Light day in court

Written by  Wednesday, 17 May 2017 12:57
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It was a quick day at Sharbot Lake criminal court, only stretching out to half an hour in order to give an absent accused a chance to show up, which did not happen.

Withdrawn – A charge of possession of an illegal substance against Thomas Quinn was withdrawn at the request of the crown.

Ongoing – James Godin, 55, charged on the 4th of March with 3 counts of driving while under suspension, a count of driving without proper vehicle plates, a count of driving without insurance, and a count of operating a vehicle with blood alcohol over 80 mg/100 ml of blood, and a new charge of operating a vehicle while disqualified, had all his matters put over until June 19th.

Allison Potter, 40, is facing a charges of production and possession of marijuana, and an unauthorised possession of a firearm charge. She has obtained a legal aide certificate and will return on June 19th with her lawyer in tow.

Finally, Chloe Lallemand-LeBrasseur, 22, charged with possession of an illegal substance, which Judge Griffin determined was 0.58 grams of marijuana, was not in court to face her charge.

The judge said he was reluctant to issue an arrest warrant under the circumstances.

“In a year’s time this substance may not be illegal,” he said. Lallemand-Brasseaur was searched while she was a passenger in a car passing though the township. A warrant with discretion was served and as long as the accused shows up in court on June 19th, there will be no consequences for missing this court date.

“If she is not here then, and the federal crowns seeks a warrant without discretion, I will have no choice but to issue one,” Griffin said.

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