with the cemeteries being treated as a non-priority.

Frontenac Arena

It’s anticipated that the 41 year old Frontenac Arena floor will soon need replacement; probably by 2021, at an anticipated cost of between $700,000 and 1,000,000. South Frontenac is responsible for 59% of the arena Board’s levy: CAO Orr outlined several options Council could follow to prepare for the expense. These will be discussed on budget planning day. For now, Council passed a motion to commit to funding its share of the cost for the Arena floor when the time comes. In Brief: Percy Snider’s application to revise his site plan to include a further equipment shed on his Lambert Road property was approved. Allan & Partners LLP were appointed as Township auditors for the years 2018-2022. funds were reallocated from roadside maintenance, hardtop maintenance and signage to cover an overage of $99,637 for loose top maintenance. A five-year contract for provision of legal services was awarded to Cunningham Swan who have served the Township since 1998, and who continue to offer the least expensive services.

Wayne Orr reported that the current building official has returned to Kingston, and Shawn Merriman of Central Frontenac was appointed to provide interim services. Appointments to the newly-formed Heritage Committee were announced. Brad Barbeau will be the Council representative, and community members are: Pat Barr, Linda Caird, Michael Gemmill, David Jeffries, Wilma Kenny and Mark Millar.

Budget Day is Coming!

Council has set aside Saturday November 18, beginning at 8:00 am (!) to chew its way through planning the 2018 budget. The meeting is open to the public, a unique way to spend your Saturday.

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