North Frontenac exploring bricks and mortar seniors housing options

Written by  Wednesday, 06 June 2018 12:06
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While there’s nothing concrete on the table yet, North Frontenac Council certainly has some interesting concepts to look at when it comes to seniors housing, many of which came to light at its regular meeting last Friday in Plevna.

The speculative discussion stemmed from Frontenac County Council’s decision that funds available for seniors housing must be used for bricks and mortar solutions rather than North Frontenac’s stated preference to use the money to assist aging-at-home initiatives.

“We need to do something this term of Council,” said Coun. John Inglis. “We don’t have to start a building.”

“Why not buy a large house and renovate that into seniors apartments?” suggested Coun. Gerry Martin.

“There’s a motel in Ompah,” said Coun. Denis Bedard. “That wouldn’t be far for John (Inglis) to go.”

CAO Cheryl Robson pointed out that with the impending fall election, Council could face a lame duck situation whereby it couldn’t buy property.

Mayor Ron Higgins relayed a message from Dep. Mayor Fred Perry (who is recovering from knee surgery) that the Township already owns property in Cloyne where the tennis courts and ball diamonds are.

“We could close a ball diamond,” he said.

Still not everybody was necessarily in favour.

“If we go to bricks and mortar, there’s no guarantee that it will be filled with our residents,” said Coun. Vernon Hermer.

Council decided a committee of Higgins, Inglis and Hermer would explore options and report back to Council.


• • •

Resident Bert Kent got himself on the agenda to address an issue he believes the Township got all wrong — septic maintenance.

“I’m very disappointed in the brochure (Septic Smart) put out,” Kent said. “When septic systems were first designed, people took baths once a week whether they needed them or not.”

Kent said septic systems use bacteria to break down solids and what’s going into systems now, including hand sanitizers, are killing the useful bacteria.

Furthermore, the amount of water going through them also cleans out the bacteria without breaking down solids, he said.

Mayor Ron Higgins agreed to work with Kent to perhaps provide additional information to the brochure.


• • •

Fire Chief Eric Korhonen presented Council with the 2018 Fire Master Plan, which is available on the Township website.

“There are no financial impacts on the 2018 budget in this plan,” he said.


• • •

North Frontenac is looking at creating its own flag, to which Coun. Vernon Hermer quipped: “what would you put on it — a black fly?”

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