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Written by  Ann Howitt Wednesday, 22 November 2017 14:20
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I am at a loss to understand the thinking of some of our councillors. At the meeting on October 24th regarding the septic inspection issue all of them stated at the time of their introduction to the audience that they were in favour of the proposal. Then they all, except 2 and the mayor, proceeded to speak against the proposal after which they defeated it. Now, according to your newspaper Councillor Dewey had presented a new proposal which seriously weakens the valid principles of the one defeated on the 24th. This one has been accepted as being little better than no proposal at all. In the new plan non RW properties are not obliged to submit evidence of properly operating systems for 10 years. The most puzzling is that the villages are being left until the very end of the plan. It seems to me that the villages are the most vulnerable because of their shared water sources and their close proximity to each other. Most have wells and septic systems. I live in the village of Sharbot Lake and one block from the lake. I feel that I am being treated as a second class citizen!

Why are the councillors putting so much emphasis on finding funding when we don't know if

anybody needs funding. We won't know until we start inspecting. They won't start inspecting

until they have funding in place. Does this make sense? Not to me. Are we only going to have the systems inspected if someone else is going to pay for it?

Why are they so fixated on funding. Do they know or suspect that there will be a lot of failed

inspections? If they expect a lot of failures then isn't it wise to get started immediately and

follow up quickly rather than spinning it out for 10 more years? Shouldn't we be taking action

right away to protect our health as well as the health of the lake. If the septic systems need

repair or replacing we need to take action now before something serious happens.


Ann Howitt, Sharbot Lake

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