Re Poor Roads in North Frontenac

Written by  Greg McNulty Wednesday, 11 July 2018 12:32
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North Frontenac has some of the nicest scenic motorcycle roads in Ontario, but the roads at the west end of the county are in in such disrepair that they have become unsafe for a two-wheel vehicle.

Roads like Harlowe Road, Meyers Cave Road, Kashwakamak Road, and last but not least, Henderson Road (one of the most beautiful canopy-covered twisting roads in Canada), are only matched by the road into Gatlinburg or the tree-covered road near Traverse City. 

I believe the roads in the west end of our township gets twice the traffic as the rest of the county, and our representatives are neglecting are roads. We don't all drive trucks and four-wheelers, and someday someone might get seriously hurt. The cost of maintenance alone on cars and buses should also be factored in.

Elections are coming up. Time to reflect on why roads are getting worse every year and workmanship on repairs have fallen.

Greg McNulty

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