Partial burn bans to the south, total bans to the north

Written by  Wednesday, 11 July 2018 12:34
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The weather has been and will continue to be hot and dry, and this is the case throughout the region. But fire permitting and the imposition of fire bans is overseen at the township level, so people might need a municipal overlay on their GPS if they want to know whether they can light a match.

Here is an overview as of Tuesday morning, July 10, at 11:30am:

In South Frontenac, there is a Level 1 burn ban on. Camping and cooking fires are permitted under a Level 1 burn ban, however fireworks, open air burning and incinerators fires are not permitted.

In Central Frontenac there is a Level 2 burn ban on currently. A Level 2 burn ban in Central Frontenac is identical to a Level 1 burn ban in South Frontenac. Camping and cooking fires are permitted, but all other burning is prohibited.

In North Frontenac, Addington Highlands, and Lanark Highlands a total ban is on. Fires are not permitted at all. Camp and cooking fires and fireworks are forbidden.

Meanwhile, Tay Valley township has no fire ban on.

(Editors Note – it pays to check your local township’s website for updates. The information in this article changed twice while it was being written.)

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