Longer life for waste sites

Written by  Wednesday, 22 March 2017 13:04
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David Bucholtz, a representative from the consulting firm Cambium, made a presentation to Council on Friday morning regarding the state of the Township's waste disposal sites.

Bucholtz told Council that all of their current active waste disposal sites are meeting the compliance standards, set by the Ministry of Environment, for surface water and ground water contamination.

Cambium's predictions for lifespan on the Township's dumps differ significantly from the predictions that the Township's former consultants AECOM presented to Council in 2015.

Bucholtz said that the 506 dump site has approximately 30 years left in its life cycle compared to the 13 years that was estimated by AECOM in March of 2015.

The Plevna site also showed an increase in lifespan from 19 years to 42 years.

The Kashwakamak disposal site stayed the same with a predicted lifespan of 42 years left.

In 2015, AECOM predicted the Mississippi Station waste site had 46 years left in its lifespan and Cambium has now suggested that the site has 34 years left.

When asked about the disparity between AECOM's predictions for landfill longevity and Cambium's predictions Bucholtz explained that it probably had more to do with the way Cambium uses the data and makes their predictions.

“My only assumption at this point would be the average (of landfill) changing,” Bucholtz said.

Cambium makes predictions on lifespan based on the amount of waste that has been disposed of over the last 5 years.

“What helps also is the fact that we divert all of our bulky waste,” said Jim Phillips, the Public Works Manager for North Frontenac. “The fact that we're diverting all of that, at a cost,  is extending the life of our landfill.”

Bucholtz also explained that the Ardoch waste site, which is temporarily closed, still has approximately 37 years left in it, based on the average fill rates they have on record.

Cambium made a recommendation to Council to install another monitoring well at the Plevna site to test surface water contamination south of the landfill mound and also recommended that they address the issue of a beaver dam at the Cloyne site, which is used as a transfer station.

Building Permits Issued Down Slightly For 2017
A report from Scott Richardson, the Building Inspector for North Frontenac, showed 8 building permits have been issued so far this year which is down from 10 at this time last year.

Last year, 130 building permits in total were issued in North Frontenac which was up from 125 in 2015.

Official Plan Heads to Public Meeting
Council discussed amendments made in the latest draft of their Official Plan on Friday and didn't recommend any further amendments.

A Public Meeting regarding the Official Plan has been scheduled for April 22, 2017 at 10am.

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