Sharon Shepherd | Apr 24, 2019

I have driven on some of the roads recently in Central Frontenac. I am sure many people within the township have seen that this winter was not so kind. The one road that has two business on it, being Westport road, has seen a lack of care for years. In front of the Verona Animal Hospital is terrible. Most slow and wait for oncoming traffic to pass. Then they take the opposite side rather than drive over the horrendous mess there. Now other parts of that road are in bad shape as well. Massive pot holes and narrowing shoulders.

I know there are many roads in need of gravel, which some have not seen in years. There are others that require much more work as far as sparing the tar and chip.

Our township is fairly large and I am hoping there is a plan to correct all things to make them safe for summer travel. From one end to the other I know there are road concerns. Not one is less important then the other. I feel for all driving that roads that have not seen gravel or preventive treatment. I see the grader go which is great. Sad part: there is no gravel to grade.

It is a huge expense to our township. Yet, I would love to see some improvements across the township.

I feel for Mr. Arney and his situation. There is a house on our road where the construction company chooses to drain an over-grown beaver pond into someone’s front yard, killing trees and changing the whole appearance of the property.

Not the Township’s fault, yet may be for allowing it to happen.


Sharon Shepherd

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