Community concerns after luring incident at Parham ballfeld.

Written by  Wednesday, 30 May 2018 15:05
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The Frontenac OPP investigated a complaint about a man who approached children during a ball practice at the Parham ball field on May 20.

“After our investigation, no charges were laid,” said OPP constable Roop Sandhu of the Frontenac OPP.

The incident took place while parents and grandparents were watching their kids at a practice.

A man, who identified himself as Ryan, parked his car near the field, exited the car and asked for a glove. He went on to the field and acted as if he was a coach.

Janet Freeman, who was at the field, said the man “was funny and very interactive with the children, but after a while one of the children reported that he had told her he loved her and that she shouldn’t tell anyone that he had said that.”

Freeman then approached a coach and asked her if she had hired the man to come and help out.

“When she said that she did not know the man, I realised he was not connected to anyone at the field, and we told him to leave, and he did.”

The police were called immediately and the man was known to them.

Sandu said the OPP had not prepared a press release about the incident because there is “no future threat to the public in this case.”

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