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Fernleigh Lodge – a year-round getaway

Written by  |  Wednesday, 01 June 2016 18:53  |  Published in NORTH FRONTENAC
When Fernleigh Lodge first opened 95 years ago on Kashwakamak Lake, in what was then known as Clarendon and Miller Township, the region was just being opened up for tourists and cottagers. The lodge was located on a one-lane road. It had no electricity and no indoor plumbing. All the logs for its heritage buildings had been floated down the lake and then hewn by hand. In the early years Fernleigh Lodge was supported by fishermen, and that was men only until the 1940s, mostly from the United States. John Ahr, the original owner, saw the potential of float planes and built the lodge as one of the early fly-in resorts, to save visitors the long and difficult drive from New York State, Pennsylvania, Michigan…

Plevna Star Party

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Come and see Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, asteroids and several deep sky objects such as star clusters, galaxies and nebulae On Saturday June 4, join members of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and other star gazing enthusiasts at the observation pad at the North Frontenac Dark Sky Preserve near the village of Plevna, Ontario. "June 4 should be a great star gazing party because the moon won't be visible which is great for observing the night sky," said Betty Hunter, event organizer of the North Frontenac Dark Sky Preserve. "Saturn, Mars and Jupiter will all be visible right after sunset and we should also be able to pick out some asteroids and deep sky objects.” The general public is encouraged to bring binoculars or their…

Community Day 509 in Plevna – Special Places “North of 7”

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On Saturday June 4, the people on the land -- those who know it well – are invited to share their knowledge at a special community day in Plevna with groups who have formal and technical information about that land. The event will take place from 9:30am to 3:30pm in the Clar-Mill Hall on Buckshot Lake Road. The objective of the day is to combine the knowledge of the people on the land with that of stewardship agencies to begin an inventory of i) specially valued places, and ii) places that need special care, focusing on the northeastern section of Frontenac County and its watersheds; to make a record of these places. There are many official lists of the riches of our region but the…

North Frontenac Council – May 20/16

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$25,000 doesn't cover a 4-wheel drive truck Chief Administrative Officer Cheryl Robson reported that a tender for a new truck for the building department has yielded only two responses, both from Bence Motors, and both were well above the maximum amount listed in the tender, which was $25,000. Public Works Manager Jim Phillips reported that the class of truck that is being replaced, a small 4-wheel drive truck, is no longer available. The truck being replaced is a Ford Ranger. “Most of the dealers told us they could not touch $25,000 and they did not even submit a bid. The bids from Bence were for well over $30,000, even with the 15% municipal discount.” In her report, Robson proposed that a new tender be issued,…

Community Day 509

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People on the land to share knowledge of special places Coming soon is a chance for the people on the land north of Highway 7 to share their knowledge of their lands and waters and community. Join them on Saturday June 4, 9:30 to 3:30, in the Clar-Mill Hall on Buckshot Lake Road in Plevna The land north of 7 is blessed with unbelievable natural riches, and on that land, many generations of people have added other riches that we recognize in our historical archives. Our artists and artisans are adding their creations. All of these riches should be considered as we choose among the options for the future of the lands and the community north of 7. Community Day 509 will build on the…

MVCA on who will pay for dams in North Frontenac

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In April, North Frontenac Councilor Gerry Martin, who is the township representative to the board of directors of the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA), brought some potentially troubling news to his council. The dams that control water flow on Kashwakamak Lake, Shabomeka Lake, Mississagagon Lake and Big Gull Lake are all in need of replacement. While the Province of Ontario will likely cover half the estimated $2 million cost, it is unclear where the rest of the money will come from, and Martin said there is a possibility it will end up being levied to North Frontenac ratepayers. When contacted this week, Paul Lehman, the general manager of the MVCA, said that the board's policy and priorities committee will be looking at how to fund…

Snow Road Snowmobile Club

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On May 1, the Snow Road Snowmobile Club hosted its annual Landowner and Volunteer Appreciation gathering at the Timber Run Golf Course in Lanark. Concerns had been expressed by a number of landowners related to Bill 100 and its potential impact on their properties that have snowmobile trails. A presentation was made by Scott Buckley, Governor of OFSC District 1 and Ruth Wark, President of Snow Road Snowmobile Club who responded to questions and assured landowners that snowmobile clubs do not want easements across their properties but fully intend to maintain their current agreements and relationships. In fact, the land use form has been updated to include a statement to this effect, and many landowners renewed their agreement for continued use of the trails on…

Clar-Mill Community Archives celebrates 10 years

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Bethany Armstrong founded the Clar-Mill Community Archives soon after she published a reprint of her father's book, “Away Back in Clarendon and Millar”. “As I was working on the book, I went to the township office and asked if I could look through the archives for some material. They said there were no archives, and that's how we got started” she said. The archives that she started, with help from Heather White of the Plevna Library and the support of Ian Brummel, Marg Axford and the crew at the Cloyne and District Historical Society and Pioneer Museum, celebrated their 10th anniversary on Saturday, May 14 at the Clar-Mill Hall. The celebration was organized by Brenda Martin, who has taken over much of the administration of…

Fire Prevention in North Frontenac

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Last year at about this time, a very successful “Fire Extinguisher Day” was held at the Ompah Community Centre. Glenna Shanks from Perth Fire Extinguisher Service was there to inspect home and cottage owners’ fire extinguishers, and to service them if necessary. In addition, the North Frontenac Fire Department was present with fire prevention information. They also provided an opportunity for people to try out using fire extinguishers on a real fire. Lots of people took advantage of the day and came from far and wide to do so. May 21 will see a similar event at the Ompah Community Centre this year. According to Rick and Debbie Morey, who organize the day, quite a number of people who attended last year were surprised to…

Accidents at ATV run test emergency services

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On April 30, two accidents took place at almost the same time at different locations about a quarter of the way along the route of the North Frontenac Spring Volunteers ATV Ride for Dad. Both accidents were in areas without cell service, and one of them resulted in a serious injury. Three women suffered injuries and one of them, the driver of a two-seater ATV carrying one of the other women, was seriously injured. In responding to the accidents, all the preparation and training that the North Frontenac and neighbouring fire crews have undertaken over the years came into play. At Saturday’s run, George Ross, the deputy fire chief for the Ompah crew of the North Frontenac department, was overseeing emergency operations at the Ompah…

Mississippi Station Store

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“Memories of General Stores” presented by the Clarendon Miller Community Archives. Clarendon Miller Community Archives will celebrate its 10th Anniversary on May 14 at the Clar-Mill Hall from noon to 4 pm by bringing back memories of local general stores. Guest speaker, Mary Cook, will provide a historical perspective; a panel of local store owners/operators/employees will describe their experiences; and displays will bring back memories of the local stores in North Frontenac Township. It was Isaac Allan (one of the Allan brothers from the mill on Millar’s Lake) who built the store at Mississippi. His first store was built on the east side of the railroad tracks. This first store became a private residence when he built his second store. This second store, which later…

Snow Road Melanoma Breakfast

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On April 30 Ruth Wark and her crew of volunteers at the Snow Road Snowmobile Club presented a cheque to representatives from the Perth branch of the Canadian Cancer Society to support research, programming and prevention in the fight against melanoma. The club held a fundraising breakfast for the cause and after all the pledges were in, the final total raised was $1466. President Derrick Dixon and fundraising manager Jessica Roback of the Perth CCS received the cheque and conveyed their thanks for the club's support.

North Frontenac Council – Apr 29/16

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The Grass is greener for businesses At Friday’s council meeting, David Bergstrome, from Rocky Shore Cannabis, presented his proposal for a 6,000 square foot marijuana growing facility he wants to build in North Frontenac. He was hoping to get support, in principle, for his idea. Bergstrome, whose family has been cottaging on Kashawakamak Lake for over 50 years, explained there is a growing need for marijuana in Ontario because of its use medicinally, and because the general public, as well as the medical industry, are becoming more educated about the drug. He said that the proposed 2017 legalization of marijuana for recreational use would stress an already under-supplied market. With the demand continuing to increase, Bergstrome said that the gaps in supply would be “met…

North Frontenac Council

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Council votes in favour of new township building Norh Frontenac Council chose to move forward with adding a 2265 square foot addition to the existing township building as well as renovating the existing structure in a three-phase construction project. Jeremy Neven, the Chief Building Official, and Larry Gaines, the architect who designed the new building and addition, were at the meeting on Friday to discuss any questions and concerns that Council had about the designs. Neven explained that the construction project would be rolled out in three phases. The first stage is building the new addition on the current township building. The second phase is renovating the exterior of the existing building including windows, doors, and insulation. The final phase is renovating the interior of…

Snow Road Snowmobile Club Relay for Life fundraiser

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On April 16, committee members of the Canadian Cancer Society of Lanark, Leeds and Grenville and the Smiths Falls Relay for Life event were thrilled to receive a cheque from Ruth Wark, president of the Snow Road Snowmobile Club. Wark, along with her dedicated crew of volunteers, held a charity pancake breakfast at the club. Over 150 diners turned out for the event and by 11am, over $1,000 was raised. Wark made the cheque presentation to Julie Brady and Norene Allan, both committee members of the Relay for Life in Smiths Falls, which is just one of four Relay events this year in Lanark, Leeds and Grenville. Allan and Brady thanked Wark and her team and said they were grateful for the club's ongoing support.…

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