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NAEC students get a new perspective

Written by  |  Thursday, 26 November 2009 08:48  |  Published in ADDINGTON HIGHLANDS
The Physical Education classes at North Addington Education Centre were on wheels last week.  Mrs. Sarah Sproule, a secondary physical education teacher, arranged for the unique opportunity by organizing the rental of 10 wheelchairs for classes to experience sports and life from a different perspective. Throughout the week, grade 8-12 students had a chance to play basketball, dodge ball and navigate through a variety of obstacle courses. Outside of the gym, students attempted to maintain their regular activities within the school while using the chairs: "Getting a drink wasn't hard, it was impossible" said Sarah Connell.  "Navigating the hallways during break was difficult” noted Courtney Dacuk.  By the end of the week, the students had multiple blisters, sore arms and shoulders, along with a much…

Addington Highlands Council – Nov 2/09

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DENBIGH WNID FARM PLANS ON HOLD Council received a short note from Stephen Cookson of Renewable Energy Systems Canada, a company that has been looking at a property on Crown land 2kms. north of Big Yirkie Lake in the Denbigh area, with a view towards constructing a 60 – 80 turbine wind farm. The last time Cookson contacted council was in March of 2008, when he made a presentation. At that time the company had expected to submit a bid to Ontario Power Generation as early as the fall of 2008. “As you have seen from our lack of activity on the project, we have been in a holding pattern with the Denbigh Wind Farm for the last year or so.” Cookson wrote to council…

Addington Highlands Council - Oct. 8/09

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Lake planning coming to Addington Highlands Rosemary Teed, representing the Skootamatta, Sheldrake and Pringle Lake Management Plan steering committee, made a presentation to Addington Highlands Council on Monday October 5. Other members of the committee that is working on the plan accompanied her, including Terry Murphy, the General Manager of Quinte Conservation. “What a lake plan will do is identify and protect lake characteristics that are valued by our community, promote community discussion, education and action, and recommend land use objectives for the protection and enhancement of the lake,” Teed told council. Pringle Lake is a smaller lake that feeds into Skootamatta Lake by way of Wolf Creek. Sheldrake Lake is located very close to Skootamatta, and water quality and development issues are shared by…

Addington Highlands Council - Jan. 19/09

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Ursula Nussberger appeared before council to ask the township to “share the cost” of an application she and her husband Fritz had made last year to amend the township’s Official Plan and Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw to allow multiple residential zoning. In September 2008 the Nussbergers submitted a plan to the township to build apartments on the back of an office that they are constructing to house Land O’ Lakes Community Services (LOLCS). However, since the Official Plan does not allow multiple residential zoning, they had to hire a planner to prepare an application for an amendment, which would have necessitated that public meetings be held. Shortly afterwards the Nussbergers withdrew the application but received an invoice for just over $1700 from the township for the…

Easy start for Addington Highlands Council in `09.

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It’s not likely that all meetings of Addington Highlands Council in 2009 will be over in less than half an hour, but the first one of the year clocked in at only 20 minutes. The meeting took place on the first real working day of the year and the agenda was limited to receiving correspondence and requests for support from other municipalities, paying some bills, and receiving a report from road superintendent Royce Rosenblath. The main road issue that Rosenblath talked about was actually a bridge issue. The Flinton bridge is being rebuilt, and the old bridge has been removed, but the company doing the work has been delayed because water levels were up too high after the post-Christmas thaw. “We are hoping the water…
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