Re - Legion Taking Stock

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In last week’s News, Craig Bakay had an article about a workshop aimed at rejuvenating the Sharbot Lake Legion. It was a very nice article and I, for one, appreciate the publicity it gives the Legion. However, I may have misled Craig with respect to our mission and membership. It’s true that Legion membership is both declining and changing in nature. Everyone is getting older and there is a lot of competition for the time and energy of younger people who might fill the ranks. Also, there are fewer and fewer veterans in the new members who do join. Fewer veterans means that the sacrifice of those who went before was not in vain. While changing membership may change the focus of our energies, it…

Thank You to the Save The Prison Farms Group

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When the prison farms were closed in 2010 my daughters were 5 and 8 years old. For half their lives the Save the Prison Farm Group has been a rich source of leadership and learning opportunities for my children. The story of these local activists is not just a tale of grassroots activism, it is a message of hope and inspiration for the world. The news that the federal government will reinstate the prison farm programs at Joyceville and Collins Bay has inspired me and lifted my spirits. As a mother, I am always seeking out strong role models for my children. As an elementary school teacher, I try hard to help students learn new skills and become productive and positive members of society. I…

Re Prison Farms

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Thank you for last week’s article about the recent developments on the prison farm front. This decade-long saga touches on so many related issues, local and national – among them, the value of farming, the importance of prisoner rehabilitation, and the functioning of our democracy. The fact that, at the moment, Corrections Canada is not planning to send our cows back to prison does feel like a slap in the face to so many of us, especially the area farmers and other members of the Pen Farm Herd Co-op who have kept a core of the prize-winning herd going for almost a decade. The Advisory Panel had put forward a well-thought-out and documented proposal for a modest dairy operation with the milk being processed into…

Re - Frontenac News Wolves

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Media reports should clarify a complex issue not add to the confusion. The header "Protecting a species that may not exist – Algonquin Wolves" attempts to add a confusing bias before the article begins.   Statements that the Eastern Wolf has been re-named the "Frontenac Wolf" and that most of them live "within or near Frontenac Park" are important errors when the issue being addressed has a basis in geography.   Such errors make the reader wonder whether they stemmed from the reporter or the cited authority. Hannah Barron is not a researcher in the sense of scientific or biological research. She was a Masters graduate student at Trent University with a history of brief jobs including 6 months as manager of the Eastern Wolf…

Re - Fire truck at Pic

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I am a resident of Central Frontenac. We are one of the communities that is affected by the substation that have their truck out of service. Much to my surprise the truck has not moved out of the garage and gone for any service. I have made attempts to email Greg Robinson re this matter. I see in the, No truth to Facebook rumors article. Much to my surprise our truck went for service. There must be a decoy in the garage. I started the posts on Facebook to make the residents affected by this aware the response time will be greater. Public knowledge is needed when emergency services are changed. I feel the residents deserve this and as a township it should be made…

Public School Funding Inequality

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There is an article in the Toronto Star this morning regarding the inequality of fundraising for public schools across Ontario. I heard recently that the Land o Lakes elementary school had a bingo fundraiser at which only 40 people or so attended.  It made me wonder if all the schools in our area are meeting their outside fundraising goals. If not maybe attention to the question in your paper could entice some readers to give top up donations to help out. Given the age of many of the people in Central Frontenac, for example, most of these people would have little contact with the school community and are unaware of the need for funding donations.

Flooding ABC's

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Lanark County recently brought in an expert on how to fight flooding with organized forces of trained volunteers. Technical tricks for fighting the floodwaters once they have threatened your home. That is too late. We need to understand that floodwaters are rain and snowmelt that has run off the land too quickly. Flooding happens because the water was not kept on the land long enough. To fight the increasingly common severe storms and unpredictable melting, we need to understand that floodwaters come from the whole area that drains into a river or creek. We call that area the watershed and the conditions on the watershed control what happens downstream. The condition of the watershed is the root cause of the flooding of your home. If…

Re: Central Frontenac Budget Article

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The article on Central Frontenac budget was misleading in the costs of heating/ electricity for halls. Piccadilly Hall showed $8500.00 and the lowest. However, they didn't mention that includes the cost of heating the fire hall next door for at least 6 fall/winter months to keep the water in the fire truck from freezing as they are on the same meter. If it was only Piccadilly Hall, the cost should be covered by the income of $1250.00. I don't think any of the other halls include a fire hall but I may be wrong as the cost of operating Mountain Grove Hall is high. Just venting! Sharon Snyder

Re – Reader supported news

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I commend you for your initiative in reaching out to your ardent readers. My wife is a HUGE supporter of yours and is giving the equivalent of the cost of a subscription. I hope you can also make your seasonal readers aware of your initiative in the spring. We come to our second home most weekends through the winter, and are not seasonal residents, so we get to read The Frontenac News all year round. I trust Canada Post doesn’t consider your newspaper a flyer because we’re about to ask them not to put flyers in our postal box because they stop putting your newspaper in the box if it gets full after a couple of weeks.Which leads me to the thought that by becoming…

Re: Reader-Supported News

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Re: Reader-Supported News Part of the fallout of the Trump victory in the US and the rise of populism globally has been articles, interviews, essays and books about the future of democracy and our individual freedoms. One such publication is a thin little book called "On Tyranny- Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century" by Timothy Snyder, a professor of history at Yale University. Lesson Number 2 is entitled "Defend Institutions". He says "We tend to assume that institutions will automatically maintain themselves against even the most direct attacks. This was the very mistake that some German Jews made about Hitler and the Nazis after they had formed a government....It took less than a year for the new Nazi order to consolidate. By the end of…

Food policy Council on new workplace legislation

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I am writing as Chair of the Food Policy Council for Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington, an independent body consisting of a diverse group of people who live or work in KFL&A area. The Council’s mandate is to work towards the KFL&A's Food Charter's purpose of creating a secure and sustainable food system for our region. We believe that in order to best way to ensure food security for all in KFL&A we must build a system in which everyone has the money they need to be able to access healthy food. To that end, we support the new minimum wage legislation in Ontario, as well as other reforms to workplace legislation. I am attaching the letter we wrote to the provincial Standing Committee on…

Some Silent C&T Opposition

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The Mayor and a group of his friends have banded together to form something called C&T North Frontenac and are pitching the Contribute and Thrive concept to whomever will listen. If we adopt this self-rewarding dogma of Contributing (that is to give a little) in order to Thrive (that is to get a lot) the whole of North Frontenac could be transformed from always being poor to being really really rich.   Twisted volunteerism cannot be preached to long term local residents who built our communities through acts of kindness, giving and sharing. Unlike the new breed, no one expects to thrive, get pay back or get richer from giving. There is no place for selfish motives in volunteering or assisting. The rewards and benefits…

Re - Septic inspection

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To my mind the fundamental block in follow through on the septic re-inspection issue has been the "us vs them" mentality. Either it was one neighbour pointing at another; land-access cottagers vs Island residents; village residents vs lakefront; seasonal vs permanent; or most recently, rich vs poor. The report of the Septic Re-inspection Committee tried to steer the issue away from a pursuit of allegedly delinquent property owners, to a focus upon information-gathering. The Committee members learned that the failure rate in septic systems is typically very low; cooperation in reporting systems is usually very high; and the environmental impact of poorly operating septic systems is negligible in any event when compared to the impact of run-off in extreme weather situations.  Accurate information on septic…

More on Radon

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This was a good discussion of the domestic radon issues but some issues might need some clarification. Radon is all around us, in and outside, resulting in about half of the radiation dose we all receive (medical x-rays excluded). The ambient outside concentration ranges from very little to over 50 becquerels/cubic metre, depending on location and weather. Average is somewhere between 15 and 25. So “no safe level of exposure” may be somewhat misleading; casual exposure to sunlight might be a good analogy. The risk of low level exposure, while very small, is unavoidable. Radon is a radioactive decay product of radium and is the 7th in the element in the 14 uranium decay “chain”. Take away the uranium from soil and rocks, which nature…


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A welcome challenge "outside the box" I came back from Newfoundland in October to find that exciting things have been happening here over the past few months. Thank you for your coverage so far on the "Contribute and Thrive" bundle of projects that North Frontenac Council has been discussing. While I maintain what I trust is common-sense skepticism about some of the ideas, I also applaud the "C&T North Frontenac" group, and Mayor Higgins, for their openness and willingness to think "outside the box." After several decades of experience with various collective attempts to forge different and better ways of living, I realize that many such attempts fail. But some succeed, and there is never success without some failures along the way. Moreover, it's high…

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