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Unusual “spooky” acres, a scary pumpkin patch

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Sarah and Pete Nilson have only been living and farming on the Clarendon Road for a couple of years, but they have been active years for them. They have set out a large market garden and have become mainstays at the Sharbot Lake Farmers Market, have begun growing Shittake mushrooms, are about to put up a large greenhouse, and have been continually developing a product that still needs to be recognised as food by Health Canada, black soldier fly grubs They are touted as a global solution to the problem of food waste, since they will consume almost any waste and produce no waste of their own. They are protein rich and can be used as fertiliser of animal feed, and potentially, a protein rich…

New services for people with vision loss

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Low vision can significantly impact a person’s everyday activities. Vision loss is defined as loss of sight that can’t be corrected by medicine, surgery, or standard eyeglasses. Vision loss can affect a person’s overall health, independence, and community participation. To boost the safety, independence and quality of life of individuals with vision loss is the aim of vision rehabilitation. In our region, the South East Ontario Vision Rehabilitation Service (SOVRS) is funded by the Ministry of Health to provide vision rehabilitation to people of all ages. SOVRS brings together healthcare providers and certified specialists from Kingston Health Sciences Centre and Vision Loss Rehabilitation Ontario. The SOVRS team works with people with vision loss to meet their individual needs and goals. “Using Technology to Assist with…

Busy year for Railway Society

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It was a busy year for the Central Frontenac Railway Heritage Society, president Derek Redmond told its annual general meeting last week at the Anglican Church Hall in Sharbot Lake. Redmond outlined the new station display which houses artifacts from the original station, production of a new map and brochure, a simulated grade crossing, more flowers and a flag as additions to Railway Heritage Park as well as last June’s Caboosefest gathering, T-shirt sales and participation in the Haunted Walk. Director Sally Angle felt it important to point out that the rail display sign outside the Caboose is not the original, which is housed in the artifacts display shed. “That’s right,” said Redmond. “It’s actually a photo on aluminum and we thought it unwise to…

Kennebec Historical Society honours one of the founding families

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The Scotts of Kennebec held a reunion in October of 2016 with relatives coming from across Canada to attend. It was a celebration and sharing of their heritage when their ancestors Daniel Scott [1822-1911] and Phoebe Parks[1815-c.1891] came with their young family up the Salmon River from Hay Bay in 1855. Another reunion is planned for the extended Scott-Parks family at Arden Sunday Oct.21 (noon-4:30 p.m.). There will be the dedication of a plaque to be placed in the Kennebec Heritage Garden, just across the road from the Arden millpond. The Scotts are honoured to be among the first families to be represented. All community members interested in local history are welcome. Family members will have the opportunity to contribute to the cost of the…

Grand Opening - Kennebec Wilderness Trails

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On Friday, 05 October, Mayor Frances Smith helped by Ward 1 Councilors, Cindy Kelsea and Tom Dewey, officially opened the Kennebec Wilderness Trails before a group of 40 plus onlookers. Located on a 156-acre tract of public parkland owned by the Township of Central Frontenac, the Kennebec Wilderness Trails offer four seasons of outdoor recreational activity; hiking, birding, snow- shoeing. The trail network consists of over 7 kilometres of hiking trails winding through a mixed forest of deciduous and coniferous trees. The valley meadows, wooded hillsides and rocky ridges are home to an abundance of wildlife. The terrain is rugged and undulating in many areas, offering a challenging hike for all ages. This beautiful public parkland is located north of the hamlet of Arden and just…

Sharbot Lake Farmers Market closes down for the season

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As per usual, the Sharbot Lake Farmers Market season ended on the Thanksgiving weekend, and among the regular vendors, the most common plan for life without the market seemed to be “sleeping in” on Saturdays. “I’m going to sleep in,” said Brenda Kerr of Maple-Lim Farms. “I’ll be sleeping in, but we’ll still be processing the pumpkin patch,” said Pete Nilson of Unusual Acres. “Yes, I’ll sleep in but we’ll still be processing,” said Sue Cole. “I do have a memorial service to go to next weekend,” said Ken Howes. “I don’t know, depends on the weather, I guess,” said Rita Boehmer. “I’ll either be working in the garden or knitting socks.” “I’m going to stay home, plain and simple,” said Mary Ellen Whan. “Maybe…
One way or another, it certainly looks like Central Frontenac Taxpayers will be compensating Council members for the loss of the 1/3 tax free benefit. Council passed a resolution at its regular meeting this week in Sharbot Lake for staff to come back with a recommendation as to whether this should be done as a straight compensation increment or whether some form of per diem for meetings should be established. Central Frontenac is the only municipality of 13 compared for this study that does not have some form of per diem. Treasurer Michael McGovern said that the loss of the 1/3 tax free benefit would cost the mayor $1,700 per year, the deputy mayor $853 and each councilor $600. A couple of things were decided,…

Terry Fox Run, Orange Shirt Day make for busy day at GREC

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Last Thursday was a busy day at Granite Ridge Education Centre. First, about 400 students and staff participated in the annual Terry Fox Run, raising $2,000.10, which was just shy of doubling the 2017 total by $100. But merely by beating the previous year’s total kicked in a special challenge, whereby the senior class would pull a school bus while the student body cheered them on. Organizer Cathy Reynolds said she was looking through some ideas other schools had done and liked the concept. “And Steve Dunham (Dunham Transportation) was on board with it,” she said. “He usually is and just said ‘what time do you want me?’” Reynolds said she’d like to see a “big challenge” become a regular thing for the annual Fox…

Good turnout for Kennebec meet the candidates debate

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It will probably come as no surprise that the largest audience for the Central Frontenac candidate debates this election year was in Arden last week. It will probably also come as no surprise that the biggest topics were roads and septic inspection. But taxes and “the revolving door” of senior employees also came in for considerable discussion. Not surprisingly, Arden Road and Henderson Road were in the forefront at this meeting (and no, Arden Road isn’t being paved one pothole at a time). “I work on Arden Road every time I choose not to drive a heavy load on it,” said first-time candidate Isaac Hale. Incumbent Tom Dewey, after mistakenly alleging that Road 38 came to the Township in good shape (Central had to secure…

Sharbot Lake to figure prominently in revamped Official Plan

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The future of Sharbot Lake is a big part of the new Central Frontenac Official Plan, Planner Joe Gallivan told Council at its regular meeting Sept. 24 in Piccadilly Hall. While there were comments like backyard chickens and special protection for White Lake at the previous open house held in July, Gallivan said there are three things that could greatly affect Sharbot Lake in the future and wanted to see suitable protections included in the Township Official Plan. “Sharbot Lake could become a community hub for the northern part of Frontenac County,” he said. “It’s well on its way to becoming a Trail Hub but if Highway 7 becomes four lanes (from Peterborough to Ottawa) and/or the ViaRail plans go through, it will change a…

Assistance may be available for those affected by Sept. 21 downburst

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Some assistance will be available for Central Frontenac residents affected by the downburst Sept. 21, Fire Chief/director of emergency services Greg Robinson told Central Frontenac Council at its regular meeting Sept. 25 in Piccadilly. “The storm was more significant than we originally thought,” Robinson said. “We only had two storm related fire calls but when we came in Monday, there was a lot of damage.” He said the Province has informed the Township that it has activated the Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians program in storm affected areas. The program applies to a primary residence and its basic contents, or to a small business, farm or not-for-profit organization, providing assistance for emergency expenses and the costs to repair or replace essential property following a natural…

Storm spares many, but lashes some

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(Editors note - the storm in the Sharbot Lake has been categorised as a Downburst by Environment Canada. 3 tornadoes touched down in Eastern Ontario, two in the Ottawa/Gatineau are and one in Calabogie) Friday’s wind storm left a path of destruction that went through the Township of Central Frontenac, resulting in all sorts of downed trees and electricity disruption in many areas. One area particularly hard hit was Coutlee Point Lane, off the Shibley Road) on Sharbot Lake’s east basin, where an army of Hydro One vehicles, equipment and manpower was joined by local residents to clear brush and trees and get the power back on. “We had 10 people sawing since 9 a.m.,” said property owner Guy MacLeod on Saturday afternoon. “The wind…

Countryview Care Retirement Home

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Jennifer Clow has worked in retirement homes and long-term care facilities as a PSW and in other capacities for most of her working career and she knew that what she really wanted was to run a home that was more like a family home than an institutional facility. The ideas behind the Gentle care philosophy that the Fairmount Home in Glenburnie has adopted in the last few years were well known to her 15 years ago. So, when her neighbours across Road 38 from the farm where she lives with her husband and family decided to sell their home, she quickly made a deal to buy it in order to open a retirement home. At the time it was a challenge for the building and…

Lest we forget – The Great War in Kennebec and Olden Townships

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Malcolm Sampson always has a project on the go. When he first arrived in Arden 15 or so years ago he instigated the establishment of a soccer league. Over the years he has organised numerous events at the Arden Legion, all aimed at enhancing the profile and/or raising money for the legion. Coming up to Canada 150 he took an interest in the names on the Cenotaph in Arden, particularly the names of WWI Vets from the former Kennebec Township. Sensing there must be a story behind the names of those men who set off from isolated hardscrabble in Arden and Henderson and set off to see the world, not having any idea what they were heading into until they got there, he began to…

Central Frontenac celebrates area trails with 2nd annual Trail Day

Written by  |  Wednesday, 19 September 2018 09:55  |  Published in CENTRAL FRONTENAC
Central Frontenac celebrated its 2nd annual Trail Day Saturday with most events happening at the Caboose in Sharbot Lake’s Railway Park. There were trail rides, historic walks, bands, little theatre, pickle ball, washer toss, story tent and end-of-the-trail stew at the Legion to finish things off. Dep. Warden Denis Doyle brought greetings from Frontenac County. “We started a committee 11 years ago and I was on it,” he said. “It’s turned out to be a much bigger project than any of us expected and I want to see it completed.” A number of people were wondering when that might be. Colin MacDonald and his wife Claire cycled up from Kingston for the event. “We heard it went all the way to Renfrew but we only…

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