New Ford government energy policy complaint

Written by  Ross Sutherland Wednesday, 11 July 2018 12:32
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The good news is that despite a record-setting heat wave, our energy consumption is well below the last major, but shorter, heat wave 10 years ago. Despite increased population, programs to reduce energy use have had a significant effect.

The bad news is, on virtually the same day that reduced energy figures became available, the new conservative government cancelled the programs that have helped reduce energy use. The lower energy consumption saves money, reduces the likelihood of brown/black-outs, and reduces carbon pollution.

Besides the convenience of keeping the lights on, our lower energy use means we do not need more nuclear and gas-powered electric facilities. The savings here are immense. After 40 years, we are still paying off the last nuclear plant constructions. New or refurbished nuclear is now more expensive than new wind or solar.

Only the conservatives did not promise to close a nuclear plant. If that is the connection, to stop programs that reduce energy consumption, see consumption increase and justify a new nuclear station, we will be paying environmentally and financially well into the next generation.

There is no good reason for the government’s decision other than old fashioned thinking and nuclear industry greed.

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