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Christmas Art Contest

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Christmas Art Contest Winners Overall Winner Ethan Hooper, Grade 5, Loughborough Public School Grades Kindergarten & Grade 1 1st Place: Logan England, grade 1, North Addington Education Centre. 2nd Place: Ethan Tooley, grade 1, Clarendon Central PS 3rd Place: Keke Mark Chey-Lyn Miles, SK, North Addington Education Centre. Grades 2 & 3  1st Place: Alexa - Grade 2, Loughborough Public School 2nd Place: Ben - Grade 3, North Addington Education Centre 3rd Place: Jamey Rogu, grade 2 , Loborough Public School Grades 4 & 5 1st Place: Brooke Gunsinger - Grade 4, Clarendon Central PS 2nd Place (Tie): Lilly Rumboldt- Grade 5, Loughborough Public School 2nd Place (Tie): Sarah Deline Grade 5, Land O’Lakes PS 3rd Place, grades 4 and 5: Mercedes Okumu - grade…

Former Mayors remember what the Ice Storm of ’98 was like

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It was 20 years ago today . . . when the skies turned an eerie gray . . . With apologies to John Lennon and Paul McCartney, it was 20 years ago that Eastern Ontario was hit with a devastating weather phenomenon — the Ice Storm of 1998. Beginning in the evening of Jan. 4, 1998, low pressure, warm air currents from the Gulf of Mexico met high-pressure, cold currents from the Arctic. When the two systems collided, the warm air rose above the cold. Precipitation fell as rain, but as it reached lower altitudes or hit the ground — it froze. And it continued for six days. Coincidentally, January 1998 was significant for another reason. Most of the municipalities in Eastern Ontario had just…

Disaster Recovery Assistance for Frontenac Islands

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Ontario is providing financial support through the Municipal Disaster Recovery Assistance program to help the Township of Frontenac Islands with flood recovery efforts.   Heavy rainfall combined with spring runoff and high water levels on Lake Ontario led to significant flooding in Frontenac Islands starting on May 5, 2017. The funds will help restore damaged ferry docks and numerous roads in the township. The township may be eligible for as much as $560,593 in provincial funding under the program.   The Municipal Disaster Recovery Assistance program helps municipalities address extraordinary emergency response costs and damage to essential property or infrastructure like bridges, roads and public buildings, as a result of a natural disaster.

OPP Reports

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Fatal Snowmobile Collision On December 16 at 12:10am officers from the Central Hastings Detachmentwere dispatched to a single snowmobile accident that occurred on Elzevir Road in the Municipality of Tweed. The driver was eastbound on Elzevir Road when it left the roadway and collided with a tree. The male driver of the snowmobile, 34 years old Adam Connoly of Addington Highlands Township was pronounced deceased at the scene. The OPP Technical Traffic Collision Investigators was called to the scene and the investigation is continuing. OPP – Ice Fisherman Located DeceasedOn Saturday December 16 at 9pm,=, members of the Lanark County detachment responded to an overdue person call on Bennett Lake in Tay Valley Township. Police responded after receiving information that a male had been ice…

Liberal candidate named for June provincial election

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Councillor Amanda Pulker-Mok will carry the Ontario Liberal Banner in Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston in the upcoming provincial election. “We are all very happy Amanda has stepped forward,” said local Liberal Association president David Campbell. “Amanda will be a tremendous representative for our riding at Queen’s Park and we are looking forward to doing all we can to help Amanda win the election this spring. Our communities need a Liberal MPP who will focus on building a fairer and better society for everyone.” In the meantime, Amanda Pulker-Mok will continue to carry out the duties and obligations that come with being a Councillor in Mississippi Mills until the Provincial election campaign begins. The riding association will host a nomination meeting tonight at the Perth Lions Club, 50 Arthur Street.

A Great Meteor Shower

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The Backyard Astronomer Another great celestial event is poised to light up the night sky. The annual Geminid meteor shower will peak on the night of December 13 into the morning of the 14th. As Earth crosses the debris field of asteroid 3200 Phaethon we will enjoy a predicted rate of 120 meteors seen per hour or one every 30 seconds on average. Tiny particles will enter our atmosphere at 35 km/sec producing long, slow and sometimes very bright streaks vapourizing about 80 kilometres high. The very thin waning crescent moon rising at 3:45 am. local time will not interfere with this year’s display. I consider this shower the best of the entire year. Bundle up and enjoy nature in motion. You will be amazed.…
When the Speaker of the whose  asked him to withdrw his accusation,, Hillier said that he would “apologise for having to use that language to describe what the government is doing, but I am not going to withdraw it”. With that he was asked to leave the house for the day. When contacted later by the News, Hillier said that what brought him to the tipping point was his frustration that the “government is putting its own convenience over the health of so many people. The latest events came about after the government announced on Monday night that they were going to limit debate on Bill 174 in order to speed up its passage. The bill, which was introduced the day before the Remembrance Day…

Neonics impact aquatic ecosystems

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Neonics are pesticides that are coated onto many seeds sown on Ontario farms. During sowing, a lot of the neonics gets into the atmosphere as dust and a lot more gets into the soil. Some that gets into the soil is carried down into the groundwater and out into streams by rainwater. Neonicotinoids (neonics) have been shown by UK and US research to affect much more than just honey bees. In addition, the "facts" in commonly circulated 'fact sheets', such as for imidacloprid, stretch some points to make the neonics seem harmless. One fact sheet states that imidacloprid quickly breaks down in soil and water but the actual number of days for its breakdown in soils varies from 28¬–1250 days. In November 2016, Health Canada…
The iconic dam at Bolingbroke that created Bobs Lake is going to be rebuilt. Careful consideration has been made in scheduling this complex, in-water construction, due to timing challenges associated with fish spawning, and both high and low water periods. Due to these challenges, the optimal month to begin construction is in early July. Although, earlier or later starting dates are possible, a July start minimizes the possibility of the project running into a more challenging spring season. As the design process is still ongoing, a summer 2017 construction start was not possible and therefore July 2018 is the new target. Due to poor quality rock at the current dam site, it is anticipated that the new dam will be located approximately 40m upstream. Additionally,…
The summer season is the best selling season for beer, and among craft brewers (of which there are now a staggering 218 in Ontario) beer is now very much a seasonally focussed beverage. and brewers are putting out some classic summer beers these days.. Session Ales (and lagers) – Session ales are a version of India Pale (IPA) or American Pale Ales that are low in alcohol. While an IPA can easily run between 6% to 10% alcohol, and pack a bitter full bodied punch while doing it, Session IPA’s are much, much, lighter, usually at 4.5% or lower. They are brewed so that the tangy citrusy aspect of the hops takes precedence over bitterness. Among the larger craft brewers, such as Muskoka (Detour) and…

Canada Day Around the Region

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Don Bates drove the Official Pace Car of Canada Day at Centennial Park in Harrowsmith.   Franny & Beebs, hosts of the popular YouTube/Facebook phenomenon In the Breezeway, showed up all the way from Cobourg to be in the parade and headline the show at Oso Beach.   Patriotic Flag Wavers signing O Canada, on top of the lookout between Palmerston and Canonto Lakes in North Frontenac!   Preparing the cookie decorating table (Sunbury)   Although rain put the damper on half of Maberly’s Pie in the Sky event, Anne Thomlison, Mary Lou Pospisil, Sue Munro and Marlene Ambler presided over the sale featuring “at least 100” (Photos - Craig Bakay and Wilma Kenny)

Summer Highlights

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Canada Day was busy, but it was only the first in a series of summer weekends full of events. Here is a run down of some of the highlights. Sydenham TriathlonSunday July 9th, the 8th annual Sydenham Triathlon/Duathlon runs at the Point. The broad based event includes an Olympic distance triathlon, and a host of other events including only cydling and only running events. For further information go to Lakes and TrailsBack in Sydenham, on Saturday July 15th the first ever Lakes and Trails Festival is set to run from 10am to 1:45pm. The festival is described by organizers as a “community celebration of our many natural and historical assets” and it features a bike around the lake; a cycle skills course; paddling on…

Parkinson Canada – combating isolation and fostering hope

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Pat Evans lives in the village of Portland in North Leeds. She has Parkinson's disease and is an advocate for services and patient support groups in North Leeds and Lanark, and now Frontenac, Counties. She is one of the organisers of a SuperWalk fund raising event in Perth this coming September. A volunteer with Parkinson Canada, she is reaching out to residents of Frontenac County because she has learned since moving to Portland a number of years ago Parkinson sufferers in rural communities face the challenge of isolation as they struggle with the disease. “When I moved to Portland from Toronto I found there were main advantages to living in the country. Clean air, a better pace of life, and more, but access to services…

Food Policy Council for KFL&A seeking new members

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The Food Policy Council for Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & Addington is seeking up to four individuals to join the Council. “The Food Policy Council (FPC) for KFL&A is working to create a healthy, food-secure region with sustainable local agriculture and equitable access to adequate, healthy food,” says Susan Belyea, co-chair of the FPC. “We are eager to welcome new Council members who are passionate about creating a healthier food system through policy,” says Nan Hudson, FPC co-chair.  “People who are able to commit to the time it requires to review and develop good food policy are invited to apply now, to join the council in September, 2017.” The Council’s work is guided by the KFL&A Food Charter which envisions a secure and sustainable food…
This past winter and spring has seen a rash of ATV and Snowmobile fatalities in Ontario, including an ATV death in North Frontenac whereby the causation was deemed alcohol related. That day, the OPP laid numerous charges for failure to wear a helmet etc. We saw a spike in Snowmobile drownings across the province this past year. At my property (Marble Lake Lodge), I regularly observe ATVers with kids under 10 years old, riding without helmets, intoxicated, and without plates or insurance. Same for sledders, even while the OFSC's Snowmobile trails were closed due to unsafe trail and ice conditions, we observed numerous trail riders breaking the law and trespassing on closed trails. Last summer, with a Tornado Earning issued by Environment Canada one afternoon,…
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