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Written by  Wednesday, 10 January 2018 12:37
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Vandewal, Higgins, and Smith are all running again, Hogg, Doyle, are mulling retirement


Maybe they are gluttons for punishment, or maybe it is the awesome power of the office, or maybe it takes two kicks at the can before fatigue sets in, but all three one term Mayors in Frontenac County have decided, barring anything unforeseen, that they will run again when the municipal election rolls around in October.

North Frontenac Mayor Ron Higgins, announced a year ago, half way though his mandate, that he intended to seek a second term, and he confirmed that decision this week.

South Frontenac Mayor Ron Vandewal made his decision over Christmas, with a little help from his wife Nancy.

“I had been saying I’m 50-50 on it for a while, and then over Christmas Nancy said, ‘why don’t you make up your mind one way or another’ and so I thought about it and I’m ready to stand for a second term,” he said, when contacted early this week.

Central Frontenac Mayor Frances Smith said she will be running again for a second term.

In Frontenac Islands, two time Mayor Dennis Doyle is undecided.

“I felt it was important that I run last time because it was clear there would be some new Mayors and new members of Frontenac County Council coming in and I felt it was important for continuity, but this time there might not be as much turnover with the other three Mayor’s all running again. But I will wait and see what happens before deciding,” he said early this week.

Meanwhile, over in Addington Highlands, Reeve Henry Hogg said he has also not yet decided whether he will run again or not. Four years ago he said this would be his last term, but now that the election year is getting underway he said he has not made a final decision.

“I am waiting to see who comes forward,” he said, noting that the election rules have changed. “I don’t think nominations even open until May 1st this time,” he said.,

There have been numerous changes to the election rules since 2014.

Not only has the opening day for nominations been pushed back from January 1st until May 1st, the nomination period is tighter on the other end as well.

Nominations will close on July 27th, instead of September 10th and in order to be nominated candidates will need 25 signatures from eligible voters this time, a requirement that was not in place in 2014.

The 25 signature requirement applies to candidates for Mayor (Reeve) and to candidates for Council and school board trustee

One thing that has not changed is the ability of candidates to change the position they are seeking up until the close of nominations.

Until the 27th, candidates can change the position they are seeking, either from Council to Mayor or vice versa, and candidates for council can also change the ward they are seeking to represent. The 25 signatures do not need to be changed if the candidate changes the position they are contesting.

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