Re: Septic failure in Central Frontenac

Written by  David Dacshki Thursday, 12 October 2017 09:33
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I would just like to add to Craig Bakay's article 'Just how big of a problem is septic system failure in Central Frontenac?' Some of the more hysterical views of the proponents of mandatory septic inspection, would have us believe that we are one faulty septic system away from massive poisoning of our aquifers.

I addressed this concern with Jeremy Neven, the Township's former Chief Building Officer, and he was unable to point to a single instance where this had happened in the Township. The best he could come up with was a contamination many years ago in the village of Sydenham. Sydenham has a couple of feet of soil, barely covering permeable limestone. We have swamps and lakes sitting on granite.

My point being that even if the number of septic system failures were higher than they appear to be, this would be unlikely to impact our drinking water.

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