Ultramar station to open on Hwy. 7 next year

Written by  Wednesday, 06 December 2017 12:16
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Gas tanks ready to go underground Gas tanks ready to go underground

Construction is now underway for a third gas station located near the junction of Road 38 and Hwy. 7.

The project is being undertaken by Gama Engineering of Woodbridge, and company President Wajid Mansuri said that work on the site is progressing quickly after late fall start, but much of the outdoor work will soon come to a halt and will have to wait until March or April to get underway.

The building on the site, which used to house The Junction in recent years, is being renovated to accommodate a convenience store and a take-out fast food operation.

“It will have Pizza Pizza or subs or something like that,” Mansuri said, but the details of that end of the business are still to be finalised.

“The gas station will not run 24 hours a day.” Mansuri also said.

The property was sold two years ago, but it has taken time for the new owner to obtain the planning approvals necessary for opening the new use on the site.

Before getting underway, they needed a minor variance for a diminished number of parking spots, 14 instead of 18, approval from the Health Unit for a septic system, a building permit, and tentative approval from the Ministry of Transportation for the construction of an exit ramp off Hwy. 7.

Mansuri said that the exit ramp, which will be built by the ministry and financed by the applicant, will likely be in place well before the business is ready to open.

“Construction needs to be completed, a manager for the operation needs to be hired, the owner has a lot to do before opening and the ramp should be in by then. If not we will have to work something out with the ministry,” he said.

The owner of the new business is Darmesh Shah, according to information provided by the township of Central Frontenac. He is from the Toronto area.

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