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Central Frontenac puts on burn ban

Written by  |  Friday, 06 July 2018 12:32  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
There is a level 2 burn ban in affect for all of Central Frontenac until further notice. Due to the current dry weather conditions coupled with the continued forecast of high temperatures with no appreciable rain in the near future, Central Frontenac Fire & Rescue has issued an immediate ban on all open air burning with the exception of campfires in the Municipality of Central Frontenac. This ban suspends all previously approved Open Air Burn Permits (with the exception of campfires) until the ban is lifted. This ban includes and suspends the burning of clean wood and brush, outdoor bonfires and the use of all outdoor wood burning appliances or any other open fire burning (except campfires) and will remain in effect until further notice…

CabooseFest draws a crowd to Railway Heritage Park in Sharbot Lake

Written by  |  Wednesday, 04 July 2018 12:24  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
“We thought we’d try to get some people who’ve never been here before down to the Caboose,” said CabooseFest organizer and Central Frontenac Railway Historical Society Board Chair Derek Redmond said. And that they did, signing up more than a dozen new members and spreading the word. “We thought we’d have a little music and while people are here, they can check out the caboose (as well as the new display on the former station),” he said. “It’s been steady through the day and we may have raised a little money for new signage.” The new station display features artifacts from the original station including the wood stove and a sign that languished in the Township Office before finding its new home. But one of…

Loon rescue on Kennebec Lake

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A loon pair successfully hatched a couple of chicks a week ago on Kennebec Lake. On Canada Day afternoon one of the chicks was reported abandoned. Ms Anne Levon later rescued a loon chick that was being attacked by a snake. She took it to the Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre in Napanee where it was treated and returned on Monday morning (July 2) to her care, with the hope of reunification with its family. Late in the morning an attempt was made at reuniting the family. In her kayak, Noreen Dertinger attempted to tow Anne, who was in the water, chick in hand, to the loon family. No luck. Judy Kennedy then took the chick and Judy’s husband Terry successfully steered his motor boat near…

Wigwam latest addition to St. James Major Catholic School grounds

Written by  |  Wednesday, 04 July 2018 12:23  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
While it won’t be fully functional until the fall, work has begun on a new wigwam at St. James Major Catholic School in Sharbot Lake. Teacher Mike Veryzer said the project came about as part of a grant from the Algonquin Lakeshore District School Board initiated by special assignment teacher Shawn MacDonald. “It’s part of the Indigenous Spaces program,” said Veryzer. “It’s to create an improved use of space that reflects the (First Nations) heritage of our area.” The wigwam will serve several purposes, first and foremost as an example of history, but it will also function as an outdoor classroom as well as provide shade for students at recess. “We have a lot of room but not much shade,” Veryzer said. The project began…

Step by step, Great Trail walker is learning and sharing

Written by  |  Wednesday, 27 June 2018 12:12  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
Sometimes random meetings turn into something special. That’s what happened to John Neven of Sharbot Lake. John is participating in the Great Cycle Challenge, an event that is sponsored by Sick Kids hospital to raise money to fight cancer in children. He has far exceeded his goal of 500km as he has done a lot of trail riding this month as part of the challenge. Back on June 11 he rode the K&P trail down to Verona. At the new trailhead being built there he watched a large group of motorcycle riders pass by on Road 38. They were a part of a charity group called Guardians of the Children and made quite a spectacle so he stopped to watch them pass by, and while…

Shabot Obaadjiwan welcomes community to Aboriginal Day Celebration

Written by  |  Wednesday, 27 June 2018 12:12  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
The Shabot Obaadjiwan Frist Nation welcomed the community to Oso Beach last week for Aboriginal Day Celebrations. The theme was The Eighth Fire, Truth and Reconciliation. “It’s a totally interactive afternoon,” said organizer Marcie Asselstine, who read interactive children’s stories where the kids acted out the parts with puppets and stuffed animals. The day also included interactive bucket drummers, interactive women’s drumming, crafting and beading and an Algonquin Strawberry Teaching Ceremony shared by Kokum Makwa (Danka Brewer). Shabot Obaadjiwan Chief Doreen Davis said Asselstine was instrumental in pulling the event together after “an original plan was somehow dropped. “Building bridges towards reconciliation is what we’re doing here.” “I’d like people to know about our culture and if there’s something they’d like to know, don’t be…

Central Frontenac honours Seniors of the Year

Written by  |  Wednesday, 27 June 2018 12:11  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
Central Frontenac Township honoured its Seniors of the Year Tuesday afternoon before Council with a ceremony, entertainment by the Arden Glee Club and refreshments. District 1’s honoree, Dave Swann, was actually born and raised and worked in Toronto much of his life. But he retired as superintendent of maintenance at Toronto’s City Hall after 30 years and moved to Arden in 1995, where he bought his aunt’s house on Big Clear Lane with his wife Sylvia (whom he had met at a church dance 34 years before while Johnny Cash played). Swann has been very active in the community, volunteering at the Legion, VP with the Kennebec Rec committee, VP at the Mountain Grove Seniors Club and a member of the Arden Seniors. He is…

Main Street grant of $41,000 to go towards Oso Hall stairs

Written by  |  Wednesday, 27 June 2018 12:11  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
As luck would have it, it looks like Central Frontenac will be able to fix up the stairs at Oso Hall and put insulation in the roof, Council learned at its regular meeting Tuesday in Sharbot Lake. Clerk-Administrator Cathy MacMunn told Council that the Township has been allocated $41,514.11 under the Main Street Revitalization Initiative. At the last Council meeting, Council had decided to forego the ceiling insulation as the stairs leading from Garrett Street to the hall required much more work than originally thought. While it’s unlikely the stairs will require all of the funds, Council directed staff to examine additional lighting and accessibility at the facility. Coun. John Purdon suggested any leftover funds could be applied to the K & P Trail through…

Sharbot Lake Legion presents bursaries to deserving GREC students

Written by  |  Wednesday, 20 June 2018 13:48  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
In what was easily the largest crowd at the Sharbot Lake Legion in recent memory, GREC students Corrie-Lynn Shields and Destanie Lalonde received $500 cheques to help them with their post-secondary educations. The fact that there was a steak dinner and the proximity to Father’s Day on Sunday likely contributed to the size of the crowd. Patty Middleton, branch honours and awards chair and youth education, presented Shield and Lalonde with their cheques. “We’ve been giving bursaries to deserving students for as long as I can remember, more than 30 years,” Middleton said. “Of course, the cheques weren’t as large back in those days.” Both students were appreciative and humble about their awards. “Thanks to everyone at the Legion,” said Lalonde. “They’re very generous,” said…
There was a door person, keyboard music and a red carpet leading into the 1st ever St. James International Film Festival last week at St. James Major Catholic School in Sharbot Lake. They even had popcorn. In an innovative program, the students formed teams to produce 10 short videos, all with the theme of climate change. They explored topics such as the effect on penguins, flooding, wild fires, polar bears, blooper reels and cow farts. One of the biggest driving forces for the project has been of volunteer mom Charlotte MacAllister, whose day job is senior program officer, climate change at the International Development Research Centre in Ottawa. With a PhD in hydrology, MacAllister naturally has an interest in science but also recognized the difficulties…

CabooseFest to Showcase Railway History in Song

Written by  |  Wednesday, 20 June 2018 13:48  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
From Godfrey through to HinchinbrookeShe travels up the line;As Tichborne eases past herShe gets the highball sign. The fireman pours the coal on,The hogger tells his crewThat a green light at OcontoWill put them right on through.   This verse from “Ballad of the K&P,” written by Bill Easton and sung to the tune of “Wabash Cannonball,” describes a Kingston & Pembroke train headed north through Tichborne, to Oconto and Sharbot Lake. The photo above shows the engineer’s view of the grade crossing at Tichborne, where the steam engine has turned west onto the main CPR line to pick up coal at the coaling tower, visible in the background. (The picture was taken by David Page in 1956.)   Cyclists and ATVers will soon be…

King of Sharbot Lake

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Kirk Chabot did not know what to expect when he decided to put on a fishing derby for the opening day of bass season on Sharbot Lake. “If we get ten teams and they share a few hundred dollars in prize money that won’t be the end of the world,” he said a month ago when he was first getting the word out. “But, from what I hear, people want to come out for a derby, so I think we will have more then ten teams.” He was right about that. There were 39 teams registered by the time the derby got underway last Saturday morning, one under the capacity for the event. And when it was all over, the team of John Davis and…

First Book Canada at GREC

Written by  |  Wednesday, 13 June 2018 12:45  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
First Book Canada is a program that is devoted to bringing books and other materials to students in Canada who might not have access otherwise. Its mission “is to transform the lives of children in need by improving access to educational opportunities” says its website. Through a partnership with BMO, $1,000 has been made available for the grade 1-3 students at Granite Ridge Education Centre to provide new books for the kids to have fresh reading material for the summer. On Tuesday morning (June 12) another First Book sponsor, Annick Press, sponsored a visit to the school by one of their authors, Kingston’s Sarah Tsiang. Tsiang is the author of children’s books, poetry, non-fiction and Young Adult novels. She talked to the grade 1 students,…

After The News’ latest CD bends genres in highly effective manner

Written by  |  Wednesday, 13 June 2018 12:45  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
After The News’ new CD, Always on the Move, kind of defies definition. It’s kind of spacey overall, but there’re definitely a hint of southwest U.S. country to it, with Mike Verner’s trumpet accents trending towards mariachi at times. Sort of Pink Floyd meets The Flying Burrito Brothers . . . prog-country-rock. “You can’t avoid the country influence in this area,” said bass player Lee Casement. “Especially when you live three doors down from (pedal steel wizard) Claire Abrams. (Abrams is on the CD too.) “But I’ve been listening to a lot of folk music lately.” Most of the music and lyrics comes from the mind of Casement and guitar player Shaun Wiema, with contributions from vocalist/acoustic guitarist Jamie Young drummer Tim Forbes and Verner.…

Aboriginal Day

Written by  |  Wednesday, 13 June 2018 12:44  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
The Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation is celebrating Aboriginal Day this year with the presentation of a family friendly event for the entire community. From 4pm to 6pm on Thursday, June 21st the interactive Frontenac Skies Bucket Drummers, along with aboriginal women’s drummers, will be entertaining and inviting kids and adults to join in. Puppetry, crafts and beading will be featured, and at 5pm there will be a strawberry teaching ceremony, shared by Kokum Makwa. Chief Doreen Davis of the Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation decided to sponsor the festival when she found out that the Strawberry Moon Festival, which had been run during school hours for the last 12 years, was not going to happen this year. “I thought that it was important to hold a…

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