Mike Dean’s 3rd year

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An important anniversary came and went in May. It has been three years since Mike Dean’s Super Food Stores opened in Sharbot Lake! We are most fortunate that this grocery has survived the ups and downs of the last three years. We live so much better with the success of Mike Dean’s. Our store is clean, tidy and attractive. From a grateful customer, thank-you Lisa, Chris, Angie, Steve, Gary, Dawn and all the others for your cheerful service ethic.

Re: Closing Prince Charles Public School

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Jeff, this time you have it wrong (“Verona is being betrayed once again”, July 4, 2016). It makes much more sense to leave Harrowsmith Public and Loughborough Public Schools opened. Because Harrowsmith already has St. Patrick's Catholic School, and Sydenham has the high school, busing would be a much easier logistical situation. Also take into consideration the new private school being opened in the old St. Paul's United Church and it is a no-brainer. Sydenham and Harrowsmith are so close to each other and could become a fantastic educational centre. Retail business should not dictate where schools are located. Verona will get by nicely without the school. Verona needs a seniors’ housing complex because of the premature closing of MacMullen Manor. Capacity alone puts the…

Re: Cloyne Pioneer Museum & Archives

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In response to Rev. Hilliker's letter Re: Cloyne Pioneer Museum & Archives, Jul 14/16 Dear Rev. Hilliker Thank you for the corrections and for the additional information. I'm so glad you are not 140 years old. My apologies. Marcella Neely for C&DHS

Re: Land o'Lakes school

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I have read Jeff Green's editorial Verona is being betrayed, once again July 7/16, on the unfortunate events that now may lead to the closure of Prince Charles school in Verona. I would like to talk about Land O' Lakes school and its own deal with the devil. Nine years ago it was all but certain that Land O' Lakes would close to allow for the construction of a new school in Sharbot Lake. At the last moment a groundswell of support, by those living in the area of Mountain Grove and Arden, saved the school. At a public meeting I was given the honour of speaking first, even before the then mayor Janet, then councillor Norm, now councillors Jamie and Victor, and a dozen or…

After The Spraying

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It’s been one of the driest springs on record. How lucky we are to be able to spend our hot days enjoying the many waterways in the region. Lately as I drive through Lanark County towards Big Rideau Lake I am seeing dead or dying red clover, daisies, milkweed, buttercups, chamomile, chicory, brown eyed susans, burdock and countless other plants and shrubs whose names I do not know. Tips of sumacs are unnaturally yellow and orange. But the plants along the road are not yellow from dry conditions, they’ve been killed by Clearview, a herbicide that was sprayed in June to protect us from the wild parsnip plant. Although well-intentioned, the process hasn’t been flawless. Some stretches of road have been sprayed where was little…

Re: Caterpillar Invasion

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(Outdoors in the Land o’Lakes,Caterpillar Invasion, Jun 23/16). I was glad to learn there are 2 types, one with a tent, one without. We have encountered both in our trees. I tried the soap and water and propane torch for awhile to try to control them but I read about hornet spray killing them instantly, so I tried it and we now have very few tent or forest caterpillars. I go out in the spring when I start to see them just before dusk and spray the nest once and I’m done for the year. I have been doing this for about 10 years and last year we had none, this year a few due to nests on the other side of my fence. The…

Thank you to firefighters

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We would like to thank the Central Frontenac Volunteer Fire Fighters, our neighbors, the Lennox Addington Ambulance Paramedics and the Great War Memorial Hospital Emergency department. We had a fire on our property last Saturday that nearly took away our house. I am writing this in our house and recovering from burns. I tried putting the fire out with the garden hose but it was not enough. So I sprayed myself and the house and tried to keep the flames away until I could not do it anymore because of the heat and pain. As I was dropping the hose to run, the volunteer firefighters arrived and saved us. We were lucky! We should all feel blessed that we have these brave and dedicated people…

Murals in Mountain Grove

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Village Beautiful Mountain Grove had been doing an amazing job making the town look vibrant, lived in and loved. Then someone informed me that it was actually the result of Arlene Uens' hard work & creativity. So imagine my shock and dismay when I learned that the township asked her/removed two of her beautiful colourful folk art murals because they were a distraction. How are those murals any different than the murals that were commissioned by the township to be painted and erected in neighbouring Parham &Sharbot Lake? They depicted local wildlife and added an attraction to draw visitors to our small town. I can't express how disappointed I am with the township on this one. The murals were an extension of the hard work…

When Trust Fails

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My wife and I lived in Verona for many years; then in 2015 we decided to move to a retirement home for health reasons. I had a top of the line scooter, cost $3,740 in Sept 2014. I wanted this scooter to go to a handicapped person, as I would no longer need it. I phoned a member of Harrowsmith Odd fellows suggesting that I donate said scooter to them; in return I would receive a tax receipt with their guarantee that they would give it to a handicapped person. This was approved at their meeting and I was told I would receive my income tax receipt the next spring. I phoned February, 2016 as I had not received the tax receipt and was told…

Community Living Celebrates 40 Years

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What a wonderful BBQ, music and social time were put on by the staff of our Community Living last Tuesday at the office/backyard. We are certainly fortunate to have such a facility integrated in our beautiful community. It was so nice to see so many smiling, familiar faces. We are truly blessed to live in a place where all are seen as equals, neighbours and friends. Well done, Dean and staff.

War Amps Child Amputee Program

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Dear Editor, As a member of The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program and a Safety Ambassador for the PLAYSAFE Program, I have met kids who have lost limbs in accidents that could have been prevented. With the weather warming up, it’s a good time to teach kids about the dangers that can come with summer, such as lawn mowers, boat motors and playing around water areas. I encourage parents to go on a “safety walk” with their children and point out the hazards in their area. By spreading the PLAYSAFE message, children learn to spot the danger before they play, and become more conscious of potential dangers. It only takes a split second for an accident to happen, so let’s all PLAYSAFE!  

Re: MVCA on who will pay for dams

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The May 26 article (MVCA on who will pay for dams in North Frontenac, May 26/16) on who may be liable for costs associated with Mississippi River dam repair/replacement was more reassuring than the initial April report, which alluded to possible taxes/assessments limited to landowners with waterfront property, but many questions were left un-addressed by the recent article. For example, inasmuch as the province of Ontario earlier supplied as much as 85% of the necessary infrastructure funding, who, when and by what authority, rationale and method has it been determined that the province now will pony up as little as half the current expense? Has the MVCA determined to accept this condition, and why and by whom, or what steps are being taken by MVCA to…

Re: Central Frontenac by-law

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An open letter to the Central Frontenac Council concerning various by-law issues (Noise and safe property bylaws in Central Frontenac, May 12/16) About 44 years ago, I tried living in a tidy suburban development, and hated it so much that I moved back into downtown Toronto as quickly as possible. A year or two later, when my husband and I came to Arden to "try it out for a year," I was delighted to find myself in a village full of thriving vegetable gardens, pigpens, wild spaces, and wildlife - plus three grocery stores, a hardware store, and three churches - all within walking distance. I like walking distance. Much has changed since then - the grocery stores are gone, the trees have grown, and…

North Frontenac and fire bans

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When MNR declares the Forest Fire Danger index to be extreme, why does North Frontenac not automatically declare a Fire Ban? "Extreme danger" is self-explanatory! No further analysis is required! Declaring a Fire Ban seems like a no-brainer, something any sensible person would do to help protect the public and the Township's firefighters. Recently, during a dry spell, the MNR Forest Fire Danger index was extreme, but there was no Fire Ban declared in North Frontenac. Clearly, there is disagreement on this point among area fire chiefs since Lanark Highlands and Tay Valley Townships did declare Fire Bans during that period. I ask you to challenge your North Frontenac mayor, councillors and fire chief to explain why they do NOT err on the side of…

Re: Spring bear hunt

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Why is the bear hunt on again this spring? The cubs have no sustenance when the mothers are killed. They end up being killed too or starving to death. Do we have to kill every living animal that exists? Or sell them to our American neighbours? Ms. Wynne may think it's great, but she should read some of the mail on Animal Cruelty in the world today.

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