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Written by  Terry Kennedy Member, Central Frontenac Committee on Septic System Maintenance and Assessment Wednesday, 15 March 2017 12:59
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Last week’s letter from David Daski reflects a commonly held belief that septic systems in locations with   no proximity to either neighbours or water bodies could not be a threat to either public health or to the environment.

Unfortunately, the nature of the geology and the topography of our area indicate that this is far from reality. Seams in the fractured bedrock can provide ready access for contamination from any source to make its way into ground water. In combination with our very limited soil overburden, which if deeper would act to filter contaminants, the result is that any faulty or failed septic system, regardless of how remote, can pose a threat to ground water.

This reality has been recognized by the four local Conservation Authorities (Cataraqui, Mississippi, Quinte, Rideau) in their initiatives related to Source Drinking Water Protection. They have identified all of Central Frontenac with aquifers designated ‘highly vulnerable’ to contamination because of the area geology and topography.

By promoting and ‘piggy-backing’ on recognized best practices of system care, the Septic System Maintenance and Assessment initiative provides Central Frontenac with the means, through an effective and cost efficient process, to safeguard the health of its residents, protect the local environment and prevent potential negative economic impact.

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