Councilor Required To Apologize For Statement Made In Email to Constituent

Written by  Wednesday, 01 March 2017 12:39
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Coun. Vernon Hermer will be required to apologize to Council and “send a follow-up email to a resident correcting his (Hermer’s) inaccurate statement” following a charge that Hermer breeched Council’s code of conduct in an email to a resident.

Specifically, the issue was referring to the matter of renovations/retrofits/additions to the municipal building. When a resident sent an email questioning the project, Hermer responded in part: “believe me, I don’t feel that the residents position or opinion concerning this project was respected or even considered in their decision to move forward.”

Originally, the matter was to be discussed under closed session (identifiable individual) but Hermer himself insisted that it be brought into open session.

Mayor Ron Higgins said he found Hermer’s remarks “disrespectful” and “inaccurate because we did consider the opinion of residents.”

Coun. John Inglis agreed.

“I felt offended,” Inglis said. “We took in all the input and decided on it as a Council.

“As a person who has received a sanction in the past, I understand (and) I support his right to tell a constituent he disagreed with the decision.”

Higgins also recommended to Council that the Township appoint an integrity commissioner because without one, they can’t impose penalties such as committee appointments and/or remuneration.

For his part, Hermer argued that the Township’s procedural bylaw contravened the Charter of Rights and Freedoms’ provisions for freedom of speech.

On North Frontenac Council, at least, it seems that speech may be free but still carries consequences

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