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Written by  Brian Robertson Wednesday, 09 May 2018 11:49
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On Saturday, May 5th, I attended the CMCA “Mystery History Tour” at Clar-Mill Hall in Plevna where I was handed a First Class K and P boarding pass for a “hamlet to hamlet” tour that included beautiful and informative displays of historic photographs and documentation on this rugged northern region of Frontenac Count: log barns and early settlers; fishing lodges and hunting camps; homesteads and general stores; area mining and logging activity. There was even a miniature train display chugging along with the help of a vintage steam engine! With lunch and goodies served up at the “Trout Lake Hotel Train Stop”, the atmosphere was relaxed and homey. Gary Giller and Jim MacPherson, dressed up in their CF Railway Heritage Society train gear, entertained the appreciative crowd with songs true to the theme.

I was blown away when my name was chosen as grand prize winner at the final draw. Almost a dozen local businesses had stepped forward in support of this event, donating a bountiful array of artistic, outdoorsy and historic items. Now that is community pride! Hats off to Brenda Martin, editor of the Clarendon and Miller Community Archives, along with her dedicated team, for hosting this third in a series of very successful events showcasing and preserving the rich history of North Frontenac Township.

Brian Robertson

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