| Feb 06, 2019

At its regular meeting Tuesday night in Sydenham, South Frontenac Council approved a noise bylaw exemption for the Inverary Youth Group on June 1 and 2 to hold a Spring Fling Music Festival fundraiser.

South Frontenac resident and owner of Little Texas Roadhouse Bar and Grill, Kimberley Allan told Council that the youth group wanted to do some renovations to the washrooms and some electrical upgrading to the canteen at Ken Garrett Memorial Park and as such came up with the idea of a combination music festival with softball games.

“It will be mostly classic country and some classic rock,” Allan said. “I have a lot of connections in the music business through Little Texas.”

She said the event will run from 8am to 10pm. on Saturday and 8am. to 5pm on Sunday with music slated for 11am to 10pm on Saturday and 11am to 5pm on Sunday.

When asked if they planned to use the canteen for the event, Allan said they were looking at renting space to food trucks which she believed “would put more money in the youth group’s pockets.”

The full lineup of musical acts is yet to be determined but Allan did say Sharbot Lake’s Old Habits, Chelsea Road and Picket Fences were scheduled to appear.

“I really commend you for your efforts on this,” said Dep. Mayor Ron Sleeth.

More re- closed meeting investigator
Council directed staff to consult with Township solicitors and come back with a report in line with a recommendation in the Closed Meeting Investigators report on why Council was party to litigation on the water plant in Sydenham and the pertinent facts underlying the legal claims that can be made public.

Coun. Ross Sutherland served a notice of motion that staff report back to Council on the matter at the the Jan. 22 Council meeting.

“Now that the solicitor put it out there that there was litigation, people have been asking what it was,” Sutherland said. “The closed meeting investigator said that some of it should be made public and people do know about it.”

“I believe it’s important our solicitor be a part of this and we put this to bed once and for all,” said Dep. Mayor Ron Sleeth.

Council skeptical over Post Media claims about littering
In a report to Council submitted by Clerk Angela Maddocks, she refers to a conversation she had with Rob Mclellan, Distribution Supervisor - Eastern Ontario, for Post Media, the publisher of Frontenac This Week. She called McLellan after council complained about newspapers and flyers being tossed on driveways in parts of the township, causing a littering issue.

“Mr. McLellan was very receptive to assisting with this concern and indicated that residents who do not wish to receive the newspaper can contact the distribution office by calling Mr. McLellan at 544-5000

Ext 547147 and providing their civic number and street address to have cancelled, or the service suspended” she wrote in her report.

Not everyone was satisfied with Mclellan’s assurances.

“I still get the paper and an ad bag,” said Mayor Ron Vandewal. “I know people who have called the number several times to stop delivery and still it keeps coming.

“I want staff to talk to the paper people and if we get no satisfaction, we’ll have to look to our littering bylaw.

“I want to talk to them and say ‘stop it.’”

“I agree with you completely,” said Coun. Ross Sutherland. “To me, it’s littering.”

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