A dash of politics in new ambulance plan

Written by  |  Thursday, 21 January 2010 09:52  |  Published in Editorials
Editorial by Jeff Green It seemed like it was only a matter of time before Frontenac County Emergency Services Manager Paul Charbonneau and the Council of North Frontenac Township would end up at loggerheads over the location of a new ambulance base to serve people in the northern part of Frontenac County. Lennox and Addington County has recently confirmed they will be maintaining a 24-hour ambulance based in Northbrook and a 24-hour ambulance based in Denbigh. Until recently, Charbonneau had been advising that the best option for a new Frontenac County base is the intersection of Ardoch Road and Hwy. 509 in Central Frontenac. His position was supported by a consultant’s report and statistical information about call locations, volumes, and average response times. North Frontenac…

MP Scott Reid and MPP Randy Hillier Find Themselves in Hot water

Written by  |  Thursday, 26 November 2009 08:48  |  Published in Editorials
Editorial by Jeff Green MP Scott Reid and MPP Randy Hillier have done something that no one else seems to have been able to do – they have created unanimity on Lanark Highlands Council over, of all things, water. They did so by sending out a questionnaire asking whether the ratepayers would like to see a water plant built in the Village of Lanark, or would prefer support for a continued well and septic-based water system. The price tags for the two options are vastly different, and the issue itself has been festering for years and years. What has brought about municipal agreement, even though the local council is as split on the issue as ever, is outrage over the incursion of federal and provincial…

The fix is in for school bussing

Written by  |  Thursday, 19 November 2009 08:47  |  Published in Editorials
Editorial by Jeff Green There is something to be said about services that are locally run and locally managed, particularly when they are well run. Removing the management of a service from the people who deliver it, particularly in rural areas where there are back roads to be navigated will not an improvement, even if it means saving a few dollars in the short run. This is what will be faced by families that put their children on school busses each day when a competitive bidding process takes hold for school bussing. While local school boards did not initiate this process, and in our region they seem reluctant to embrace it, the push is on from the province to change the way companies receive contracts…

From Flanders Fields to Kandahar Province

Written by  |  Thursday, 12 November 2009 08:47  |  Published in Editorials
Editorial by Jeff Green As of Remembrance Day in 2008, 97 Canadians had been killed in the Afghanistan conflict. One year later, the total is 133, making this the deadliest year for Canadian troops during a conflict that is now eight years old. Traditionally we think about WWI and WWII each year on Remembrance Day. In recent years that has meant a countdown of surviving Canadian soldiers from WWI, which ended 91 years ago. We are down to one survivor, who happens to be John Babcock. Mr. Babcock is originally from Sydenham, although he has lived in the United States for longer than the vast majority of us have been alive. As time moves forward, it seems we will be looking back to the Afghanistan…

Thanksgiving Editorial

Written by  |  Thursday, 08 October 2009 09:34  |  Published in Editorials
One of the comforting aspects of Thanksgiving is that it is a dinner with very little variation; it is the same dinner wherever you go. Some particulars may vary, but Thanksgiving dinners should include turkey, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, squash, cranberry sauce, a green vegetable (salad will do), and pumpkin pie (apple pie is an added option). You can fiddle around the fringes of it, serve a light-bodied red or a white wine or both, but the menu is basically set. Thanksgiving is a harvest meal, and that means that for many, at least part of the meal, even if it only the garlic or the squash, is home-grown or grown by a neighbour or friend. There is not much stress in Thanksgiving, Certainly it is…

Get out your calculators: solar panels just became a long-term investment

Written by  |  Thursday, 08 October 2009 09:34  |  Published in Editorials
Editorial by Jeff Green With the long-anticipated announcement that local power distribution companies will pay 80.2 cents for every kilowatt/hour produced by small-scale alternative energy installations (under 10 kilowatts) for a period of 20 years, solar panels on rooftops and front yards are now the domain of another group of green-minded folks. In addition to the pro-environment, green idea of solar power as an alternative to coal-fired power generation, solar power is poised to provide greenbacks for those who are willing to invest. There are small and larger businesses opening up across the province, selling solar panels and electrical grid tie in equipment for home-owners. To get some marketplace numbers, I went to Eco-Alternative Energy of Sharbot Lake. They have packages available, including installation and…

Did you see Barack Obama hit that ball?

Written by  |  Thursday, 22 January 2009 06:37  |  Published in Editorials
Editorial by Jeff Green (Editor’s Note: the following was written on the night of the United States Election, November 4, 2008, but was not published – In the two plus months since it was written, Obama has demonstrated the kind of calm resolve, in his selection of a cabinet and staff and in the measured inauguration speech he delivered this week, to make the central thesis of the editorial as viable now as it was then) There was an article in the Toronto Star on Monday, November 3 that was written from Selma, Alabama, featuring interviews with civil rights activists from the Martin Luther King era. The article concluded by speculating about King looking down as Barack Obama symbolically reaches the promised land that King…
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