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Nominations open for local Greens in 2018 provincial election

Written by  |  Wednesday, 27 September 2017 17:52  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
The local Greens are getting ready for next year’s provincial election, and are seeking potential candidates for the riding of Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston.A candidate nomination meeting has been set for Thursday, October 26 at McMartin House in Perth, starting at 7 p.m. (McMartin House is on the north-east corner of Gore and Harvey streets, Perth.) Potential candidates must be at least 18 years old, a Canadian citizen and a resident in Ontario for at least 6 months prior to the election. More information of the candidate process is available by emailing the local constituency association at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The deadline for applications is October 12, 2017. At the nomination meeting on October 26, each potential candidate will have the opportunity to speak to the members present prior to…

$600,000 shortfall to complete K&P Trail

Written by  |  Wednesday, 20 September 2017 18:20  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
In a detailed report to Council, Manager for Economic Development Richard Allan outlined the expected costs for completion of the K&P trail between the CN rail crossing at Tichborne to the Sharbot Lake junction with the Trans- Canada trail. He said that “In December of 2016 construction began on the Tichborne to Sharbot Lake portion of the K&P Trail with the support of $247,000 of matching funding from the Canada 150 Infrastructure program (CIP 150)” and at this point about 3.5 kilometres out of the 13.8 kilometre section are complete and there is only about $65,000 remaining in the budget. “It is important to note that this work was undertaken prior to the identification of the final route through the land acquisition process, and the…

Conditional discharge over possession of “shake”

Written by  |  Wednesday, 20 September 2017 17:58  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
18 year old Austin Bedwell pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of marijuana “over 30 grams” and based on the recommendation of the Crown he received a conditional discharge with one years probation, which will become an absolute discharge if probation is completed without incident. Police found the marijuana, which totaled 54 grams, when they attended at Bedwell’s home after being called by a neighbour about a suspicious car in front of Bedwell’s house. Bedwell faces charges in the Kingston court over the other matter. When asked by Judge Griffen, Bedwell, a High School graduate, said he intends to go to college. “What are you planning on studying in college,” asked the Judge. “I want to be a police officer,” Bedwell said. “Ok, do…

Kingston hospitals seek county money

Written by  |  Wednesday, 20 September 2017 17:46  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Ten years ago Frontenac County Council committed $540,000 over ten years to help fund the re-development project at Kingston General Hospital and the Cancer Care Centre of Eastern Ontario. In the spring, the fund raisers from the University Kingston Hospitals Kingston foundation came back to Frontenac County with an update about the kinds of upgrades that are being planned for the hospital over the next few years, and said they would be back with a formal funding request. They came back this week, and the ask is $200,000, which is what the presenters back in the spring predicted it would be. On a per-capita basis, if Frontenac County Council agrees to the request, its residents will be paying, on the basis of number of hospital…

Wintergreen seminar looks at options for electricity generation

Written by  |  Wednesday, 13 September 2017 22:05  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
“We are at a critical juncture in Ontario — the proverbial fork in the road,” reads the sign-up sheet for Power in the Climate Era, part of Wintergreen Studios’ summer series Healing Earth. “Our hydro prices are amongst the highest in Canada (and we’re feeling it).“Furthermore, we’re sourcing more than 60 per cent of our electricity from aging nuclear reactors (and) our three nuclear stations are all coming to the end of their lives in the next decade.“This is a fantastic opportunity to Ontario onto a 100 per cent renewable grid. But is this even possible?” That’s one of the questions they attempted to answer last Saturday along with the help of featured speakers Angela Bischoff, environmental writer Paul McKay and St. Lawrence College’s Energy…

Coywolves (Super Coyotes)

Written by  |  Wednesday, 13 September 2017 21:55  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Several years ago, the CBC Nature of Things documentary ran a program on Coywolves and just recently they have been spotted around Toronto. As a result, I thought it would be interesting to run this article from 2013 again. Coywolves are a hybrid breed of wolf and coyote. The term Coywolf is the unofficial name for a breed of Eastern coyote that has bred with wolves. The hybrid coyote/wolf has longer legs, bigger paws, larger jaws and brains, and a more wolf-like tail, with wolf-like traits like pack-hunting and shows more aggression than the original coyotes. It’s thought that the hybrid animals first appeared around 1919 in Algonquin Park. It was probably happening earlier than that but it was about this time that sightings were…

Frontenac-Five rolls into September

Written by  |  Wednesday, 13 September 2017 21:49  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
September is a transition month. There is still a lot of warm weather to enjoy asd we hang on to summer but at the same it is important to face the facts. The kids have to go back to school, and the wood shed needs to be filled with seasoned wood for the coming winter. The Frontenac Five, monthly events and opportunities in Frontenac County as selected by Frontenac News and the Economic Developers at Frontenac County, reflects this transition. This month, the opening event is the Verona Garlic festival, a celebration of the stinky rose, which took full advantage of the summer rain this year to produce bumper crops throughout the region. The festival beat the first issue of the month, talking place last…

CFDC - Do you have a good idea to grow your business?

Written by  |  Wednesday, 13 September 2017 21:20  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Your project may be eligible for an Eastern Ontario Development Program (EODP) grant of up to 50% reimbursement. Some examples of eligible projects; Trade Shows - to help you expand your market, EODP pays up to 50% of the cost of registration, travel, accommodation and meals to attend a trade show that you have not exhibited at previously Skills training - we have had a self-employed plumber who have used this funding to become certified gas fitters to expand the services they offer as an example. E-Commerce - want to build an on-line shopping component on your website – we will pay up to 50%. Or perhaps you need help with implementing a point of sale system Technical / Expert support - would your business…

Over $30K raised at region’s firstever Parkinson SuperWalk

Written by  |  Wednesday, 13 September 2017 21:11  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Over one hundred participants and volunteers walked in the first-ever Lanark North Leeds Parkinson SuperWalk last Saturday (September 9) raising awareness, funds for research and bringing the community one step closer to accessing services for those living with Parkinson’s Disease.“I want to thank my co-chair Gayle Truman and our organizing committee, the Town of Perth, our sponsors, volunteers and those who supported our efforts to bring the SuperWalk to Lanark North Leeds,” said event organizer Pat Evans, a resident of Portland who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2006. “I’ve met so many people in this area who have this disease, and I’m excited that in addition to the money raised, we have also raised awareness and a sense of hope. And hope is essential for improved health.”…

Syrup Producers Association To Host Education Workshop

Written by  |  Wednesday, 06 September 2017 14:17  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
The Lanark & District Maple Syrup Producers’ Association (LDMSPA) is hosting a Maple Syrup Beginner’s Workshop on Sept. 30, 2017, an all-day event to educate those looking to enter into maple syrup production on a home or commercial scale, as well as veteran producers looking to expand their knowledge base. The course, which runs from 9:15am to 4pm, will be held at the Lanark & District Civitan Hall, at 2144 Pine Grove Rd., Lanark Village. Participants in the workshop will get the basics on identifying maple trees and tapping, sap handling and storage, equipment and supplies, boiling, density, filtering and bottling, and regulations and grading. A panel discussion and information on maple syrup production resources will also provide valuable information for syrup producers. “Everyone can…

Classical Music Returns to MERA

Written by  |  Wednesday, 06 September 2017 14:12  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Sunday, September 10, sees the return of the Blue Jeans Classical series at the MERA schoolhouse in McDonald’s Corners with the first of three concerts before Christmas. Concerts are held once a month and are at 2:00 PM.Performing first on September 10th will be the world-renowned cellist, Paul Marleyn. He will be accompanied by the outstanding pianist, Frédéric Lacroix. Mr. Marleyn has performed as a soloist with such symphony orchestras such as the London Philharmonic, European Chamber and the Belgrade Philharmonic, among others. As well, Paul has been a member of a number of outstanding quartets including the famed Tokyo Quartet, along with several other international groups. He has appeared at music festivals around the world as a featured performer, and has made several compact…

Of Higher Hair and Education

Written by  |  Wednesday, 06 September 2017 13:53  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
September; the beginning of a new school year. It brings back memories. There were eighteen of us living in Gordon House that long-ago first year of Queen’s. Most of us were ‘freshettes’, the female equivalent of freshmen.I was enrolled in four introductory courses and ‘Poets of the English Renaissance.’ This last was a fourth-year course where three of us freshettes had been tossed to fatten up the size of a class being offered by a “Recognized Canadian Poet”, the treasure of the English Department. He didn’t deign to acknowledge or learn the names of any of our little coven, sitting boldly together in the third row (though he did occasionally speak to the two first-year males). The Feminine Mystique would not be published for two…

Rash Of Break & Enters Rattles Residents

Written by  |  Wednesday, 06 September 2017 13:49  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
A rash of break & enters and thefts in South Frontenac has rattled local residents.Sitting in his family’s 19th century farmhouse in Battersea, 68-year-old Frank Kirkpatrick talks about the theft of his ATV in August. “The intrusion is something that sticks with you,” says Kirkpatrick who believes thieves took his four wheeler and two cans of gas hours after a family dinner. “It robs you of your sense of security.”According to Kirkpatrick, the ATV was used to transport firewood off his farmland. A report has been filed with the police and a claim has been submitted to the insurance company.“I went out in the morning and it was gone,” says the friendly farmer about his overnight loss which is symbolic of other thefts in South…

A Visit To Mosaicanada: A Very Worthwhile Trip

Written by  |  Wednesday, 06 September 2017 13:46  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
A couple of weeks ago a group of enthusiastic gardeners took a bus trip from Perth to see the 150 MosaiCanada celebration in Gatineau. We saw huge sculptures made of flowers and plants representing the history and culture of Canada. Seeing is believing, a historic C.P. train covered with various coloured plants, a huge Chinese dragon two stories high, a giant Inuktitut or a group of life size buffalo. To make these masterpieces, firstly, the artist designs and makes the armature for the sculpture. This is then lined with black landscape cloth, and filled with soil. The next part is to poke a hole in the cloth and insert the roots or plug of the plants, these are carefully chosen to represent colour and/or texture.…

Why Do Hummingbirds Hum?

Written by  |  Wednesday, 06 September 2017 13:43  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
What roosts but isn’t a rooster? What, when startled, sounds like a purring lion? What looks like a giant bumble bee when it begins flying five days after birth? If you guessed ruffed grouse you have probably gone walking in the woods and also done some research about these chicken-sized North American birds. You are part of the adult majority who reads and writes more non-fiction than fiction. Our use of the internet alone suggests that we seek vast amounts of factual information. If we, as adults, are persistent in our search for work-related information, entertainment, recipes, vacation destinations, news and weather, road conditions, and the scoop on ruffed grouse who drum their wings in a flurry of emotion only to disappear like Houdini into…

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