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Written by  Sharon Shepherd Wednesday, 20 June 2018 13:46
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I am becoming very concerned for the wellbeing of many in our community. We have had an amazing volunteer firefighting team in all Central Frontenac districts. There have been men and woman devoted to being there when called upon. Now I hear there are many leaving because of political differences/bullshit. The frustration I have witnessed when speaking with them is overwhelming.

This is a volunteer position, yet the demands have cost the loss of many good firefighters. They have been with Central Frontenac Fire and Rescue for years with the passion to make things better.

What is going on? I have received two different mailouts from our township looking for volunteers. I have lived here for 36 years and never once received one. We have always had men and women proudly be there for us in the time of crisis.

I have to understand how our fire chief has a new truck, purchased with our tax dollars, that has no signage stating “Fire and Rescue” or “Central Frontenac.” I may be hasty saying this. Maybe it is so new they have not had time. I have also seen the fire and rescue truck in Westport on occasion in the evenings. This truck response for a call on Fish Creek Road won't be happening.

I truly do not know the whole story, but see the frustration. Do we have tax dollars to pay volunteers? I don't think so. This is where we are headed.

I want to thank the firefighters for their dedication and years of service. Without you, the outcome could become very different. I say this to those that left their teams because of indifference/frustration with the chief as well. You all deserve applause.

Is this something council and staff at the township have to look at? Better now than later. We are down to one firefighter at our end.

Clarity is a beautiful thing. Feeling safe is a beautiful thing. Time to slow the processes down and rethink…I'm thinking so.

P.S. I have discovered part of the reason Fire Chief Robinson does not have decals/signage on his service truck. He presently pays the township an amount of money so he can use the truck for personal use with his family. He does not want people knowing it is a work truck when he is out and about with his family. I would like to talk to the township and see if they will do the same for me; a car loan. Joking aside, where does the liability fall? We need to have staff that is proud to be part of our township. Not sure why we decided to do such a deal, and the legal aspect, if any, that could be involved. Maybe once again I am stepping on toes. But the people need to know the happenings in our township. The deals happening behind doors, for better or worse. 

Sharon Shepherd

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