Re – Theft in Arden

Written by  Judith Versavel Wednesday, 09 May 2018 11:49
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Two planting barrels have now been stolen from their locations in Arden: one on the Arden Road about half a mile south of Hwy 7, the other at Willett Lane near Gallery on the Bay. These barrels, courtesy of Villages Beautiful, are from funds raised at Festival of Trees and are filled with lovely flowers during the summer, and with greenery and decorations during the winter months. The barrels help to beautify Arden and are a source of pride in our village. Just because the barrels aren't on private property doesn't mean they are up for grabs. These barrels are costly, and it would be a shame to have to stop the plantings because someone sees it as his/her right to confiscate the containers. Whoever you are, please return the barrels, no questions asked. Do the right thing.

Judith Versavel

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