| May 29, 2019

There were “a few changes over the winter” to the Frontenac Farmers Market and as such, interim manager Mark Revelle didn’t have many plans to reveal concerning any special events this summer.

“We’re having a meeting after the market to elect a president, treasurer and manager,” he said. “We’re still planning on going through Thanksgiving.

“Hopefully, we’ll all have fun and make things grow.”

The market runs Saturdays from 9am to 2pm through Thanksgiving and features local produce, meats, baked goods and crafts.

“It’s been surprisingly busy,” Revelle said of the opening day. “That’s mainly because of the sun.”

One new vendor this year was enjoying meeting people on a sunny Saturday.

Bailey Gurr said she and her husband have been operating a sugar bush on Buck Lake near Westport for some time now and things have been growing.

“We started out as a hobby, my husband has been tapping trees since he was 12 and in 2018, we had our first year producing more than 400 litres of syrup,” she said. “We don’t have enough friends and family to give it all away to.

“So, we’re just getting started in business.

“We have syrup and candy and we’ll have maple butter when I make some.”

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