North Frontenac Budget Approved and Ratepayers Will Pay 2.39 Per Cent More

Written by  Wednesday, 01 March 2017 11:46
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North Frontenac Council passed its 2017 budget at its regular meeting last week in Plevna.

Residents will see a $23.91 increase on every $100,000 of their property’s assessment or 2.89 per cent.

The Township portion increased by 2.39 per cent but the bottom line also includes Frontenac County’s increase of 5.01 per cent.

Treasurer Kelly Watkins began her public presentation with noting that Ward 1 contains 46.17 per cent of the Township’s taxable assessment, followed by Ward 2 at 35.11 per cent and Ward 3 at 18.72 per cent.

She said that the Township needs to raise $5,765,957 by taxation and their portion of the County levy amounts to $1,496,828. The education portion of the levy is due to municipalities by March 31.

While there was an increase in revenue from the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund of $175,100, $20,000 in insurance savings from a new provider and $8,000 from waste user fees Watkins said there were several key items that led to the levy increase including an increase in OPP billing of $175,225, $50,000 for a new winter maintenance reserve fund, $10,000 for road side maintenance under the Weed Act, a 3.73 per cent increase in wages and benefits for $88,000, an $11,900 increase in contributions to Tangible Capital Assets for recreation (to help fund tractor and truck for this department) and $14,000 from re-use exchange facility.

Grants received included an Ontario Community Infrastructure grant for gravel of $142,725 and a 90 per cent OCIF grant for the Head Road Bridge ($301,500 on a $335,000 project) and a Canada 150 Infrastructure grant for 1/3 of the

Clar-Mill Hall new entrance ($10,000 of a $30,000 project).

Capital asset replacements include a minimum of two computers, bunker gear, miscellaneous fire equipment including upgraded breathing apparatus, a 2008 Ford F550, 2005 Sterling Tandem, 1999 service vehicle, 1999 steam jenny, Garage 1 roof replacement, replacement of caron wheels for compactor and 25 HP motor (MNR Parks).

Other projects include Road 506 resurfacing, addition/renovation/retrofit of the Municipal Building, website upgrades, new telephone system for the Municipal Building, Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw Review, building condition assessment, road condition re-evaluation, inspections for Folger and Buckshot Creek bridges, Canada 150 celebrations and additional speed limit signs in hamlets.

Reserve funds projected year-end balances per budget include $1,142,570.72 in obligatory reserve funds, $1,357,299.95 in discretionary reserve funds, $4,437,187.97 in tangible capital asset reserve funds and $171,789.49 in reserves for a total of $7,108,848.

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