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Tay Valley Choir celebrates 200 years

Written by  |  Wednesday, 20 April 2016 21:11  |  Published in Lanark County
On April 16, music lovers were treated to a concert celebrating 200 years of history in Tay Valley. The concert, titled “Tay Valley 200th: A Song Celebration”, was performed by the Tay Valley Community Choir at the Maberly Hall. It blended a chronological historical narrative read by individual members of the choir, and each section was accented by a musical number suited to the particular period. In her opening remarks to the capacity crowd, choir director, Rebecca Worden, thanked those who contributed to the narratives, including Maureen Bostock, the Irish Times, Diary of Rev. William Bell, Bud Van Alstine, Emily Weaver, and Kay Rogers. Rogers spoke about the book she put together to mark the historic 200th anniversary event. The narrative began with the area's…

Blue Skies Community Fiddle Orchestra Jam-a-thon

Written by  |  Wednesday, 20 April 2016 20:51  |  Published in Lanark County
This Saturday, April 23, is the annual Blue Skies Community Fiddle Orchestra Jam-a-thon at the Maberly Hall from 1pm to 6pm. The Jam-a-thon supports the orchestra and will also celebrate Tay Valley Township's 200th anniversary of the Perth Military Settlement. The 50-member fiddle orchestra will play all afternoon and is inviting any local musicians to play with them. It’s not just for fiddlers; guitars, cello, viola, mandolin, penny whistles, dancers, listeners and anyone who appreciates home-made acoustic music is welcome to drop in and join the jam circle anytime during the day. The public can sponsor a musician to participate. Admission is by donation and refreshments will be available throughout the day. The pie auction starts at 4:30 and promises to be a highlight. Bring…

The Northwest Passage in Story and Song

Written by  |  Thursday, 31 March 2016 10:02  |  Published in Lanark County
There is likely no individual better able to inspire those interested in Canada's far north, and in particular the Northwest Passage, as singer/song writer David Newland. Newland has traveled extensively to both as a Zodiac driver and presenter with Adventure Canada, a travel company that offers travelers a chance to cruise to Canada's far north and experience the magic of its unique landscape and inhabitants. Newland gave a special presentation titled “The Northwest Passage in Story and Song” at the MERA Schoolhouse in McDonald's Corners on March 13. In the first section of his show he spoke of the history of Canada's far north and how many British explorers who traveled there in an effort to find the Northwest Passage, the quickest way to the…

Tay Valley Community Choir’s Spring Concert

Written by  |  Thursday, 31 March 2016 09:50  |  Published in Lanark County
Two Centuries of Life in Tay Valley to be Musically Celebrated Party on! From Aboriginal heritage to the struggles of immigrant settlers to the building of community, life in Tay Valley Township over the past 200 years will be commemorated on Saturday April 16th by the Tay Valley Community Choir and special guests. Tay Valley 200th: A Song Celebration is the 40-member choir’s spring concert, to be held at Maberly Hall at 7:30pm. Choir director Rebecca Worden says there is music for everyone, touching on the rich history of Tay Valley Township over two centuries. “Drumming, Scottish and Irish ballads, Canadian waltzes, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, and even a hint of music associated with James Bond—we will present a lyrical evocation of life in…

The Wild Child – Unleashing the Power of Nature

Written by  |  Thursday, 31 March 2016 09:10  |  Published in Lanark County
Howard Clifford has unshakable faith in the transforming, restorative powers of nature. He believes that nature is not only a healer but that the “University of Wilderness” is the best teacher. On Wednesday, April 6, at the Annual General Meeting of the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust (MMLT), you’ll have a chance to hear him speak about his research and his thoughts at the Perth Legion in a presentation entitled “The Wild Child – Unleashing the Power of Nature”. Research shows that among predictors of human health - physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual - engagement in nature activities is critically important. Similarly recognized is the nature deficit so prevalent today. In past, kids were sent outside to play until the street lights came on, exploring nearby…

A high-kicking Celtic Celebration at the ABC hall

Written by  |  Wednesday, 16 March 2016 19:27  |  Published in Lanark County
In order to bring the sights, sounds, and tastes of everything Celtic to music lovers in and around Bolingbroke, and to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Mike Erion organized an afternoon of Scottish and Irish music at the ABC hall on March 12. Erion assists in heading up the regular musical happenings at the ABC Hall. A lively crowd turned out for the event on Saturday, which offered guests green-tinted punch and shamrock-emblazoned muffins and cakes courtesy of Rob Boyer. It was the first event of its kind at the hall and judging by the turn out, it will not likely be the last. The afternoon included an impressive line up of local talent that included John and Barb Fife, fiddler Jessica Wedden accompanied by Valerie…

McDonalds Corners seed swappers look ahead to spring

Written by  |  Wednesday, 02 March 2016 22:38  |  Published in Lanark County
On February 27, the MERA schoolhouse was abuzz with local growers looking ahead to spring as they swapped seeds at the annual McDonalds Corners Farmers’ Market Seed Swap. The event, now in its fifth year, was organized by Kristine Swaren of Blue Chicory Garden farm and local grower Linda Harvey. It attracted a plethora of local growers looking for something new to plant while offering up their own seeds for others to try out. On hand were a wide variety of heritage tomato, bean and squash seeds. New this year were cuttings taken from the former MERA willow labyrinth. The labyrinth was removed from the grounds last year, but cuttings were saved and grown out by Linda Harvey and others. The willow, salix purpurea, is…

Around the World on a Dinner Plate, Lebanese style

Written by  |  Thursday, 25 February 2016 07:51  |  Published in Lanark County
Winter months in Canada's north are the perfect time for locals to brave the cold and get together to share a meal, especially when the proceeds go to a local community cause. At the MERA schoolhouse in McDonalds Corners, that tradition is the popular foodie fundraiser, Around the World on a Dinner Plate, which takes place four times in the winter, twice each in the months of February and March. Local volunteers prepare an exotic meal, usually for about 40 diners, who pay $15 a plate. The meal is often inspired by a far-flung country to which the chefs may have recently traveled. On February 19, chefs Lyndal and Michael Neelin took the lead in the kitchen, with the help of Jan and Steve Griffiths.…

Mississippi-Rideau-Tay Health Hub

Written by  |  Wednesday, 17 February 2016 15:23  |  Published in Lanark County
Geographical challenges are only one of the issues of concern as the Ontario health care system works on finding ways to deliver better care, at a better price, to Ontario residents. In a process that started with the development of 14 Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) 10 years ago, attempts continue to break down barriers between health care service providers in order to provide seamless service for Ontario residents. Funding for ambulance service, long-term care facilities, hospitals, mental health and home care services all comes from the LHINs, although some primary care physician services are still funded directly by the Ministry of Health. Three years ago, some of the LHINs, including the Southeast LHIN, which covers Hastings, L&A, Frontenac, Leeds Grenville, and Lanark Counties, established…

Seed Swap at MERA Feb 27

Written by  |  Wednesday, 17 February 2016 15:16  |  Published in Lanark County
The McDonalds Corners Farmers’ Market invites you to bring seeds and friends on Saturday, February 27, 10 am to 2 pm, to the MERA Schoolhouse – and take home different seeds and new friendships! Here’s what we’ll be doing: 10 am to 2 pm – drop in to swap seeds. Bring seeds - the ones you saved from last year's garden or the left-overs (commercial or saved) that you didn't plant. Bring containers (small bottles or envelopes, plus labels and markers) for the new-to-you seeds that you’ll take home. 10:30 am – Linda Harvey will lead a discussion group “Seed Saving - Not Just for the Third World” We need to take responsibility for preserving the plants we cherish and the rich diversity that is…

Tay Bells In Maberly

Written by  |  Wednesday, 10 February 2016 17:46  |  Published in Lanark County
Tay Valley Township is joining with its neighbours in the Perth and the townships of Drummond/North Elmsley and Beckwith in the 200th anniversary celebration of the Perth Military Settlement of 1816. In that year, the first wave of settlers came into the region after the War of 1812 and they were granted land in the municipalities surrounding Perth. In Tay Valley, there are four signature events being planned by the municipality in addition to a number of events being put on by community groups and businesses. The first of the signature events was the Tay Bells Winter Celebration at the Maberly fairgrounds and the Maberly hall. The event featured heritage-themed games and races, such as a plank race and a tug of war, horse-drawn wagon…

A show for felt-loving fiber fans

Written by  |  Wednesday, 10 February 2016 17:36  |  Published in Lanark County
Fiber artist, felt maker and designer Zoë Emily Lianga's show at the MERA school house opened with a well-attended vernissage on February 5, and those who have an interest in felt will be fascinated by the diverse work of this talented artist. The show, titled “Zoë Emily”, includes a wide assortment of felt wall hangings, wearable clothing and functional and decorative objects, all created with Lianga's keen eye for design, function and pure aesthetics. Lianga grew up in Brooke Valley and now lives and works from her studio in Perth. Surprisingly she has only been felting for the last three years. A former student of fashion design who specialized in sewing, pattern making and haute couture, she learned the art of felting while on a…
Zoe Emily Lianga’s work will be on display for the month of February in Dean Hall at the MERA Schoolhouse in McDonalds Corners. There will also be an exhibit opening and vernissage on Friday, February 5 from 7 - 10pm, with refreshments. This showcase highlights the merging of her separate paths as a designer, felt maker, and fibre artist. Her work will include wall hangings and quilts, clothing, accessories, bags, and home decor. Her wearable, felted clothing and accessories, made from luxurious fibres (such as camel, yak, merino, and silk), impart a softness that is without parallel. Each design is developed in its own characteristic way, involving a process of much precision, tactility and organic spontaneity. Zoe’s tailored clothes are built off classic lines, sewn…

“Memories of Mexico” at MERA

Written by  |  Wednesday, 13 January 2016 20:15  |  Published in Lanark County
Those not able to travel to far-flung, sunnier climes this winter might want to take a quick trip to the MERA (McDonald's Corners/Elphin Recreation and Arts ) school house in McDonalds Corners to take in a show of photographs by Abigail Gossage titled "Memories of Mexico 1958". Gossage, who lives in Ottawa and has a summer house in the area, has been taking photographs since she was a young child at summer camp, first with an old Teco camera. This show harkens back to photographs Gossage took in 1958 as an 18-year-old when she joined her mother on a trip to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Since then Gossage became a professional photographer and has been working alongside three other female photographers, who together, eight…

Blue Skies Fiddle Orchestra “Little Christmas concert” in Maberly

Written by  |  Wednesday, 06 January 2016 16:42  |  Published in Lanark County
Those with a love for fiddle music and looking to extend their holiday cheer for a few more days following the New Year did just that at the Blue Skies Community Fiddle Orchestra's 16th annual “Little Christmas concert”, which took place at the Maberly hall on January 3. The concert, which was emceed by Linda Grenier, a member of the Long Sault Trio, showcased the all-ages, multi-generational group of fiddlers under the direction of their fearless leader, Cindy McCall. The concert opened with the sounds of the orchestra's newest beginner group, the prep orchestra, who have been playing together for just 11 short weeks. They demonstrated how far they have come in that short time with their confident version of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and…

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