Re - Doug Ford and Toronto

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Oh goody! It’s so exciting that the Ford Brothers’ multi-ring circus is now Ontario wide and that Doug Ford, continuing the hallowed legacy of his brother, Rob, has extended his big top to cover the whole of the province. This corrects the inequity - namely, that for years, we the people, who happen to live out in the sticks, far from the downtown elites with their enviable access to sporting and cultural events had long been denied this entertainment. Henceforth, we in the boonies will also be able to marvel, as ringmaster, Doug Ford, surrounded by adoring assistants and with whip in confident hand, steps into the spotlight to single-handedly wrestle the monster that is Toronto City Council into submission. Already, this mini-Trump has shown his…

We Must Do Better

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After a long career working nationally and internationally for environmental integrity, human rights, social justice and children's issues, I campaigned in 2014 and won a seat as Councillor in Tay Valley because I wanted to contribute to the local community I love. Initially, our Council functioned well as together with a committed, experienced staff we pursued initiatives to benefit Tay Valley. Recently, though, I have witnessed self-serving deceitful behaviour that I, representing the citizens of Tay Valley, cannot accept. It is this ugliness that leads me to share this letter and has in part led me to not seek re-election. As members of Council, I believe that we have a responsibility to listen to the public’s concerns, respond and accommodate within the law, and play…

Letter – re Tay Valley

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I have been a Councillor in Tay Valley for seventeen years. I have served for three terms from 1998 to 2006 and the for two terms from 2011 until now. This is the first time that I have written a letter to the editor, and I am doing so because I am truly concerned about the level of dialogue in our community.   In the fall of 2017, Council received an allegation of workplace harassment from staff. In accordance with our legal obligations, Council retained an independent investigator who met with all parties, reviewed the evidence and made a finding. He determined that one of our Council members, Judy Farrell, had engaged in harassment. Council then imposed certain requirements on Councillor Farrell that we designed…

Statement from Limestone District School Board Chair Paula Murray

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(Editors note - Last week we ran a column in which LDSB Trustee Mahoney was quoted concerning the attempt he was about to make to take back his seat at a meeting of the Board of Trustees on Wednesday, September 12. As is made clear in the following, he was not permitted to do so. Chair Murray also provides some context as to why the decision to censure Mr. Mahoney was made by the board)   Trustee Mahoney was not permitted to address the Limestone District School Board of Trustees during its regular board meeting on Sept. 12, 2018 due to sanctions barring him from all meetings of the Board until the end of the current term. These sanctions are as a result of multiple…

Re- Limestone School Board

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Thank you for your excellent editorial on Limestone School Board policy for muzzling critics, concealing information from taxpayers and suppressing debate.  It is hard to believe, and equally sad, that some seemingly dictatorial board members are empowered to direct the education of Canadian youth toward leadership roles in a nation with such strong democratic principles.  Board chair Paula Murray’s terse and arrogant response to a citizen inquiry that “majority rule” and the “will of the board” determine the Board’s direction seems more appropriately attributable to an autocratic dictator than to a purported educational leader in Canada.  Government is for all the people, with due regard to the rights of citizens and residents of all communities, large and small.  Murray’s response provides insight into why rural…

re AH Council report

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The September 6, 2018 edition of your newspaper contained a report of a meeting of the Council of the Township of Addington Highlands. Within that report it was noted that "a resident and lake association" were requesting changes to waste site hours of operation. In response to that request from constituents, Deputy-Reeve Yanch said; "There are some people who don't like the word 'no' and haven't liked it since they were five." Disparaging the very people you were elected to represent. How telling. Paul Isaacs

The potential for Sharbot Lake

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Question: What do the following countries have in common? Belgium, Denmark, Egypt, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, St. Kitts, Scotland, United States Answer: Visitors from these countries have traveled through and stayed overnight in Sharbot Lake this summer. (There may even be more countries than this.)   When Arlette and I took over Rock Hill B&B in 2017, we fantasised about the day that we might have our first European travellers. Our initial (and uninformed) perception of Sharbot Lake caused us to think of that day as being off into the future. And yet, our very first online booking (on the second weekend we were in business) was from a couple travelling from Berlin. On that very same weekend, a second…

Firefighter turns 80, retires

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Mayor Frances Smith , Members of Council , Fire Chief Greg Robinson , District Chief Bernie Quinn , Members of Central Frontenac Fire and Rescue , Citizens of Central Frontenac . As I reach my eightieth birthday I feel I must consider my health and the safety of my fellow Firefighters and regretfully tender my resignation from Central Frontenac Fire and Rescue Service. Few will remember a tragic event on Easter Sunday 1974 that led to the creation of Hinchinbrooke Volunteer Fire Department . Many changes have taken place since that time , however the initial concept that we must provide a service for our fellow residents is still what makes it work . Following amalgamation it has taken a lot of dedication to bring…

Is Bayer using South Frontenac Community Services for green washing?

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The story about solar-powered gardening at the Grace community garden in your August 16 edition is certainly good news. The story, which I assume was submitted by South Frontenac Community services, points out that a solar-powered watering system was installed thanks to a grant from Food Banks Canada which is "generously supported by Bayer Inc..." Your readers may know that Bayer makes aspirin, but they may not know that Bayer is a multi-billion-dollar company that recently paid $66 billion to purchase Monsanto, which makes the pesticide Roundup. Bayer makes its own pesticides and Canada is proposing banning some of them because they may be responsible for the deaths of aquatic insects and bees. There is no doubt that solar-powered watering systems in community gardens are…

Re: theft of flowers

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Thank you for reporting the Maples’ flower thief and the timeline suggested. He/she has also been active recently in Railway Heritage Park selecting plants from two of the flower boxes, the “bell bed” and some from behind the play structure including a unique rose bush bred at the Experimental Farm. The displays on the corner of 38 and Elizabeth are also missing flowers. In situations like this, the OPP can’t do much without community help. If you know anything about this or see something to help us identify the night-time flower thief, please call 279-2777 or the OPP. Maybe next season this person can have their own garden. Villages Beautiful member, Sally Angle P.S. if it’s you, call anyway so we can make arrangements.

Re- parking in Sharbot Lake.

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On a recent return to my hometown, Sharbot Lake, I was struck by the traffic in what I used to refer to as "uptown." Cars lined both sides of the street from the old Catholic Church to the top of the hill on Elizabeth Street. Upon commenting to a friend however, I learned that most of the vehicles were owned by employees of the various businesses in the immediate area. I find this rather bizarre, given that the village is so dependent on tourists who would struggle to find a parking space. I also learned that a free parking area at the old fire hall, less than a city block away, was available for uptown employees. The lot was vacant when I drove by. City…

Sharbot Lake - 2038

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Perhaps surprisingly, we have over 120 business within 10 km. of our village. Over the past decade, we have seen businesses essential to Sharbot Lake’s life and well-being change hands and grow. Examples are numerous: The Crossing, Mike Dean’s Superfood Store, Seeds Accounting, Robinson’s Asset Management, Pharmacare, Gray’s Grocery & Bakery, Goodfellows Flowers, Rockhill B&B, Sharbot Lake Dental Clinic, The Amazing Dollar Store and Ireton Fendly Law Office. Their services, number of employees and their payrolls are rock-bottom essential to our life in Sharbot Lake. Home Hardware, RBC, Bob’s PetroCan, Ram’s Esso, 1010 Lawn & Garden, Robinson Excavating, Sharbot Lake Marina, Conboy’s Maple Syrup, Maples Restaurant, the real estate companies and many others have continued as they have for years. Then there are many new…

Re - Dark Sky Preserve and Campground proposal

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The Dark Sky Preserve outside Plevna on Highway 506 is a great local commercial and economic asset for the community, providing wonderful viewing for professionals and tourist novices alike. Of course, great care and careful planning are required to ensure local development which protects the local environment, minimizes light pollution, and which maximizes the Dark Sky Preserve’s esthetics and economic potential for the community, as well as its value to budding astronomers. While there may be need for increased accommodations for Dark Sky viewers and other tourists, the proposal by the North Frontenac Economic Development Task Force to facilitate a campground immediately west and adjacent to the Preserve may have unintended, undesirable impacts. With campgrounds come cars, RVs, boats, campfires, traffic and other noise and…

Re Poor Roads in North Frontenac

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North Frontenac has some of the nicest scenic motorcycle roads in Ontario, but the roads at the west end of the county are in in such disrepair that they have become unsafe for a two-wheel vehicle. Roads like Harlowe Road, Meyers Cave Road, Kashwakamak Road, and last but not least, Henderson Road (one of the most beautiful canopy-covered twisting roads in Canada), are only matched by the road into Gatlinburg or the tree-covered road near Traverse City.  I believe the roads in the west end of our township gets twice the traffic as the rest of the county, and our representatives are neglecting are roads. We don't all drive trucks and four-wheelers, and someday someone might get seriously hurt. The cost of maintenance alone on…

New Ford government energy policy complaint

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The good news is that despite a record-setting heat wave, our energy consumption is well below the last major, but shorter, heat wave 10 years ago. Despite increased population, programs to reduce energy use have had a significant effect. The bad news is, on virtually the same day that reduced energy figures became available, the new conservative government cancelled the programs that have helped reduce energy use. The lower energy consumption saves money, reduces the likelihood of brown/black-outs, and reduces carbon pollution. Besides the convenience of keeping the lights on, our lower energy use means we do not need more nuclear and gas-powered electric facilities. The savings here are immense. After 40 years, we are still paying off the last nuclear plant constructions. New or…

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