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New, less confusing namefor Rural Frontenac Community Services

Written by  |  Wednesday, 23 August 2017 14:16  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
For many summers now, Northern Frontenac Community Services (NFCS) has invited the community to a barbecue at Oso Beach. It’s generally been a low-key affair, designed to foster community spirit and spend an enjoyable afternoon featuring some local entertainment. It draws a crowd every year, and this year was no exception, as over 300 parents and senior’s lined up for a chicken and fresh corn dinner from Cota’s Mobile catering while kids played games and ate watermelon that was being offered up by NFCS staff. This year’s affair had a little twist — NFCS is now RFCS, Rural Frontenac Community Services. And they chose the barbecue to unveil a banner and introduce the new name to the public.“Northern Frontenac Community Services will continue to be…

Theatre camp performs original musical at RFCS annual barbecue

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For the first time ever, and as a Canada 150 project, North Frontenac Little Theatre held a theatre camp this summer. All they really needed was a place to perform.“Louise (Moody) said ‘why not piggyback onto our barbecue’ and we said ‘sure,’” said artistic director Brian Robertson, who organized the camp with help from Andrea Dickenson.Thirteen students participated in two weeks of three-hour afternoons as part of the theatre camp, Robertson said.And of course, once you’ve done all that rehearsing, you want a place to perform. “So, I ‘borrowed’ a number of different stories floating around and localized them,” Robertson said.The result was Way Back in Oso Township (& Kennebec), which ostensibly tells a tale of pioneer life in the area. (The scenes featuring the…

“Neverending story” on Mayor’s plans just won’t seem to go away

Written by  |  Wednesday, 16 August 2017 13:57  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
It appears that much of North Frontenac Council has heard enough about Mayor Ron Higgins innovative and imaginative theories about how the Township might evolve. However, when the topic arose from Business Arising Out of the Minutes at last Friday’s regular Council meeting in Ompah, it also appeared at least one councilor still had a few things to say.First, to recap, the Mayor has been researching some contemporary technologies (on his own, not as head of Council) which he believes can be successfully adapted to North Frontenac. He presented some of these three meetings ago when Council met in Calabogie. Since that meeting represented considerable mileage, The Frontenac News contacted the Mayor about the meeting and during the course of the interview, a story emerged…

Community Archives committee has been busy lately

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The last little while has been a busy time for the Clarendon & Miller Community Archives (CMCA), Coordinator Brenda Martin told North Frontenac Council last week at its regular meeting in Ompah. The CMCA is planning an open house Aug. 30 from 1-4 p.m. at the Plevna Library to update the public on its activities as well as say goodbye to its student workers who have put in many hours on its various projects. “The Historic Tours of North Frontenac is very exciting,” Martin said. “I guarantee you will learn a lot about this Township you did not know before.” She said that mostly through the summer students, the entire CMA website has been revised and updated, a virtual tour planned and enhanced hundreds of…

North Frontenac shows off its essential services

Written by  |  Wednesday, 26 July 2017 16:04  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
“This is where your tax money goes to,” said North Frontenac Mayor Ron Higgins at the 2017 Essential Services Fair last Saturday at the Ompah Rest Stop. The idea was to get representatives of the various essential services in one place — police, fire, conservation authorities, public health, community services, etc — to show the public what they do. “This has been an awareness raiser for me,” Higgins, who used to be a volunteer firefighter. “You know we’ve been trained in disaster management but we’ve never really practised with an exercise. “I think we should schedule one.”  Coun. Gerry Martin, chair of the personnel and audit committee, organized the event. “I almost panicked this morning because some guys were a little slow on our crooked…

Story sparks lengthy debate at NF Council

Written by  |  Wednesday, 26 July 2017 15:05  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
Arguably the biggest block of North Frontenac Council’s debate time at last Friday’s regular meeting in Ompah centred on the Frontenac News story two weeks ago in which Mayor Ron Higgins discussed his thoughts and plans for community development. The Mayor laid out a futuristic vision that he’s been working on involving aquaculture, hydroponics and electricity generation that certainly would be unique in rural Ontario municipalities if nothing else.But, as sometimes happens, it would appear his Council isn’t entirely on-board with the concept as of yet.“The mayor can do independent research but this was not approved by Council,” said Coun. John Inglis, starting things off.“I’m going through research to see if it is feasible,” Higgins said.“I find that arrogant and disrespectful of everyone on this…
While many rural municipalities are still looking to squeeze more dollars out of tourism and Frontenac County wants to turn us into a community of goat farmers, one of our township mayors is definitely thinking outside the tourism/agrobusiness box.North Frontenac’s Ron Higgins is gradually bringing together a concept that, if successful, could effectively re-write the blueprint for municipal governance. It’s a bit out there, and something that you might more expect to see in a science fiction magazine than the AMO (Association of Municipalities of Ontario) bulletin, but strangely enough, it almost ‘feels’ possible. Higgins freely admits that there are still ‘I’s’ to be dotted and ‘T’s’ to be crossed but he’s now at the point where he’s bringing a working concept to paper. “North…

St. Kilian’s in Ardoch celebrates 125 years of country worship

Written by  |  Wednesday, 12 July 2017 10:42  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
St. Kilian’s Catholic Church in Ardoch celebrated 125 years as a parish last Sunday with special guests, a special mass and luncheon. The current building celebrated 50 years. Wayne Manion, chair of the cemetery board has been around for many of those years and shared some of his memories. “I’ve known Father Murphy for a long time — I was at his ordination,” Manion said. “That’s why I was picking on him (during the service). “In the city, they probably would have thrown him out of town but he fit right in here — always joking around.” Manion said St. Kilian’s is a “mission parish” of the Flinton parish. “This goes back to the days of horse and buggy,” he said. “Now it’s a short…

The best Sail Mazinaw yet!

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Saturday July 8 was the third annual Sail Mazinaw.  14 different sailboats and dozens of sailors participated.  The weather was very cooperative.  There had been repeating thunderstorms through the night, but the skies cleared and a very sailable wind set from the northwest.  The fleet included a couple of sailboards, a variety of singlehanded dinghies, and a fleet of keelboats. Many of the crews met for breakfast at Mazinaw Lakeside Resort.  Then later, a few boats made their way to the lagoon in the provincial park for the Friends of Bon Echo barbecue.  After an afternoon of sailing, crews and friends met for dock drinks and a meal. This year's winners of the Mazinaw Cup are single-handed sailors Kerry Skipper of the Lower Lake and…

Fiddlers and Friends Return to Ompah

Written by  |  Wednesday, 12 July 2017 10:30  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
Fiddlers and Friends have filled the Ompah Community Centre several times in the last few years and the appreciative audience left wanting more.  In fact the audience joined in whenever the opportunity arose and felt that they were part of the concert too.  The band has always talked about the great audience and all fun they had.  They are delighted to have the chance to return to Ompah to play a completely Canadian set of tunes. Fiddlers and Friends love to entertain by sharing their joy of music and zany sense of fun.  They play a cheerful set of old-time fiddle tunes that has the audience clapping, toe tapping and singing along.  Fiddlers are joined by keyboard, double bass, and cello.  The irrepressible Lois Webster…

Back Forty Artisan Cheese

Written by  |  Wednesday, 05 July 2017 12:00  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
Making a living from June to September in this area is a relatively simple matter. However, the rest of the year is often quite problematic, as many a failed business owner has found out. But Jeff and Jenna Fenwick may have found a wrinkle that others have missed. You see, the owners of Back Forty Artisan Cheese on Gully Road in Mississippi Station have gone about things in a slightly different manner. Instead of immediately taking advantage of the readily available clientele summer in the Frontenacs provides, they got their main business — providing artisan cheese to restaurants and tea rooms — up and thriving before getting into the summer cottage and tourism market. Last Saturday, they opened their shop and patio for the season,…

Local connection to our flag

Written by  |  Wednesday, 28 June 2017 11:45  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
On Saturday, June 24, as part of our Canada 150 celebrations, Ompah resident Cille Harris presented a video, “Let’s Celebrate Canada’s Flag”, produced by the Flag Wavers of Waterloo Region. The video is a history of Canada's maple leaf flag that ends with a tribute to Cille’s father, Bernard G. F. D’Eon, former resident of Perth, proud patriot and lover of Canada’s flag since its birth in 1965. Though not a wealthy man, “Bernie D’eon” purchased a colour advertisement in an Ottawa newspaper to celebrate both the 5th and 10th anniversaries of the adoption of the flag.  The ad came to the attention of John Matheson, MP for Leeds and Perth resident, who was impressed with the passion of an ordinary Canadian citizen.  In his…

Snow Road Community Centre Grand re-opening

Written by  |  Thursday, 22 June 2017 14:46  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
It was standing room only at the former schoolhouse, now know as the Snow Road Community Centre on Saturday afternoon (June 17) Gerry Lichty, President of the Community Centre, was the Master of Ceremonies. The building was originally constructed in 1896. The local township, South Palmerston, provided the local school trustees with a debenture for $400 to cover the cost of the new building with the terms of repayment of $100 per annum with 6% interest. The school proved to be a wise investment wit attendance of up to 50 students a year. At times it was so busy that desks frequently did dual or triple duty. All this under the supervision of only one teacher. The building served serves as the local school until…

North Frontenac to cut and spot-spray invasive plant species

Written by  |  Wednesday, 14 June 2017 13:21  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
North Frontenac will tackle invasive plants with a cut and spot-spraying approach following a recommendation by Public Works Manager Jim Phillips at Council’s regular meeting last week in Harlowe. In his report, Phillips said that in a series of meetings with his counterparts and CAOs in Frontenac County Townships, it was unlikely that there would be any joint tenders with other townships. He said the County’s only participation would be if invasive species affected the K & P Trail. “On May 10, (we) met with Central Frontenac staff and received a presentation from Steve Ford, who represents a company that specializes in roadside invasive weed management,” Phillips said in his report. “Steve advised that based on our anticipated needs he would recommend selective spot spraying…

Back Forty season opening party

Written by  |  Wednesday, 14 June 2017 12:18  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
Back Forty Cheese will be open on Saturdays throughout the summer, and to mark the start of the summer season, they are holding an open house and party onn June 24 between 10am and 4pm. The converted drive shed that serves as a cheese factory and tasting room for Back Forty Cheese, and a loft studio for Jenna Rose, will be open and tours of the factory and studio will be offered at different times throughout the day. All of Back Forty’s sheep’s cheeses will be available, including Highland Blue, Madawaska, Bonnechere, Flower Station and Ompah, as well as fresh curd, ricotta and fried curd as well. Charcuterie boards and baguettes will be available as well. Meanwhile, outside in the yard that leads out to…

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