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Community Support success stories in Northbrook

Written by  |  Thursday, 13 October 2016 00:34  |  Published in ADDINGTON HIGHLANDS
There's more to health care than doctors and hospitals. October is Community Support Month, an opportunity to celebrate the services that help seniors and people with disabilities live independently in their own homes for as long as possible. There are over 25 unique community support services, including attendant care, adult day programs, Meals on Wheels, respite for family caregivers, personal care and home support, transportation to medical appointments, and supportive housing programs... to name just a few! The not-for-profit organizations that provide these services are supported by their local communities, and rely on over 3 million hours of work donated by volunteers each year. In Northbrook, Land O'Lakes Community Services has made an impact. A few years ago the agency responded to a need in the…

NAEC walks, runs & donates for Terry Fox

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On September 29, North Addington Education Centre students participated in the annual Terry Fox Run. North Addington has been doing the run for over 25 years and every year the students are excited about the run. The elementary students learned about Terry Fox and his journey before the run took place and started fundraising. The kick-off assembly last week made the students enthusiastic about participating. Terry Fox ran for everyone and his goal was to raise one dollar for every Canadian; since then Canadians have raised over $700,000,000! Everyone in the school participated, including the kindergarten classes. Maci, a kindergarten student said “I ran for Terry Fox and I want to do it again.” Cole Delyea, a grade 4 student said, “I want to do…

Addington Highlands Council - Oct 3/16

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Township to remove gates Royce Rosenblath, the Roads and Waste Management supervisor for Addington Highlands, spoke to Council on Monday about the ongoing issue of property owners putting locked gates up across public access points on their properties. “One time I did know what to do and now I don't,” Rosenblath said, explaining that with hunting season fast approaching there could be access issues and complaints to the township. “The land is locked if they can't get into it,” Councilor Helen Yanch said. Rosenblath explained that it's pretty common, especially when a property changes ownership, for people to gate up roads that allow access to their property. “I don't think we can have land that's locked if there are taxpayers back there,” Councilor Kirby Thompson…

AH Community awards

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The Township of Addington Highlands Council and AHEAD Committee (Addington Highlands Economic Advisors for Development) is pleased to announce that nominations are open for the annual Outstanding Volunteer award. As in 2015, an Outstanding Business will also be recognised. Both awards will be presented at the annual township Christmas party, to be held this year in Denbigh. The Outstanding Volunteer Award is ‘to acknowledge any individual(s) who made a significant voluntary contribution to benefit our community in the areas of social or economic growth’. The Outstanding Business Award is ‘to acknowledge an Addington Highlands business for continued business excellence while meeting the needs of residents and visitors. Anyone can nominate a deserving volunteer and/or business; deadline is 4 pm, November 4, 2016. Nomination forms must…

Conservationists of Frontenac and Addington

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At our meeting in Cloyne, March 20, 2016, we discussed the past efforts and the future plans of the club and then had a very interesting presentation by Steve Elmy, founder of Rack Stackers, a deer feed and seed company. He introduced his product line and emphasized the planting of nutrient-loaded plants in open spaces, around old marshes and bush trails. It would seem that we can grow large amounts of feed for deer on small plots of land. He is familiar with the area and assures us that we can be successful here. Our land will need to be treated with lime to counteract the acidity of our soil. He is open to offer support and advice through Facebook, 613-477-2473 and his web site…

NAEC welcomes Nick Foley

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On September 12, North Addington Education Centre had the honour to hear motivational speaker, Nick Foley, of Move for Inclusion (MFI), who spoke about his experiences and taught NAEC many valuable lessons. MFI is an organization that promotes inclusion of others and acceptance. MFI started in 2012, four days after Nick’s daughter was born. The students at NAEC listened to Nick and gained an insight of how important it is to include others and accept them for who they are. Recently, Nick went across Canada (Victoria, B.C to St. John’s, N.F) on a bicycle to raise awareness and promote physical activity. He emphasized that it is important to be a good person not just for others but for yourself. Students at NAEC said that Nick…

Addington Highlands passes motion of support for solar project

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Rob Hitchcock, from Abundant Solar, brought mapping which showed that the true location of a proposed solar project near Flinton is in a dormant field at the rear of Lot 20, Con. 5, Flinton. The previous presentation had shown the project location in the front of the lot, in a field that is in agricultural production, within close proximity to three houses on the same lot and three more across the road. The new location is in a dormant field and is much easier to block using existing tree cover. It is also located further from neighbouring property owners. Councilor Bill Cox, who lives on the same lot, had expressed concerns about the initial site. He was concerned about how the view from his own…

“The Land Between” workshops Sept. 24

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The Land Between is your backyard: It is a region that extends from Georgian Bay to the Frontenac Arch, skirting the Algonquin Dome. It has the highest habitat diversity in Ontario, and the most shorelines too. It is a meeting place for species from north and south such as moose and deer, blueberry and strawberry, river otter and woodchuck, black fly and mosquito. Because of these features and this species richness, The Land Between is an important area, providing water and vital ecosystem services to all of southern Ontario during climate change. But the region does not have enough soil and with a starker climate, pollution and disturbance are far reaching and need to be managed wisely. Learn more about this significant region and its…
When Addington Highlands reeve, Henry Hogg, voted in favour of a motion supporting the wind turbine contract submissions that RES Canada and NextEra were making under the Large Renewable Procurement process last July, it made a number of Addington Highlands residents unhappy. For Paul Isaacs, one of the most outspoken of those residents, who happens to be a trained engineer, it triggered a further response. Isaacs felt that since Henry Hogg is also a trained engineer he was bound to make sure that any decision he made or position he took on a public matter did not contradict the oath that he had taken when he graduated as a mechanical engineer from the University of Waterloo in 1967. Henry Hogg joined the Professional Engineers of…

Cloyne Pioneer Museum and Archives

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Have You Ever … Cut up a log into firewood with a hand saw? Then split it up with an axe? Harvested a field of grain with a scythe and pitchfork Carried it wrapped in jute bags sewn to create a large blanket? Chopped fodder for cattle with a hand-held curved blade Fed and watered livestock from hand-carved wooden troughs? Scrubbed clothes on a metal or glass washboard Pressed them with irons heated on a wood stove top? This was the life of early settlers. It's hard to imagine that a house could be built of logs, roofed with hand made wooden shingles, boards hand cut and hand planed. Furniture and most necessities started with a tree and were created with function foremost. The Pioneer…

Addington Highlands Council - Sep 6/16

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Solar Proposal for Addington Highlands Rob Hitchcock, a representative from Abundant Solar Energy, made a presentation to Council requesting a support resolution for two small separate solar projects his company is hoping to build in the area. Council passed a resolution to support one of the projects, which is proposed along Highway 7, but are waiting on more information for the second project before they would approve it. The second project that is in question is on three to five acres and Abundant would be leasing the land. As required by the Independent Electricity Systems Operators (IESO), the corporation that awards the solar contracts, if a site is within eyes' view of a road or building, the contractor is obligated to make sure it is…

The Cloyne Pioneer Museum and Archives

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Inspired by Carol Morrow, the historical society has produced a window into local history in the form of a calendar each year since 2004. This one features contributions by men of the area. An example is the story of George Salmond, born in 1884 on the property that became Salmond's Resort on Mississagogon Lake. You'll read about moving his house from the Big Dipper Mine and marvel at this accomplishment using primitive technology. Back issues of calendars are archived in the museum and we are sometimes asked for a photocopy of a picture, or story. Much research has been done on historical businesses, people, places, schools and roads; just one more source of information for future generations.

LOLCS: Chronic pain workshops

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Are you living with chronic pain? Land O’ Lakes Community Services, will be holding six FREE weekly workshops, which will help you gain knowledge and new skills to better manage your chronic pain, keep active and live healthier. These workshops help people who have a wide range of chronic pain conditions, such as fibromyalgia, repetitive strain injury, post stroke, neuropathic and other chronic pain conditions. The workshop is open to anyone living with chronic pain, their family members or caregivers. The workshops will take place at the Denbigh hall, 222 Highway 28, starting Monday Sept 12 and going to October 24, 1:30-4pm.You will receive a free copy of the” Living Well with Chronic Pain” resource book. Space is limited; you can register by calling Pam…

Mooks Fishing Derby

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The 8th Annual Mooks Fishing Derby was held on August 13 in memory of Trevor Meeks. The weather couldn't dampen the spirits of the participants. We had a fabulous day and raised $6507.75 for Camp Oochigeas (camp for kids affected by cancer). We would like to thank everyone for participating; the cooks, Gary Morrow and Dean Salmond for a job well done; for all the people who donated items for the silent auction; for all who helped organize, set-up, clean-up; the fish cleaners, etc, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The winner of the derby was Brenda Scott with a 4.9 lb. bass. Brenda donated her $100 prize to Camp Oochigeas. Thank you everyone from Roger, Sandra, Misty & Tyler; we couldn't do…

Cloyne Pioneer Museum

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This antique doll dates back to the 1890s and resides in the parlor at the Cloyne Pioneer Museum. It was a gift to Ora Wickware from her parents, Philip and Mary. She is a "Flora Dora" doll, made in Germany near the turn of the century. The Wickwares were able to purchase such items during the years that they owned a general store in Cloyne as they had access to an assortment of catalogues. We have a photo of the young Ora standing proudly beside her doll displayed for you to marvel at on your visit. This dear little doll sadly required eye surgery in 2012, as her eyes had sunk into the back of her head and would not come down. She was transported…

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