Harrowsmith Social and Athletic Club Financial Problems

Written by  Brenda Crawford Wednesday, 06 June 2018 12:05
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I believe the answer to the high cost of fireworks on Canada Day is quite simple. Now is the time for Harrowsmith to come together with Verona and Sydenham and alternate years to create one spectacular display. If the financial responsibility is too great for our hamlet on its own, share the burden. Times are changing and we need to be flexible in our thinking.
The other programs provided by the S&A club are too essential to risk dollars on 15 minutes of fireworks. The Harrowsmith Beautification Committee has taken over the flower planters, small benches in the village, flags, seasonal displays, and some other exciting things to come.
What do you think? Drive a little to save a lot.

Brenda Crawford
Member of Harrowsmith Beautification Committee

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