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Cloyne Pioneer Museum and Archives

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Have You Ever … Cut up a log into firewood with a hand saw? Then split it up with an axe? Harvested a field of grain with a scythe and pitchfork Carried it wrapped in jute bags sewn to create a large blanket? Chopped fodder for cattle with a hand-held curved blade Fed and watered livestock from hand-carved wooden troughs? Scrubbed clothes on a metal or glass washboard Pressed them with irons heated on a wood stove top? This was the life of early settlers. It's hard to imagine that a house could be built of logs, roofed with hand made wooden shingles, boards hand cut and hand planed. Furniture and most necessities started with a tree and were created with function foremost. The Pioneer…

Addington Highlands Council - Sep 6/16

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Solar Proposal for Addington Highlands Rob Hitchcock, a representative from Abundant Solar Energy, made a presentation to Council requesting a support resolution for two small separate solar projects his company is hoping to build in the area. Council passed a resolution to support one of the projects, which is proposed along Highway 7, but are waiting on more information for the second project before they would approve it. The second project that is in question is on three to five acres and Abundant would be leasing the land. As required by the Independent Electricity Systems Operators (IESO), the corporation that awards the solar contracts, if a site is within eyes' view of a road or building, the contractor is obligated to make sure it is…

The Cloyne Pioneer Museum and Archives

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Inspired by Carol Morrow, the historical society has produced a window into local history in the form of a calendar each year since 2004. This one features contributions by men of the area. An example is the story of George Salmond, born in 1884 on the property that became Salmond's Resort on Mississagogon Lake. You'll read about moving his house from the Big Dipper Mine and marvel at this accomplishment using primitive technology. Back issues of calendars are archived in the museum and we are sometimes asked for a photocopy of a picture, or story. Much research has been done on historical businesses, people, places, schools and roads; just one more source of information for future generations.

LOLCS: Chronic pain workshops

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Are you living with chronic pain? Land O’ Lakes Community Services, will be holding six FREE weekly workshops, which will help you gain knowledge and new skills to better manage your chronic pain, keep active and live healthier. These workshops help people who have a wide range of chronic pain conditions, such as fibromyalgia, repetitive strain injury, post stroke, neuropathic and other chronic pain conditions. The workshop is open to anyone living with chronic pain, their family members or caregivers. The workshops will take place at the Denbigh hall, 222 Highway 28, starting Monday Sept 12 and going to October 24, 1:30-4pm.You will receive a free copy of the” Living Well with Chronic Pain” resource book. Space is limited; you can register by calling Pam…

Mooks Fishing Derby

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The 8th Annual Mooks Fishing Derby was held on August 13 in memory of Trevor Meeks. The weather couldn't dampen the spirits of the participants. We had a fabulous day and raised $6507.75 for Camp Oochigeas (camp for kids affected by cancer). We would like to thank everyone for participating; the cooks, Gary Morrow and Dean Salmond for a job well done; for all the people who donated items for the silent auction; for all who helped organize, set-up, clean-up; the fish cleaners, etc, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The winner of the derby was Brenda Scott with a 4.9 lb. bass. Brenda donated her $100 prize to Camp Oochigeas. Thank you everyone from Roger, Sandra, Misty & Tyler; we couldn't do…

Cloyne Pioneer Museum

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This antique doll dates back to the 1890s and resides in the parlor at the Cloyne Pioneer Museum. It was a gift to Ora Wickware from her parents, Philip and Mary. She is a "Flora Dora" doll, made in Germany near the turn of the century. The Wickwares were able to purchase such items during the years that they owned a general store in Cloyne as they had access to an assortment of catalogues. We have a photo of the young Ora standing proudly beside her doll displayed for you to marvel at on your visit. This dear little doll sadly required eye surgery in 2012, as her eyes had sunk into the back of her head and would not come down. She was transported…

Hall of Fame inductees celebrated in Flinton

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At first glance it looked like most of the music fans attending the Flinton Jamboree were taking the opportunity to spend time in their trailers during the induction ceremony and performances for the first annual Land O'Lakes Traditional Music Hall of Fame, but looks can be deceiving, especially on a hot summer's afternoon. While the chairs in the hot sunshine were almost empty, save for the one Dave Deacon was sitting in as he recorded the event for posterity in still and video format, out by the fences the seats under the large canopies were all full and there were a number of people standing as well. On stage, Hall of Fame Chair Bob Taylor introduced his co-conspirator, the musician and band leader Bill White,…


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The 21st Annual Art Exhibition & Sale, which took place July 22-24, generated over $30,000 in art sales. The Friends of Bon Echo Park receive 15% to assist with the funding of programs operated in the Park. Over the three day event, 2,251 people viewed the work of 44 artists. Every year a group of about 10 people, who are Friends of Bon Echo Park, start in September to plan and prepare for the show. During the show there are about 90 volunteers helping over the three days, many doing double shifts. This includes long-time members, who often have to sit, and now grandkids who can run, who all come to help out.   

Cloyne Pioneer Museum and Archives

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This switchboard was the heart of the telephone system in this area until the mid 1960s. It was owned by Ellery Thompson and operated as the Kaladar Northern Telephone System, serving Flinton, Kaladar, Northbrook, Cloyne and Ferguson's Corners. Mr. Thompson eventually bought the Plevna and Denbigh telephone exchanges as well. When the dial telephone system was introduced in the 1960s this style of switchboard was no longer used. The unit was first donated to the Sunshine School, a school for developmentally challenged children located between Napanee and Odessa, for educational use, then to our Cloyne Pioneer Museum, where it proudly claims its historical role. Information regarding the switchboard and the telephone network of yesteryear is available in the museum. As you stroll through the many…

Explore Rose Hill Nature Reserve August 6

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In 2015, the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust (MMLT) was delighted to receive a donation of an additional 258 acres to its Rose Hill Nature Reserve north of Denbigh. On Saturday, August 6 there will be a dedication ceremony at 10:30am with the unveiling of a new plaque in honour of the families who donated this land. Following the ceremony, we will head out to explore the new Brodey Trail, which leads to a beautiful picnic spot at Fufflemucker Pond. Rose Hill Nature Reserve lies within typical Canadian Shield country characterized by very hilly terrain of granite bedrock and frequent rock outcroppings. The reserve is densely forested except for one small area that was once the location of an old farm where you can still see…

Cloyne Pioneer Museum & Archives

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This portrait of Queen Victoria oversees the schoolroom exhibit. Victoria is often referred to as Canada's queen. She was the ruling monarch when Canada became a country in 1867. The portrait is comfortably surrounded by old wooden school desks, with their glass inkwells, wooden rulers (in inches), straight pens, and spelling and reading books. You will find hand-written attendance records; possibly a name or two is familiar or related. Reading some of the "letters to the teacher" may make you smile. Also on display is an 1889 photo of the SS#1 School just south of Cloyne. We have the sign from the school and also the water jug, used daily by students, to fetch water. Many grandparents and great grandparents tell of walking to school…

Traditional Country Music Hall of Fame

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It started with a conversation between Northbrook's Bob Taylor and musician Bill White of Kingston, who is originally from Plevna. They were talking about their mutual friend Reg Weber, a musician and music store owner who has been ailing, but with some new medication has been able to play again. “Bill said it would be great if Reg could play at the Flinton Jamboree this year and it got me thinking about all of the great musicians and promoters and singers from the region who are getting older and those who have passed on. I spent all night thinking about it and by the next morning I had the idea,” said Bob Taylor. He called Bill White back the next morning, and “within two hours…

2016 Bon Echo Art Show & Sale

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Mazinaw Lake and Bon Echo Provincial Park have drawn artists to its shores for hundreds of years. To maintain the example of the aboriginal peoples, the Group of Seven and the many artists who still come to appreciate and create, the Friends of Bon Echo Park is sponsoring the 21st annual Art Exhibition & Sale of original Canadian art on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, July 22, 23 & 24 from 10am – 4pm daily. Over 45 exhibitors will be displaying their work at the sale, and in addition, there will be presentations from Sciensational Sssnakes on Saturday & Sunday at 11am; kids’ activities; a barbeque; and live music from 1pm daily, Park admission applies. For information please call 613-336-0830 or visit The Friends of…

COFA brings Watersheds Canada to Cloyne

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Melissa Dakers and Chloe Lajoie of Watersheds Canada were in Cloyne July 16 to outline the natural shoreline program. They explained the structure of a natural shoreline, and how it protects our waterfront properties, cleans our water and supports the natural inhabitants of our waterways. They offer a service that will come to our properties and discuss with us our goals for shoreline development. Using photos they will work out a waterfront plan, recommending species and placement of plants ranging from flowers to trees. This plan is discussed with the property owners and modified to their wishes. The most exciting part of the program is that they then will order the plantings and come and plant them on our properties. The landowner pays 25% of…

Sail Mazinaw sails on

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The 2nd annual Sail Mazinaw was challenged by thunderstorms and torrential rain on Saturday, July 9. Even just getting to Mazinaw Lakeside Resort for breakfast without getting wet was nearly impossible. However, despite the inclement weather, a few hardy (or foolish) sailors were still able to get a couple of hours on the water while thunder rumbled in the background. The fleet was back out in beautiful conditions on Sunday with a couple of additional boats making a showing. The recipients of the 2016 Mazinaw Cup are Danielle Richard (Bridgenorth) and Michelle Simpkin (Scarborough), cottagers on Washing Machine Point. The duo exhibited enthusiasm and skill while sailing the smallest boat of the fleet in threatening conditions. Michelle is a rookie sailor and Danielle is currently…

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